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  60x60 (Living Music/Vox Novus collaboration)
60x60--on Capstone (CPS--8744)


The complete 60 minute disc, with program book:
even though Living Music is not mentioned in the program

  • 60x60 CD release party

    The CD release party was a huge success. We have another staged and in the works… stay tuned. Meanwhile, if you didn’t get a chance to purchase a CD at the party you can now purchase the double album with 120 songs 60 from 2004 and 60 from 2005 at iTunes and CDBaby. Links to the album are below!


    60x60: 2004-2005

    THE Apple iTunes LINK WILL BE:

    THE "BUY THE CD" link on CD Baby is:"

    - vox novus is becoming a label to promote cds of the project
    - two special events are currently being planned for Austria and Germany
    - many more concerts are coming

    60x60 Down Under

    A double dose of 60x60 is going down under for the first time in Sydney, Australia.

    This Tuesday March 14th 2006, Robert Sazdov hosts both the acoustic 60x60 (2005) and the video collaboration of 60x60 (2004) with Shimpei Takeda at the Sydney Conservatorium, Sydney Australia.

    "60x60 showcases a wealth of brief, contemporary compositions. There are no live performances, so you can't really call it a concert. Maybe it would better be described as a listening party. ... It's like a Whitman's sampler of the contemporary new music scene. "
    - Sound Sampler Greg Haymes Times Union February 9, 2006

    "60x60 features 60 back-to-back pieces that are each under 60 seconds long, each by a different modern composer. 60-second abstract silent films accompany many of the works. ... It's like channel surfing through experimental music."
    - Geeta Dayal, Village Voice March 16-22, 2005 Vol. L NO. 11

    60x60 (2005) features the composers:
    Liana Alexandra, Kenneth Babb, Christopher Bailey, Greg Bartholomew, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Eve Beglarian, Steven Betts, Benjamin Bierman, John Biggs, Scott Brickman, George Brunner, Paul Burnell, Julian Cartwright, David Claman, Paul Clouvel, Douglas Cohen, Andrew Cormier, Noah Creshevsky, Richard Donnelly, Aaron Drake, Travis Ellrott, Lisa Gasior, Doug Geers, Bob Gluck, David Gunn, David Hamill, David, Justin Handford, Freeman, Marihiko Hara, Erdem Helvacioglu, Michael John Hopkins, Gary Knudson, Myroslava Lashkevych, John Link, Stan Link, Tom Lopez, Don Malone, Mike McFerron, Leslie Melcher, Polly Moller, Curt Nordgaard, Rodney Oakes, Cezary Ostrowski, Ronald Parks, Alexis Perepelcia, Kevin Ponto, Mark Rose, Heike Schmidt, Alex Shapiro, Martin Simon, Kenneth Steen, Peter Swanzy, Mike Swinchoski, Agnes Szelag, Piotr Szewczyk, Vladimir Tosic, Rene Veron, Straiph Wilson, Katrina Wreede, Peter Wyer, and Ensemble Ordinature with the miriacale ensemble

    60x60 (2004) features the video work of Shimpei Takeda and the composers:
    Riad Abdel-Gawd, Aaron Acosta, Liana Alexandra, John Allemeier, Christian Banasik, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Stephen Betts, Sandeep Bhagwati, Justin Breame, Scott Brickman, George Brunner, Robert Carl, Miha Ciglar, David Claman, Douglas Cohen, Noah Creshevsky, Leslie de Melcher, Patrick Dorobisz, Moritz Eggert, Karlheinz Essl, Carlo Forlivesi, David Gamper, Douglas Geers, Peter Gilbert, Robert Gluck, Daniel Goode, Ramon Gorgoitia, James Hegarty, Mark Henry, Erik Hinds, Bernand Hughes, David Jaggard, Keith Johnson, Michael Kinney, John Link, David T. Little, Guy Livingston, Annea Lockwood, Juan Maria Solare, Charles Mason, James McWilliam, Luis Menacho, David Mooney, Michael Murphy, Serban Nichifor, Richard O'Donnell, Maggi Payne, Mark Petering, Morgan Quaintance, Giuseppe Rapisarda, Laura Reid & Andrew Hodson, Robert Sazdov, Jacky Schreiber, Alex Shapiro, Emma Shiffrin, Allen Strange, Thomas Sutter, Vladimir Tosic, Eldad Tsabary, and Robert Voisey

