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Comprehensive Index of Living Music Journal:

@ Volume 1, Number 1--fall 1983
"Carlos Chavez: Mexico's Contribution To International Music" by Robert L. Parker
"What Living Music Is All About" by Dwight Winenger
"Composers of Note: William F. Lee, III; Samuel H. Adler; & Warren Benson
"American Composers Alliance"
"Pierre Garriguenc Reports"
@ Volume 1, Number 2--winter 1983
"The Liberation Of the Compositional Process By Ratioglyphic-Field Notation" by Gerald Lefkoff
"The Contemporary Soprano: Kay Hennefent
"NACUSA (pronounced na-koo-za)"
"How To Get Your Work In the Edwin A. Fleisher Collection Of Orchestral Music" by Sam Dennison, Curator
Composer Of Note: Grant Fletcher
"Two California Composers: Emma Lou Diemer and Williametta Spencer
"Year Of the Great Composers" (Dinos Constantinides joins Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and other greats.)
@ Volume 1, Number 3--spring 1984
Composers Of Note: David Ward-Steinman, Elizabeth Faw Hayden Pizer, and Marshall Bialosky
"The Value Of Copyright Registration"
"The American Music Center"
"The International League Of Women Composers"
"Jack Elliott and the New American Orchestra"
"A Better Mousetrap: Music For Dummies" by Dwight Winenger
@ Volume 1, Number 4--summer 1984
"The Challenge Of the Harpsichord For the Modern Composer" by David Jacques Way
Composers Of Note: Aurelio de la Vega and Arnaldo Trujillo
@ Volume 2, Number 1--fall 1984
"Possible Structural Designs in Aleatory Music" by Dinu Ghezzo
Composers of Note: Jon J. Polifrone and Violeta Dinescu
@ Volume 2, Number 2--winter 1984
"Minuscule University Press Incorporates" by Dwight Winenger
Composer of Note: Francis Schwartz
@ Volume 2, Number 3--spring 1985
"How the Music Establishment Works--For You" by Alfred Reed
Warren Benson & Peter Schickele
@ Volume 2, Number 4--summer 1985
"New Directions In Music Publishing" by Elliott Schwartz
Composer/Conductor of Note: Eberhard Kloke
Grant Fletcher, David Ward-Steinman, & Marshall Bialosky
Volume 3, Number 1--fall 1985
"A New Challenge For New Music" by Richard Bass
Composers Of Note: Joelle Wallach and Nancy Van de Vate
American Chamber Symphony (Concert review)
Volume 3, Number 2--winter 1985
"An Interview With American Music Publishers: Jack Beeson/Columbia University Press; Donald Martino/Dantalian, Inc.; Lawrence Gallison/Edwin F. Kalmus & Co.; Bernard Kalban/Edward B. Marks Music Publications; Bruce M. Creditor/Margun Music, Inc.; Dwight Winenger/Minuscule University Press, Inc.; Arnold Broido/Theodore Presser Co.; Marshall Bialosky/Sanjo Music Co.; Eric Gordon/G. Schirmer, Inc.; Sylvia Smith/Smith Publications; and Arthur J. Ephross/Southern Music Co."
Composers Of Note: Jeremy Beck and Nikola Ovanin
"New Music In Europe" by Violeta Dinescu
@ Volume 3, Number 3--spring 1986
"An Interview With American Music Publishers" (continued)
Composer Of Note: Gunther Tautenhahn
* Volume 3, Number 4--summer 1986
"Is the Ivory Tower Crumbling?" by Dwight Winenger
Composer Of Note: Robin Heifetz (in the words of the composer)
"Chicago Concert Artists" (artistic representation)
"Scores From Italy" (works of Guido Baggiani)
Volume 4, Number 1--fall 1986
"Turetzky Opens A.M.N.C. Festival In New York" by Max Lifchitz
