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You have entered the domain of Dwight Winenger.

He is a composer and theorist, a painter, sculptor, and commercial artist.

He is also the webmaster of this domain and its contents.

We know you will enjoy your visit.

--Dwight Winenger.

Dwight Winenger also plays trombone and piano. He has been known to play French Horn, clarinet, percussion, and recorder.

He is a writer, mostly in English, and an editor. He speaks some Spanish and, believe it or not, some Danish.

His wife, Eva, is Danish.

Winenger taught music, art, English, and Spanish for several years.

He does a Bible educational work as an ordained minister of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Please use the navigator buttons at the left to view the various pages of this site. Dwight Winenger may be contacted by e-mail at:
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dwight winenger

Non-centric Field #2

"Seriously Centric" at the Charles M. Russel Gallery in Great Falls, Montana
© Dwight Winenger 1972

The background music you hear is
"rnd.snd.bas.mp3" from 60x60 Concerts
by Vox Novus & Living Music
composed, performed, and encoded
by D. Winenger, © 2003.
You may download a copy of "rnd.snd.bas.wma"
(duration: 0:59 min.)(936 KB)
Download is FREE.
But please inform the composer of your interest.

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