Ask yourself: Could God be an alien?
Or perhaps more to the point...
Are we aliens in a universe belonging to someone else?

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The above questions may not be as strange as they seem. Your writer claims no special inspiration in originating these questions or in offering documentation toward answering them, but after seeing the Hangar scene of the 1994 docudrama Roswell, he was moved to consider some of the "documented facts" presented there, facts from other sources, and facts from his own experience.

  1. A common mode of alien communication may involve telepathy.
  2. Alien UFO's do not have to travel long distances to reach earth because they are from a
    parallel, invisible universe.
  3. They have chosen to influence the development of life and life forms on earth over thousands, perhaps millions, of years.
  4. They are soon "coming" in force, many species of them to settle matters with the human race as it exists today.
  5. They have influenced mankind's cultural development by communicating ideas to
    "chosen" human leaders, religious and political.

As you will see, the truth is "out there," and it comes knocking at your front door.

If the above few "facts" strike a sympathetic chord, more questions may spring to mind. Your writer has published here for your consideration documentation supporting possible answers. The file, however, has become rather extensive (16 pages of documentation). You may wish to consider it at your leisure offline...
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According to Bruce Handy of Roswell, with Jeffrey Ressner, reporting from Los Angeles, the "UFO Community is, by the way, quite a diverse and fractious group of folks--studies say they tend to be better educated than the norm...with something approaching objective rigor." (TIME magazine 6/23/97, p. 64) The current file is presented with such individuals in mind. They are not likely to be put off by being thought "strange." James Willwerth/Roswell, Elaine Rivera/New York and Chandrani Ghash/Washington, on the other hand, collaborated to opine, "Millions of Americans... are not about to be swayed by the facts." They add that the "urge to believe" is strong, and it is your writer's experience that people will generally believe just about whatever they want to believe or whatever they are comfortable believing. Those readers, however, possessing "objective rigor" will find no difficulty believing what the documented facts indicate.

Philip J. Klass wrote in UFOs--The Public Deceived, "The prospect of finding intelligent life elsewhere is universally appealing, and the search for it has attracted the attention, and efforts, of many competent scientists." Edward Dolnik in "Close Encounters", The New Republic of August 1987, offers, "The leading explanation today has to do with deep-seated and apocalyptic fears associated with approaching the millenium," the year 2000. Your writer would advance the proposition that the sign of the times makes certain fears appropriate and responding to the natural tendencies to allay them by learning more of their basic causes may prove productive. (See also Awake!, WB&TS, 11/8/90, p. 3)

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