"Which Licensing Agency Is For You?" (relative merits of ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC)
Composer Of Note: William Thomas McKinley
"ASCAP News" (ASCAP elects Morton Gould, president, to replace Hal David)
Volume 4, Number 2--winter 1986
"American Composers Survey" by Leon Dallin
"The Mirecourt Trio"
Composer Of Note: Gardner Read
"Performing Artservices"
"Notes From Grant Fletcher"
* Volume 4, Number 3--spring 1987
"Carlos Chavez and Music For the Cinema" by Robert L. Parker
Composer Of Note: Emma Lou Diemer
"Milton Salkind Honored"
Cal Arts Council News
"Darmstadt 1986" by Violeta Dinescu
Volume 4, Number 4--summer 1987
"Urban Streetlore: a Socio-musical Manifestation In Art Music" by William Ortiz
Composer Of Note: Robert Wittinger (by Violeta Dinescu)
"NACUSA Honors Heussenstamm"
Volume 5, Number 1--fall 1987
"Thoughts On American Minimalism" by Brent Heisinger
Composer Of Note: Orlando J. Garcia
"MacDowell Colony"
Volume 5, Number 2--winter 1987
"Native Soil" by Ernst Bacon
Composers Of Note: Mary Jeanne Van Appledorn and William Alexander
"Heidelberg 1987" by Violeta Dinescu
"Owl Recording, Inc."
"American Composers Orchestra"
Musical trivia courtesy Wm. F. Lee's "Music Theory Dictionary"
Volume 5, Number 3--spring 1988
"The Year Of the Americans: the 29th Warsaw Autumn" by Nancy Van de Vate
"National Jazz Service Organization"
Composers Of Note: Alexandra Pierce and Charles Bestor
"Eisteddfod 87" by Violeta Dinescu
@ Volume 5, Number 4--summer 1988
"How To Get Your Work Played By the University Conductor" by Jeffrey Hoover
"Celebrity Review" by Alfred Reed
"The Pacific Contemporary Music Center"
Composer Of Note: Thomas D. Brosh
* Volume 6, Number 1--fall 1988
(pages 1 & 2 photocopies only) WINENGER RESIGNS POST, Living Music Seeks Managing Editor
"The XXth Century Dilemma--a Conversation With Aurelio de la Vega" by Mercedes Otero-Ortiz
"Music Festival '88 Honors Wittwulf Malik
Composer Of Note: Allan Crossman
Volume 6, Number 2--winter 1988
"Spacial Elements In Music: Acoustic and electronic" by Charles Bestor
"Artist Colony Profile: The Hambidge Center"
Composer Of Note: Karel Husa
@ Volume 6, Number 3--spring 1989
"The MacDowell Colony: a Taste Of Paradise For Composers" by Mercedes Otero-Ortiz
"Summary Of Darmstadt 1988" by Will Ogdon
Composer Of Note: Frederick Koch
"Composition Today" a review by Wittwulf Malik
@ Volume 6, Number 4--summer 1989
"Temporality In Minimalism: Steve Reich's Octet" by Jeff Talman
"The Sonneck Society"
Composer Of Note: Dennis Kam
"Internationales Festival Komponistinnen" by Violeta Dinescu
@ Volume 7, Number 1--fall 1989
"New Music In Latin America" by Max Lifchitz
Composer Of Note: Leon Stein
"Living Music Celebrates Seventh Year In Print" by Dwight Winenger
@ Volume 7, Number 2--winter 1989
"Commissions, Revenue Sources, and New Considerations In Publishing" by Todd D. Stanton
Composer Of Note: Jeannot Heinen
"Charles Mason Elected Managing Editor"
Volume 7, Number 3--spring 1990
"New Music In Vienna" by Nancy Van de Vate
"Third Annual Contemporary American Music Festival Held At SDSU" by Anthony Lis
"The Odyssey of Odissa" by Anthony Vazzana
* Volume 7, Number 4--summer 1990
"An Interview With Lukas Foss" by Rocco Di Pietro
