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Date-sensitive Opportunities - Part I

The following date-sensitive announcements/opportunities arrived during the inopportune period between hard-copy issues. We have put them online so our online visitors will not miss the opportunities these announcements afford:

  1. 2009 Student Composition Contest
    Sponsored by
    The Beethoven Club of Memphis
    Luna Nova New-Music Ensemble

    The 2009 Beethoven Club Composition Contest is offered in conjunction with the Belvedere Chamber Music Festival to be held June 24-27, 2009

    at Grace St. Luke's Episcopal Church and the Beethoven Club in Memphis, TN. The festival ( www.belvederefestival.org) is sponsored by Luna Nova Music (www.lunanova.org)

    The contest is open to composition students of all nationalities. Entry forms must contain the signature of the entrant=92s current theory or composition professor. Entrants must be born after June 1, 1979.

    Participants may submit up to two entries. To insure anonymous submission, the composer's name should appear only on the entry form and not on any page of the score. Submissions may be made in two categories:

    Chamber Music: Students may submit scores for violin, flute, clarinet, cello, bassoon, horn, and piano. Entries may be solos or works for any combination of these instruments. Works should not exceed 10 minutes in length.

    Organ: Students may submit scores for pipe organ. The winning composition will be performed on the Schantz III/59 at Grace St. Luke's Episcopal Church.

    ONLINE FORMS Contest Announcement and Guidelines:www.belvederefestival.org
    Contest Entry Form: www.belvederefestival.org/entryform.pdf

    Scores must be received by March 6, 2009. Entrants outside the US should allow two weeks for delivery. Winners will be announced by April 10, 2009. Composers of winning entries must provide full score and parts by May 1, 2009. Scores cannot be returned. Entrants are asked to send two copies of each score along with one completed entry form to:

    Student Composition Contest
    1794 Carr Avenue
    Memphis, TN 38104
    Attn: Patricia Gray

    JUDGING A panel assembled by the Luna Nova Music board will judge scores.
    Their decision will be final.

    PRIZES Three winners will be named in the chamber music category and one in the organ category. Winning compositions will be performed by members of Luna Nova New-Music Ensemble (www.lunanova.org) and by Wesley Emerson, organist/choirmaster of Grace St. Luke=92s Episcopal Church at the festival. Winners are expected to attend the festival. They will receive a live recording of the performance and room and board for the festival. In addition, the first place winner in the chamber music division will be eligible to receive tuition remission to ISAM, the International Summer Academy of Music (www.michelstadt.de), to be held in Michelstadt, Germany on August 2-17, 2009. Winners are responsible for their own transportation, room and board for this event.

    Former contest winners are not eligible to enter.

    Recordings of the winning compositions from 2007 and 2008 are available at www.belvederefestival.org/sound.html

    Questions may be sent to Patricia Gray, Luna Nova Music, President at


    Patricia Gray
    1794 Carr Avenue
    Memphis, TN 38104
    Tel: 901-278-2699 Cell: 901-493-0958 www.lunanova.org

  2. .
    An announcement from Jeramy Zimmerman 60x60's collaborator this upcoming mix

    "It's barely September and it's already been a busy fall...

    Remember about a year ago when we put together 60 one-minute dances and 60 one-minute music compositions and thrilled millions? Well, we're at it again...

    Just a few weeks ago, we were offered an opportunity to do an all new 60x60 to help break in Galapagos Art Space's new digs in DUMBO. Just like last time, it seemed a bit crazy, but it's worked out just fine and we want to share it with you.

    Here are the facts:
    60x60Dance at Galapagos
    Friday and Saturday, September 5th & 6th at 8:00 pm
    Address: 16 Main Street, DUMBO (that's in Brooklyn...)
    $10 suggested donation at the door (pay what you can, we'll never know...)

    Why you should come...60 dances in 60 minutes - even your fast-acting mind won't have time to be bored...You've frittered away your whole summer not seeing art and this is your chance to make it up in just one hour...Galapagos has a dramatic and beautiful new space and you won't have to wade through hipsters to get to it...don't make me beg...