    VoxNovus mailing list

    Most recent review by MALCOLM MILLER investigates -- Copyright © 24 December 2005 Malcolm Miller, London UK

    "If you get bored quickly or have A.D.D., 60x60 features 60 back-to-back pieces that are each under 60 seconds long, each by a different modern composer. 60-second abstract silent films accompany many of the works. It's like channel surfing through experimental music-and its all over in an hour or less."
    -- Geeta Dayal, Village Voice March 16-22, 2005 Vol. L NO. 11

        60x60 is a concert containing 60 compositions from 60 different composers, each composition is 60 seconds or less in duration. These 60 recorded pieces are performed in an hour long continuous concert. The performance is played in conjunction with a synchronized analog clock marking the passing of each minute. At the top of the minute begins a new composition from a different composer.
        This compact disc adaptation of the 60x60 project is created for 3 different listening methods: The first is sequentially; each work in listened to in a designed order. The second is on random play, where there is no order. And the third is to listen to each work repeatedly for an extended period of time. Each method brings a different view and understanding to the composer's work and vision.
        The goal of this project is to highlight many composers. The project presents a cross-section of contemporary music, including the various styles, aesthetics and techniques being used by the composers of today. 60x60 is a circle of sound, 60 pieces representing a slice of the contemporary music scene. The works in this volume of the 60x60 project represent the submissions received for the year 2003.

    Upcoming 60x60 concerts in many areas USA and internationally.

    Order 60x60
    directly from Living Music -- members half-price.

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    Already getting airplay on Max Shea's Martian Gardens
    on WMUA FM 91.1--Amherst, Mass. 01003

    Links to the playlists:

    More information about this collaborative project:

    The above disc (2003) contains 60 tracks with 1-minute signature works by the following composers:
    Welcome (2004) Douglas Cohen
    Shadow Boxer Allen Strange
    Glimmerings Judith Shatin
    Try Noah Creshevsky
    Junk Fragment Gene Pritsker
    Car Accident Daniel Eichenbaum
    Traffic Under 60 Aaron Acosta
    Radio Play George Brunner
    Last Monday John Mallia
    Goo Mee David Hahn
    Where am I? Mikako Endo
    Christmas Bells Jim Stallings
    Gems: #2 Malachite Charles Norman Mason
    Cavatina from an Imaginary Opera Stan Link
    Signature: Peace Scott Brickman
    Glassbur John Villec
    Peptyde Hallucination Philip Schuessler
    Forrob: One Minute of Listening Pleasure Michael Kinney
    Unspoken Douglas Geers
    Moth Tom Lopez
    PLSR (2003) Michael Berkowski
    Lost-Salvage-Divined Eldad Tsabary
    the electronic music revolution will most certainly be televised
    with the five part harmony, full orchestration, and
    all the phenomena
    Eric Schwartz
    Phase 58 Arthur Gottschalk
    Dido Remembered Mary Jane Leach
    System Activated Derek Devore
    Eulogy Charles Nichols
    Life Cycle Mark Petering
    Machine #04 Nery Pedro Bauer Junior
    Imagine Happiness Elaine Fine
    Miniature 06 Coa Schwab
    48 Rows in One Minute Eugene Marlow
    Rumble Strip Sean Hickey
    Loomings David Claman and Sunita Vatuk
    Warbler Garden Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
    rnd.snd.bas Dwight Winenger
    Trak News Agency Norbert Herber
    Variation on 5 sound objects Lucio Edilberto Cuellar
    Papa Samy Moussa
    Partial Precept Norman Adams
    nous n'avons qu'un espoir au monde Benjamin Thigpen
    60 Spin Maggi Payne
    The Singularity Michael Vernusky
    Passing Gas Charles Berry
    Birds Gordon Green
    The Danube at Batina, Croatia, underwater, 2003 Annea Lockwood
    Ducks in Motion David Mooney
    The Sputnik Diary David Campbell
    Reset: 59.5 James Hegarty
    Molten Statues Eric Lyon
    ripples in sand Robert Voisey
    Skrit John Allemeier
    Writing Out Loud David Evan Jones
    Nice Noise Juan María Solare
    Gocce Marco Russo
    One Minute of Eternity Serban Nichifor
    Hora Liana Alexandra
    Mini-A-Tura Gerado Perez Giusti
    love hurts Elliott Carlson Botero
    The End is Near Marco Oppedisano
    Dance Truman, Dance. Christopher Ward

