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Let's get acquainted...

"Who is Eva Winenger?" you may ask. They know her around the Palm Springs country clubs, not because she drives a fancy car or plays championship golf. She knows people such as Dean Martin's producer and other celebrities. Eva has really cleaned up around Palm Springs, and here is why...

Eva was born Eva Lund Hansen in Copenhagen, Denmark, not many years ago. When asked what year she was born, she doesn't remember. She was very young at the time. Her parents were Helmer and Lis Lund Hansen, both professional photographers. Their work still shows up in Danish publications and English publications translated from Danish.

Eva grew up on Strand Boulevarden, near the beach where Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid hangs out. Their apartment was on the fifth floor, which is the top story in Copenhagen. No elevator. She grew up during the Nazi occupation, which may give you a clue as to just how recently she was a child. Eva still cringes at the sound of sirens. They remind her of the air raid sirens during the war. Can't recall which war. Eva's father was imprisoned by the Nazis for passing a vacuum cleaner to a neighbor on their balcony. A Nazi sympathizer across the street saw it and reported it.

Eva went to school at Bernadotte Skolen, an exclusive school for the children of intellectual parents in Copenhagen. When she became old enough to think about what she wanted to be when she grew up, Eva decided to become a midwife. She took part of her training in a hospital in Copenhagen, where she was assigned to translate for an American professor on her way back to Indiana from a Fulbright fellowship spent with her husband in Burma. Eva had a year between courses and chose to come with the lady to Indiana to take care of the baby and pick up a year of college in the United States. The lady's husband taught at Indiana State University.

Eva met Dwight Winenger while touring a Lay's potato chip factory near the university. She was curious about him because all the girls she knew thought he was strange. Strange young men are rare in Indiana. Dwight convinced Eva to stay an extra year, and then he convinced her to marry him. They soon had two daughters, Robin Kim and Kirsten Marie, who now have children of their own. When they moved from Great Falls, Montana, to Sequim, Washington, Eva began earning a little spending money cleaning the landlord's house. Who would have guessed that her passtime would develop into a career by means of which she earns nearly twice as much as her husband ever did teaching school.

Eva is the sole proprietor of Eva Winenger Maintenance, located in Desert Hot Springs, California; however, most of her clients live down the valley in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and La rather exclusive country clubs. The same clubs where they hold the Bob Hope and Dinah Shore golf tournaments.

Eva loves her work. The vacuum cleaner reminds her of her father and her Great Aunt Marie, who cleaned banks in Copenhagen. Eva puts the superlative touches on luxurious homes, and she has picked up many skills which she uses in her role as Secretary of the Living Music Foundation.

Background music is "Extremes" for strings by Dwight Winenger [BMI] © 1996
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Performed by the Desert Hot Strings with the composer at the sequencer.
3,295 bytes (1:59 min.) Extremes.MID was orchestrated by D. Winenger
on Trax for Yamaha CBX-T3 synthesizer

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