    If you need more reasons here are some for Friday...Toby Billowitz, Emma Cotter, Leslie Cuyjet, Chloe Douglass, Julie Fotheringham, Daman Huran, Inbred Hybrid Collective Jackie Kook, Jen Kosky, Kelly Mayfield, Erick Montes, Tara O'Con, Amiti Perry, Kourtney Rutherford, Laura Shapiro, Margaret Schedel, Amber Sloan, Jocelyn Soulet, Storme Sundeberg, Hattie Mae Williams/the Tattooed Ballerinas, Carlos A. Cruz Velazquez, Darrin Wright and Jeramy Zimmerman

    ...and some for Saturday...Veronica Carnero, Emma Cotter, Stephanie Dixon, Elise Knudson, Kelly Mayfield, Leah Nelson and Benjamin Asriel, Esther Palmer, Adrianna Pegorer, Amiti Perry, Pascal Rekoert/Flexicurve Dance, Adam Scher, Sintija Silina, Nicole Speletic, Mandy Stallings, Alison Vinal, Jessica Williams and Jeramy Zimmerman

    I do hope to see you there. If you can't make it, I'll cry on the inside but I'll understand. I'll even give you a chance to redeem yourself when we take over the World Financial Center's Winter Garden in November...

    xo (really),
    jeramy "

    Thanks Jeramy! And for those who want to know the 60 composers for each night (120 in all) Here's a hint:

    60x60 (Evolution Mix)

    Friday Night
    Dwight Ashley, Greg Batholomew, Jay Batzner, Eve Beglarian, David Berlin, Stephen Betts, John Biggs, Courtney Brown, George Brunner, Paul Burnell, CDZabu , Paul Clouvel, Doug Cohen, Ron Coulter, Lucio E Cuellar, Douglas DaSilva, Robert Dick, Aaron Drake, Mark Eden, Mortiz Eggert, Cenk Ergun, Karlheinz Essl, Robert Fanelli, David Gamper, Doug Geers, Ramon Gorigoitia , Jennifer Griffith, Sean Hickey, Tony Higgins, Dorothy Hindman, Killick, Mary Jane Leach, Leonard Lehrman, Stan Link, Guy Livingston, Eric Lyon, Chris Mann, Eugene Marlow, Charles Norman Mason, John Maycraft, David D McIntire, Jordan McLean, Christian McLeer, Leslie de Melcher, Jeff Morris, Serban Nichifor, Rich O'Donnel, John Oliver, Frank Oteri, Alan Shockley, Bob Siebert, Juan Maria Solare, Laurie Spiegel, Allen Strange, Peter Swanzy, Eldad Tsabary, Jane Wang, Rodney Waschka II, and Dwight Winenger

    Saturday Night
    Aaron Acosta, Robert Allaire, Gilberto Assis Rosa, Dennis Bathory-Kitsz, Sandeep Bhagwati, Ben Bierman, Daniel Blinkhorn, Benjamin Boone, Craig Bottomley, Russel Cannon, Christy Carew, David Claman, Jesse S. Clark, Noah Creshevsky, Chris Barrett Funf, Larry Gaab, Marji Gere, Daniel Goode, Alejandro Guerro, David Gunn, David Hahn, Erdem Helvaciolglu, Cheyenne Henderson, Lynn Job, Gintas Kraptavicius , Zach Kurth-Nelson, Joan La Barbara, HyeKyung Lee, David S Lefkowitz, Cyprian Li, Annea Lockwood, Sean Luciw, Mike McFerron, Katie McMurran, Todd Merrell, Polly Moller, David Morneau, Julian Norton, Rodney Oakes, Junya Oikawa, Maggi Payne, S.J. Pettersson, Gene Pritsker, Jeffrey Raheb, Reconsiderate, Dean Rosenthal, Dan Sedgwick , Louis Sellers, David Ben Shannon, Alex Shapiro, Judith Shatin, Nivedita ShivRaj, Patrick Smith, Mingzhu Song, Phil Stearns, Robert Scott Thompson, Rob Voisey, Patricia Walsh, Simon Whetham, Garry Wickliffe, and Brent Wilcox

    So come on down. See the new Galapagos. Check out the brand new mix.
    And have a great time.