"Nohema Fernandez Recital" by Dwight Winenger
"The Atlanta Virtuosi Play Commissioned Works By Schuller and Schwartz" by Aurelio de la Vega
Volume 8, Number 1--fall 1990
"New Music At Spoleto" by Holland Hopson
Conductor Of Note: Kasper De Roo
Composer Of Note: Scott Wyatt
Volume 8, Number 2--winter 1990
"Recent Trends In Hungarian and Polish Electro-acoustic Music" by Rodney Oakes
"Composer Clothed and Disclosed" by Harry D. Hewitt
Composer Of Note: James Oliverio
"CSUN Distinguished Visitor Program" by Dwight Winenger
@ Volume 8, Number 3--spring 1991
"On Being Composer-in-residence" an interview with William Kraft
Composer Of Note: Theo Brandmüller (by Violeta Dinescu)
"Composer Clothed and Disclosed--Parts II & III" by Harry D. Hewitt
@ Volume 8, Number 4--summer 1991
"Donaueschinger Musiktage 1929-1991" by Violeta Dinescu
Performer Of Note: Judith Otten
"Contemporary Music Festivals: The Intenational Gaudeamus Music Week; ISCM World Music Days; Confrontaties; Fourth Annual Contemporary American Music Festival at SDSU"
"Composer Clothed and Disclosed--Parts IV, V, & VI" by Harry D. Hewitt
Volume 9, Number 1--fall 1991
"Reflections On New Music From Poland: an interview with Andrzej Dutkiewicz" by Rodney Oakes
"The Boston Musica Viva Wins ACA Laurel Leaf Award"
"Chamber Music America Commissioning Program"
Volume 9, Number 2--winter 1991
"The International Festival Of Music Of Chisinau-Moldova" by Violeta Dinescu
Performer Of Note: Molly Vivian Huang
"Vienna Modern Masters Announces Winner"
"Composer Clothed and Disclosed--Parts VII, VIII, IX, & X" by Harry D. Hewitt
Volume 9, Number 3--spring 1992
"Some Different Perspectives On Current Russian Music" by Claire Polin
Ensemble Of Note: The New Music Consort
"New Mechanical Royalty Rates"
Volume 9, Number 4--summer 1992
"An American Composer In Cracow" by Rodney Oakes
"Concert Review: Brent Heisinger's Concerto No. 2 For Piano and Wind Ensemble" by Charles Mason
"Reviews Of Recordings: Max Lifchitz Plays American Piano Music" by Charles Mason
"Society Of Composers, Inc. 'Potpourri'"
* Volume 10, Number 1--fall 1992
"Latin American Voices" by Max Lifchitz
"CD Review: Tone Over Tone" by Charles Mason
Volume 10, Number 2--winter 1992
"Bayreuth 1992 42nd International Youth Festival" by Violeta Dinescu
Composer of Note: Rolf Riehm (by Violeta Dinescu)
"Copyright!" by Paul M. Stouffer
"CD Review: Electric Clarinet" by Joseph Koykkar
Living Music Compact Disc Recording Project
Volume 10, Number 3--spring 1993
"Exploring New electronic Territory" by Dawn Ellen Whaley
Volume 10, Number 4--summer 1993
"May Concert Honors de la Vega, Campo, and Grigsby" by Dwight Winenger
"Karel Husa Wins 1993 Grawemeyer Award"
"Duke Ellington Featured In New Exhibit"
"CD Review: Contemporary Romantics and American Debuts" by Elliott Schwartz
* Volume 11, Number 1--fall 1993
"New Music In Romania" (interview with Serban Nichifor
"Songwriter's Monthly"
@ Volume 11, Number 2--winter 1993
"CD Review: Paragon Premieres" by Violeta Dinescu
Composer Of Note: Jacques Chailley (by Violeta Dinescu)
Volume 11, Number 3--spring 1994 (Vol. 11, No. 4 included in next, double issue)
"The New Conservatives: 60's Backlash (A Study In Uncritical thinking)" by Orlando Jacinto Garcia