    LIVING ARTIST Recordings
    A Still Subtler Spirit - Monroe Golden--LAR Vol. 11

    LAR #11: A Still Subtler Spirit (object in process)

    The complete 71:48 minute disc, with program book:
    A Still Subtler Spirit - Monroe Golden

    Order LAR #11

    The disc contains the following:
    	[1] Vegan Permaculture for microtonal guitar quartet [13:49]
                Rusty Banks, guitars
    	[2] By Nary for microtonal piano and chimes, alto flute,
                and trombone [13:07]
    		Donnie Ashworth, alto flute; Doug Bristol, trombone; 
    		Kurt Carpenter, conductor; Gene Fambrough, percussion;
                    Kevin Grigsby, piano
         Walden Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano
    	[3] From "The Ponds" [4:5]
    	[4] From "The Pond in Winter" [3:07]
    	[5] From "Spring" [6:08]
    		Adam Bowles, piano; Kathryn Venable, mezzo-soprano
           	[6] Loci for flute and live electronics [12:58]
    		Donnie Ashworth, flute
    	[7] Drift for two pianos or player piano [18:40]
    		(Yamaha Disklavier)

  •   LIVING ARTIST Recordings

    LAR #10: SEMANTEMES (object in process)

    The complete disc, with program book:

    Order LAR #10

    The disc contains the following:
         String Quartet No. 4 (1999-2000) by Jeremy Beck
    		San Gabriel String quartet (Julie Metz and 
    		Ruth Bruegger, violins
    		Lynn Lusher Grants, viola; Maurice Grants, cello)
    	[1] I. Allegro furioso [2] II. Grave [3] III. Allegretto 
    	[4] IV. Moderato
    	[5] Bay Images for Clarinet and Piano by Erich Stem
    		(James Logan, clarinet, Karin Firsow, piano)
         	[6] Night Scenes for Solo Cello by Ed Robertson 
    		(Craig Hultgren, cello)
    	[7] Trembling for Solo Flute by Dorothy Hindman 
    		(Donald Ashworth, Jr., flute)
          Tropes and Collects for Solo Contrabass by Carson Cooman 
    		(Stephen Gilewski, contrabass)
    	[8] I. Processional [9] II. Collect I [10] III. Trope I 
    	[11] IV. Collect II [12] V. Trope II
    	[13] VI. Collect III [14] VII. Recessional
            [15] Songlines, Sun Dreaming for Orchestra by Carson Cooman
    		(Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic, Kirk Trevor, conductor)

      LIVING ARTIST Recordings

    LAR #7: Dennis Kam - All About Time

    The complete 59:18 minute disc, with program book:
    Dennis Kam - All About Time

    Order LAR #7

    The disc contains the following:

         Preludes for piano (1986-1998)
    		Amy Tarantino, piano
    	[1] Rubato [2:23]
    	[2] With relentless drive and energy [2:11]
    	[3] Smooth, connected, steqady, with a sense of direction [1:43]
    	[4] Lovingly, tenderly, hauntingly [1:49]
    	[5] With uncompromising motion and passion [1:41]
         String Quartet No. 3 (1998)
    		Bergonzi String Quartet (Glenn Baham, Scott Flavin - violins; 
    		Pamela McConnell, viola; Ross Harbaugh, cello)
    	[6] Sustained; intense; full and sonorous
    	[7] Steady and forceful [4:35]
    	[8] Lyrical, free and expressive but with motion [5:37]
    	[9] Quick; intense/calm [5:52]
           [10] Forceful and relentless [4:29]
          Fantasy Sonata for clarinet and piano (1981)
    	 	Margaret Donaghue Flavin, clarinet; Amy Tarantino, piano
           [11] Forceful and deliberate [3:38]
           [12] Calm, flowing [4:10]
           [13] Steady and persistent [3:30]
           [14] The Epistemology of Delicate Time in Blue Three (1981)
            	for two pianos; Amy Tarantino and Alan Ngim [12:22]	