  3. I am passing this call to the Vox Novus list.
    If interested please contact my collaborator, Jeramy at jeramy@catscratchtheatre.org

    Howdy all,

    Galapagos is breaking in their new digs and they've invited us to do 60x60 Dance...

    It's not much notice, but I think we can do it...the shows will be Friday September 5 and Saturday September 6 at 8pm. Galapagos is not a huge space, so we're going to tweak the structure so that we can accommodate as much audience as possible. So, we're still going to have 60 choreographers but we're going to split them over two nights. That means you'll have 2 60-second musical pieces to work with.

    If you want to be part of this 60x60 Dance, reply to this email with your preference of nights. If you don't have a preference you can let me know that too...I will get the music out to you as soon as I possibly can.

    As last time, I'll fill this first-come first served, so no dilly-dallying!

    Pass this on to anyone you'd like to dance with...


    p.s.: if you can't make this one, there'll be another opportunity soon...November 15 at World Financial Center's Winter Garden. I'll send out the call for participation for that in the next few weeks!

    Making the world a better place, through dance. CST Productions, 408 Sterling Place, NYC 11238


    NMC is in the process of developing many services for the new-music community aside from the magazine. The website, especially, is building on such ideas as our yellow pages, calendars, advertising specials and all sorts of useful features.

    One great need, we have discovered, is technical knowledge. There is so much demand from composers and performers now for the skills and expertise of web designers and related technicians that we have seen a place for our making a contribution to the effort to secure such services. It is to organize a cadre of such specialists for referral when assignments come along. The members of this cadre, or consortium, if you like, will be selected for paying tasks, typically new web designs. NMC is not charging for this service. You, and you alone, will negotiate with the client.

    If you are interested in placing your name on our Task Force, or know someone who is, send us a very brief resume with current rates to the e-mail address below. Ideally, an applicant should be a free lancer with scheduling flexibility. Anyone with a full-time job is not ruled out, so long as such commitment to an assignment can be met. There is no other commitment required, just your interest and availability.

    Contact: "Barry Cohen"

  5. This summer, Remarkable Theater Brigade begins the Sunday Concert Series, Composer's Voice. Jan Hus Church, Remarkable Theater Brigade & Vox Novus are collaborating on this concert series and will offer it free of charge to all music lovers looking for fun and unique concerts with free coffee and a chance to meet the composers and performers afterwards. These concerts will be just under an hour and will be the last Sunday of each month at 12:30.

    If you are a composer who is interested in having chamber works presented in this concert series here in New York City, please contact me for details.

    Robert Voisey
    Artistic Director of the 60x60 project
    Vice-President of Programs, Living Music Foundation
    Founder of Vox Novus

  6. As a composer, have you heard your music on the radio lately?

    This March, the American Music Center launched Counterstream Radio, a new web-based station which features music of many styles and pedigrees created by U.S. composers. Drawn from AMC's substantial collection of recordings, Counterstream's broadcast library currently features more than 4,000 pieces...including yours!

    Please encourage your friends and fans to listen for your music on Counterstream Radio. It will help us promote the station and shine light on composers like you.

    Counterstream's current listeners are loving it:

    I am so pleased with the content! I listen to more new stuff in one day than I usually hear in a year. Now I just have to be careful not to listen to too much that I won't get any composing done! --Daniel Tapio Heila, composer/flutist

    This is a tremendous and entertaining resource for a presenter. It sharpens my knowledge of American music and inspires me. When you launched the site, I told my staff that if they would like an idea of what my programming will be like, listen to Counterstream Radio. --Greg Evans, Director of the Concert Division, Kaufman Center

    If you or your record label would like to submit future recordings to Counterstream Radio, please mail them to:

    Counterstream Radio
    30 W. 26th St., Suite 1001
    New York, NY 10010

    We have also launched a MySpace page for the station. Drop by for a visit and become our friend.