*Volume 11, Number 4--summer 1994 and
* Volume 12, Number 1--fall 1994

"Real-time: an unreal musical time" An Interview With Salvatore Martirano
"Prague offers composers a chance to work and play" by Dorothy Hindman
Fold-out: Vocal and Instrumental Music from the Americas (North/South Consonance)
* Volume 12, Number 2--winter 1994
"Recent Recordings of Music By Elliott Schwartz" by Dr. Richard Jordan Smoot
"June In Buffalo: Workshop review" by Charles Norman Mason
* Volume 12, Number 3--spring 1995
"Should Composers Subsidize Competitions?" by Jeremy Beck
"May In Miami: Workshop review" by Alissa Roosa
* Volume 12, Number 4--summer 1995
"New Music At Spoleto" by Dorothy Hindman
"Hallways: Eleven Musicians and HMSL" by Dwight Winenger
"Cello Meets Tape" by Dorothy Hindman
* Volume 13, Number 1--fall 1995
"Style Is No Longer an Issue" by Gavin Thomas
"The International Trombone Workshop and New Music" by Rodney Oakes
& Volume 13, Number 2--winter 1995
"The U.S. Premiere of Elliott Carter's Adagio Tenebroso" by Dorothy Hindman
"The Life Of a Contemporary Opera" by Eleonor Sigal
A NACUSA concert review by Dwight Winenger
& Volume 13, Number 3--spring 1996
"Interview: Donald Erb" by Alissa Roosa
"The Birmingham Art Music Alliance" by C.P. First
& Volume 13, Number 4--summer 1996
"4 Wires"--"#1 Vibrato" by Craig Hultgren
"Performer of Note: Craig Hultgren"
Online version no longer available.
* Volume 14, Number 1--fall 1996
"The Center For Computer Research In Music and Acoustics At Stanford University" by Michael Angell
"4 Wires"--"#2 Harmonics" by Craig Hultgren
Online version no longer available..
Volume 14, Number 2--winter 1996
"4 Wires"--"#3 Double Stops" by Craig Hultgren
"Some Prizes Are Worth More Than Money" by Dorothy Hindman
Online version no longer available.
Volume 14, Number 3--spring 1997
"SEEKING A BALANCE: An Interview with P.Q. Phan" by Charles Norman Mason
James Mobberley on "composers depression syndrome"
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 14, Number 4--summer 1997
"Transforming Consciousness: PAULINE OLIVEROS and DEEP LISTENING" (interview) by Dorothy Hindman
ELECTRIC-acoustic Music Week debuts
"4 Wires" by Craig Hultgren--"#4 Pizzicato"
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 15, Number 1--fall 1997
"LaDONNA SMITH--music from the very moment of the heart's livingness" by Dorothy Hindman
John Palmer's New CD
Online version.
@ Volume 15, Number 2--winter 1997
"A retrospective on the music of Haubenstock-Ramati" John Palmer in conversation with Carol Morgan
Online version.
@ Volume 15, Number 3--spring 1998
"Meet Living Music's NEW EDITORS: Rusty and Christy Banks"
Vocal and Instrumental Music Of the Americas
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 15, Number 4--summer 1998
"Choice, Originality, and Style" by Mickie D. Willis
Gerard Errante by Rusty Banks (review)
"Techniques Of the Contemporary Composer," 1st edition by David Cope (review)
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 16, Number 1--fall 1998
"Antigone: Various Aspects of Presenting a Bilingual New Opera" by Dinos Constantinides
"The Divine Madness: Randall Synder's Successful, New Opera" by Rusty Banks (review)
"More About New Opera" by Richard Kessler (review)
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 16, Number 2--winter 1998
"Charles N. Mason: Composer Beyond the Organizational Level" by Rusty Banks
"Songs and Romances," Music by Schubert, Shostakovich, de la Vega, and Newman by Dwight Winenger (review)
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 16, Number 3--spring 1999
"Pat Long: Breakfast with the Timeaus Ensemble" a conversation transcribed by Rusty Banks
"Blue Light Into White Heat: A CD review!" by W. L. Altman (review)
"A Word From Our New Chairman, Erich Stem
"Meet Our Members--Paul Rudy"
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 16, Number 4--summer 1999
"Ben Johnston: " by Roger Duvall of Alabama Public Radio
"NACUSA Concert Review" by W. L. Altman (review)
"Who is Thaddeus Cahill," A review of Reynold Weidenaar's documentary on the world's first Music Synthesizer by Rusty Banks
"Meet Our Members--Nicholas Papador & Craig Hultgren"
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 17, Number 1--fall 1999
"Hard-wired for Sound" by Paul Rudy
"CD Review of Pastiche (Innova 522) by Carson P. Cooman
"Meet Our Members--Pierre Garriguenc"
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 17, Number 2--winter 1999
"Sarvar Nights At Nadasy Castle" by Rodney Oakes
"Craig Hultgren at UCSD/La Jolla: a concert review" by Dwight Winenger
"Meet Our Members--Erich H. Stem"
Plus some additional music examples of Pierre Garriguenc's music
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 17, Number 3--spring 2000
"Bucharest Report" by Aaron J. Rabushka
"Concert Review of 2/21/00 Eastman School of Music, Rochester, NY, Eastman Musica Nova, Bradley Lubman, director" by Rusty Banks
"Meet Our Members--Sharon Mabry"
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 17, Number 3b (or 4)--summer 2000
"No New Format!" by Rusty Banks