      LIVING ARTIST Recordings
    The Gregg Smith Singers LIKE SHINING--LAR Vol. 6

    LAR #6: Like Shining

    The complete 70:47 minute disc, with program book:
    The Gregg Smith Singers LIKE SHINING

    Order LAR #6

    The disc contains the following:

         1. Charles Norman Mason: From Shook Foil (SATB choir and tape)
    		soloist: Eileen Clark, soprano [8:20]
         2. Charles Norman Mason: Anthem of Despair and Hope
    	(SATB choir) [8:04]
         3. Dorothy Hindman: I Have Heard (SATB choir) [5:10]
         4. Bruce Reiprich: Dusk (SATB choir) [17:20]
         5-8. Mark Zuckerman: Proverbs for Four at Fifty (SATB choir)
    	5. Oz V'Hadar L'Vushah [2:49] 6. L'Khah Nirveh Dodim Ad HaBoker [4:00]
    	7. D'rakheyha Darkhey Noam [2:39] 8. Reyshit Khakhmah [2:13]
         9. William Vollinger: OD (SATB choir) [7:16]
    	soloists, in order of performance:
    Linda Echard, alto
    Arthur Krieck, tenor
    Eleanor Clark, soprano
    Rhys Ritter, bass
    10. Andrew Rindfleisch: Lady Evergreen Song (SATB choir) [15:37] soloist: Rosalind Rees, mezzo soprano Cover painting by Robert Shelton

      LIVING ARTIST Recordings

    LAR #5: Winds & Voices

    The complete 40:22 minute disc, with program book:
    WINDS AND VOICES--Music from the Millennial Dawn

    Order LAR #5

    The disc contains the following:

         1-4. Mary Jeanne van Appledorn: Incantations
    		1. In Memoriam [2:12] 
    		2. Bacchanal [1:36]
    		3. Ambience [1:07]    
    		4. Ritual [1:59]
    	Amy Brisco Anderson, oboe; William Westney, piano 
         5-6. Joe L. Alexander: Two Bryant Songs
    		5. Song (These Prairies Glow with Flowers) [2:46]
    		6. November [3:48]
    	Jane Solose, sporano; Kevin Schempf, clarinet; 
    	    Deborah Norin-Kuehn, piano     
         7. Carlos Delgado: Etude [6:45]
    	Lee Hammons, clarinetist
         8-10. Mary Jeanne van Appledorn: Songs Without Words
    		8. La la la [0:59]  	
    		9. Ooo-Ah [2:01] 
    		10. Ta-ka-ta-ka-tu [0:32]
    	Kathy McNeil, soprano; Linda McNeil, soprano;
    	    Sallie Pummill Pollack, piano
         11-12. Rusty Banks: Taxonomy
    		11. Naja [3:54]  
    		12. Lampropeltus [1:39]
    	Betsy Bobenhouse, flute; Christy Banks, clarinet
         13-15. Dorothy E. Hindman: Three Songs of Reminiscence
    		13. American Plantagenet [2:25]  
    		14. Moss Beach, 1946 [4:50]  
    		15. Aria [3:43]
    	David Smith, tenor; Kevin Grigsby, piano
    Cover painting: Litany by Robert Shelton

      LIVING ARTIST Recordings
    Electro-Acoustic Cello Book--LAR#4

    LAR #4

    The complete 69:15 minute disc, with program book:
    ELECTRO-ACOUSTIC CELLO BOOK--Music From the Setting Century Series

    Order LAR #4

    The disc contains the following:

         1.           Vivian Adelberg Rudow: With Love [16:11]  
         2.           Paul Rudy:  Parallax 2 "Apparitions" [11:41]
         3.           Leisha Hultgren & Rusty Banks:  One Cry [6:30]
         4.           David W. Hainsworth:  Other Worlds [9:15]
         5.           James Christensen:  Elegiac [5:18]
    		  Michael Angell:  Sonata [20:14]
         6.           	Mercury's Flight through the Chunnel
         7. 		Pyrrhus's Battles
         8.			Reverie Starscape
         9.			Canzona
        10.			The Pacifist's Ride to Valhalla
    *All works performed by Craig Hultgren, cellist, pictured on the cover.

    Hultgren is also sponsoring a new competition for solo cello works.
    You may e-mail him if you are interested in being represented on the proposed CD.

      LIVING ARTIST Recordings
    has just released its third Compact Disc recording:

    LAR #3

    The complete 61:03-minute disc, with color program book:
    PLACES NOT REMOTE--Music From the Setting Century Series

    Order LAR #3

    The disc contains the following:

        [1]           Violeta Dinescu: Reversing Fields I [6:54]
                      Aurelian Octav Popa, clarinet  
        [2]           John Palmer: Theorem [12:35]  
                      Luben Zhelev, violin; Georgi Dimitrov, cello; 
    		  John Palmer, piano
        [3]           Dorothy E. Hindman: fin de cycle [8:19]  
                      Laura Gordy, piano
        [4]           Charles Norman Mason: Hradcanska [5:07]  
                      Donald Ashworth, flute; Alexander Volobuev, violin;
                      Craig Hultgren, cello; Kevin Chance, piano
        [5-6]         Hayg Boyadjian:  
    		    [5]Odessas (Swing Lullaby, A Little Clown,
    		    	A Clown, Bearlee, Tanz I) [5:57]
                        [6]Vignettes 4-6 [5:25]
    			Karine Bagdasarian, piano
        [7]           Erich Stem:  Shaded Gray [5:33]
                      Horizons String Quartet
        [8]           Jeremy Beck:  Kopeyia [4:47]
                      University of Northern Iowa Percussion Ensemble; 
    		  Randy Hogancamp, director
        [9]           Violeta Dinescu:  Reversing Fields II [6:43]
    		  Aurelian Octav Popa, clarinet
    *Cover Design, Mantissa by Robert Shelton


    LAR #2

    The complete 74:14-minute disc, with color program book:
    MINED WITH A MOTION--Music From the Setting Century Series

    Order LAR #2

    The disc contains the following:

        [1]	Violeta Dinescu: Ichthys [15:45]  
                      Clara Wieck Trio
        [2-6]	Charles Bestor:  Soliloquies [7:59]
                      Fred Cohen, oboe
                      Donna Kelly Eastman:  Encounters [12:47]
                      Carmen Mason, soprano;
                      Ginger Englund Dismukes, piano
        [7]		Old Masters
        [8]		Poppies in Siena
        [9]		Keeping America Clean
       [10]         Snow
       [11]		Rodney Oakes:  The Noble Pigeons [8:48]
                      Rodney Oakes, Trombone
       [12]		Irwin Swack:  Sonata for Piano [16:55]
                      Loretta Goldberg, piano
                                Andante con Moto
       [13]		Charles Norman Mason:   Some Find Me... [11:54]
                                Sunrise Quartet
    *cover painting, Robert Shelton's Forager

      LIVING ARTIST Recordings
    Our first Compact Disc recording:

    LAR #1

    The complete 74:06 minute disc, with color program book:
    IN YET LONGER LIGHT'S DELAY--Music From the Setting Century Series

    Order LAR #1

    The disc contains the following:

         1.           Dorothy E. Hindman:  drowningXnumbers [14:31]
                                  Craig Hultgren, cello
                      Hayg Boyadjian:  String Quartet No.2 Azad [17:39]
                                  St. Petersburg Mozarteum Quartet
         2.                            Allegro commodo
         3.                            Adagio
         4.                            Allegro giocoso
         5.           Charles Norman Mason:  I Feel the Fell of Dark [10:50]
                          Carmen Mason, soprano; Craig Hultgren, cello
                          Bill Williams, percussion
         6.           Violeta Dinescu:  When joyful tears flow... [10:16]
                                Dorothea von Albrecht, violoncello
                                Christine Olbrich, pianoforte
         7.           Emma Lou Diemer:  String Quartet No. 1 [20:50]
                                   Sunrise Quartet
    *Cover Design by Robert Shelton Systems 8' Chiasma

      Established in 1982, the international organization Living Music has gained the reputation as being an outstanding supporter of composers of new music. On its tenth anniversary, Living Music created the label Living Artist Recordings as a service to composers and performers of new music. Musicians interested in being featured on the Living Artist Recordings label are invited to submit proposals:

      1. To be considered for the project, composers or performers should send their proposal to the address given below. Submissions can consist of scores and/or recordings. If scores are sent without recordings, please indicate when a recording will be available. Proposals will be sent to a review panel that meets four times each year.

      2. If selected, participants are responsible for recording their own pieces and supplying Living Artist Recordings with a DAT or CD copy of the recording. The recording must be of professional quality. If the quality of the recording submitted is deemed to have problems, the participant will be asked to re-record the piece.

      3. COSTS:

      a. If your submission will be part of a recording featuring several other participants, the cost is $75 per minute (based on the duration of your piece).
      b. If your submission is for an entire CD of your works, the cost is $3000 total.
      4. Each composer represented will receive at least ten copies of the compact disc per minute of music in lieu of mechanicals. Living Music will mail copies of the Compact Disc to appropriate radio stations, publications, and record stores. Additionally, the CDs will be distributed by CdeMUSIC and Furthermore, Living Music will mail 10 CDs per composer (or 60 copies when only one composer is represented) at no cost to the composer, to addresses supplied by the composer as long as supplies last. Note: Supplies are considered to be depleted when only 250 discs remain. Living Artist Recordings will sell those discs to raise the necessary funds for reprinting the CD.

      5. Participants may sell their personal copies of the CD as a means for recovering the cost of participation.

      6. Any money that Living Artist Recordings gains from selling the CD will be used for further promotional activities involved with the label.

      7. The compact disc will contain program notes of each piece and short biography information on each composer and performer. A maximum of twelve pages is allowed for the booklet.

      8. The booklet cover will be full color and the CD will be packaged (shrink rapped). It will also have a bar-code as most distributors and recording outlets require a bar code.

      Send submissions to:
      Living Artist Recordings
      P.O. Box 2264
      Birmingham, AL 35201

      Order here...

      You may order your copy of any of the above discs for only $13.50 ($7.50 for members)
      or at the corporate address below: ($15.00 or more at most outlets)

      (Please indicate if you are a member--if not, the purchase of two discs and membership costs only $35.00.)

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                              c/o Dr. Charles Norman Mason
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    The Living Music Foundation, Inc., (LMF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to fostering and promoting the creation, performance, and research of new music by living composers. LMF currently supports its mission by performing, publishing, and releasing, on compact disc, the music and scholarly work of musicians throughout the globe. LMF has a growing membership of composers, performers, educators, and individuals and organizations sympathetic to our tax-exempt purposes. Our diverse membership, from various career levels and backgrounds enables LMF to benefit composers and other members around the world.

    The Living Music Foundation was founded in 1981 under the name Minuscule University Press, Inc., which sought to further the interests of new music and contemporary composers. LMF Started by publishing two internationally distributed books on music, "Music For Dummies" and "Functional Chromaticism For the Keyboard". LMF has published some sixteen volumes of its quarterly publication, "Living Music Jounal", which has helped its members gain insight into job opportunities, competitions, new articles, reviews, and interviews relating to contemporary music. In an effort to publicize the music of its membership, LMF has produced and distributed four volumes of chamber works on its CD label, Living Artist Recordings, featuring composers from the United States and Europe.


    LIVING ARTIST Recordings:
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    "With Love" by Vivian Adelberg Rudow © 1999 performed by Craig Hultgren/cello

    all rights reserved

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