  7. Received Thursday, March 29, 2007, 10:46 AM

    To whom it may concern.

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I am Valeriy Antonyuk, 27 years old, a professional composer with a master's degree. I reside in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    I am looking for a creative job relating to music composition for cinema, theatre, television and computer games.

    I am able to compose music in the form of scores to be performed by a symphony orchestra, and I compose music in my studio with the help of music software.

    I have mastered perfectly orchestral, chamber and choral writing and can fulfill all the instructions and requirments of my potential superviser with professional understanding and accuracy.

    I would like to collaborate with someone with a demand for my abilities. I will consider any offer with payment for my efforts.

    These are a sample of my demo-tracks:

    Fanfare.mp3 (mp3, 880KB)
    Jingle.mp3 (mp3, 1,29MB)
    Dron.mp3 (mp3, 1,5MB)
    Comedy.mp3 (mp3, 1,32MB)
    Comedy-2.mp3 (mp3, 977KB)
    Thriller.mp3 (mp3, 1,84MB)
    Fanfare-2.mp3 (mp3, 313KB)
      Children.mp3 (mp3, 530KB)
    Drama.mp3 (mp3, 1,00MB)
    Allegro.mp3 (mp3, 1,45MB)
    Action.mp3 (mp3, 890KB)
    Morning.mp3 (mp3, 552KB)
    Presto.mp3 (mp3, 471KB)
    Andante.mp3 (mp3, 1,22MB)

    Here you can find my photo:


    Yours faithfully,
    Valeriy ANTONYUK

  8. The New York Foundation of the Arts' Jobs in the Arts is a national online listing of classifieds for creative professionals. Galleries, museums, theaters, universities, and arts organizations alike have all turned to NYFA to fill important positions.

    Organizations that regularly rely on NYFA include...Brooklyn Academy of Music, California State University, Carl Fischer Music, Creative Capital, Dance Theater Workshop, DIA Art Foundation, Jacobís Pillow Dance Festival, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Poets & Writers, Pratt Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, University of Missouri, New England Foundation for the Arts, New York University, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Whitney Museum of America Art, and many others.

    How can NYFA's Jobs in the Arts make a difference to your organization? Jobs in the Arts receives more the 40,000 visits each month from art professionals and working artists from around the country. What attracts them is an impressive collection of arts-and culture-related employment opportunities; approximately 100 new listings are posted each week. Job seekers can use our search engine to find jobs by geographic area, job type or date posted.

    Listings for full-time, part-time, freelance/consultant jobs and internships can be posted from $25/week with no character limit, and discounts start after 2 weeks.

    To find your new creative professionals, go to NYFA's Jobs in the Arts.

    Erica E. Evans
    Information & Research Intern
    eevans@nyfa.org www.nyfa.org

  9. Living Music Journal plans to devote an issue to the topic of modern-era composers who moonlighted in some other creative field, and to 20th-century/plus thinkers and artists of note who were also pretty darn good composers. Articles for this issue should be twetween 1500 and 3000 words in length and should investigate how the subject's various creative strands intersect. LM is especially interested in articles on the creative lives of Paul Bowles and Arnold Schoenberg. Deadline will be announced.
          Send manuscripts and queries via e-mail to: Phillip Ratliff, Editor, Living Music Journal, phillip_ratliff@hotmail.com


  11. Pax Media, Inc. - Victoria, Canada, is looking to make a Music Video for musicians who have a grant that want a video. Contact them for grant info of up to $20,000.
    Contact: Linda ecos@ecos.ca Internet: paxmedia.ca Phone: 250-642-6745

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