"Music for Midi Trombone" by Rodney Oakes (Review of Innova Recording 542) subtitled "Aw jeez, are you serious?" by Rusty Banks
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 17, Number 4 (official)--spring 2002 (possibly)
"Music of a Chameleon: Lukas Foss" by Phillip Ratliff
"A Change in Leadership" by Charles Norman Mason
"Living Music Moves Into the New Millennium" by Dwight Winenger
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 18, Number 1--fall 2002 (Point of View)
"One Composer's Way" by David Del Tredici
"Gustav Mahler and Point of View" by Edward Applebaum
"How Sweet the Sound: a visit with Ben Johnson" by Phillip Ratliff
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 18, Number 2--spring 2003 (Beyond Words)
"Words Fail" by Greg D'Alessio
"Happy Marriage" by Phillip Ratliff
"Also Sprach Ed" by Edwin C. Robertson
"Opinion" by Karl Korte on the demise of Composer's Recordings
CD Reviews by David Cleary:
    1) String Quartets by Easley Blackwood, Pacifica Quartet, Cedille Records
    2) Steve Reich: Triple Quartet, The Kronos Quartet and others, Nonesuch
    3) Robert Starer, String Quartet Nos. 1-3, CRI
Concert Reviews by Michael Huebner, Phillip Ratliff, and David Cleary:
    1) The local music scene through the eyes of The Birmingham News music critic (MH)
    2) Sa-Reel, Unitarian Universalist Church, Birmingham, AL (PR)
    3) Alabama Operaworks, Virginia Samford Theater, Birmingham, AL (PR)
    4) Warebrook Contemporary Music Festival (DC)
    5) Auros Group for New Music, Longy School of Music, Cambridge, MA (DC)
    6) San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, Davies Symphony Hall (DC)
    7) Callage New Music Concert, C. Walsh Theatre, Suffolk University, Boston, MA (DC)
    8) New England String Ensemble, First Parish Church, Wakefield, MA and Sanders Theatre, Harvard University (DC)
    9) Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra, Sanders Theatre, Harvard University (DC)
"Charles Mason on Lou Harrison"
"Profile: Peter Bay Conducts Kilar's Orawa with the Alabama Symphony" by Phillip Ratliff
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 19, Number 1--fall/winter 2003 (Pop/Corn)
"Argument -- Getting High" by Greg D'Alessio
"Profiles: Craig Hultgren (Wire Service) and Bill Bugg (What's Opera, Doc?)" by Phillip Ratliff
CD Reviews by David Cleary:
    1) Harrison Birtwistle Refrains and Choruses Deux-Elles
    2) Viola Aotearoa Timothy Deighton, Viola -- Atoll
    3) Dream Journal Albany Records
    4) Exchange Latin America -- CRI
News Briefs featured an item concerning:
    Hultgren Solo Cello Works Biennial Winners Announced
        Jukka Tiensuu of Finland for oddjob for cello and electronics
News from Living Music Members featured items concerning:
    Vivian Adelberg Rudow, Daniel Adams, Charles Norman Mason,
Living Music Foundation, Inc. announced its new Board of Directors:
George Crumb, Greg D'Alessio, David Del Tredici, Orlando J. Garcia, Dorothy Hindman, Syd Hodkinson, Craig Hultgren, Ladislav Kubik, Dennis Kam, Hye Kyung Lee, David Liptack, Tom Lopez, Pauline Oliveros, Bruce Reiprich, Andrew Rindfleisch, Gregg Smith, Augusta Read Thomas, David Vayo, and Olly Wilson
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 19, Number 2--spring/summer 2004 (George Walker issue)
"Walker's Visit to Miles College" by Phillip Ratliff
Concert Review by Dorothy Hindman: Luna Nova performs works by George Walker and Phillip Ratliff
"Profile: Monroe Doctrine" (concerning Monroe Golden) by Phillip Ratliff
Monroe Golden's lates tCD is called "A Still Subtler Spirit" on the Living Artist Recordings' label (volume 11). Also available from
CD Reviews by David Cleary:
    Living Music's critic-at-large gives an overview of the recorded music of George Walker
Editor's notes from Phillip Ratliff and Charles Mason, Executive Director of the Living Music Foundation, Inc.
Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 20, Number 1--spring 2005 (Kwabena Nketia issue)
"The Creative Experience of a Contemporary Nigerian Composer" by Godwin Sadoh
"From the Editor" by Carson Cooman
"Three Questions Before the First Night" Charles Wuorinen speaks to Carson Cooman about his Fourth Piano Concerto
"Briefly Noted" Brief Reviews of New CD Releases:
    1) Review of Morton Feldman: Early and Unknown Piano Works by Orland Garcia (Ogre Ogress Productions)
"Three Questions Before the First Night" Carson Cooman speaks to Nancy Galbraith about her Requiem
Member News featuring items concerning Daniel Adams, Vivian Adelberg Rudow, Emma Lou Diemer, Dorothy Hindman, Jeffrey Hoover, Erich Stem, and David Ward-Steinman

Two recent releases from
Living Artist Recordings

Vol. 10: Semantemes

featuring music by Jeremy Beck, Carson Cooman, Dorothy Hindman, Ed Robertson, and Erich Stem
order from or or

Vol. 11: A Still Subtler Spirit

music of Monroe Golden
order from or or

Online version no longer available.
@ Volume 20, Number 2--fall 2005 (R. Murray Shafer issue)
Online version available. (latest issue)

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