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The following Member News announcements/opportunities arrived during the inopportune period between hard-copy issues. We have put them online so our online visitors will not miss the opportunities these announcements afford:


  1. The Music of
      H. Leslie Adams

    News Update--
    (Thursday, July 31, 2008)

    Adams, H. Leslie. "Offertory." In: King of Kings. (Anthology of organ works, Vol. I). Comp. and ed. by James Abbington. Chicago: GIA Publications, 2008.


    "Love Rejoices: Songs of H. Leslie Adams" [2nd ed.; Darryl Taylor, tenor]

    MP3 Download:


    "Twelve Etudes"
    [Maria Corley, pianist]

    MP3 Download: /www.greatindie.com


    HOMEPAGE: www.hleslieadams.com


  2. Vox Novus   &

    – Max Shea, Martian Gardens
    WMUA 91.1 FM

    Chris Pasles of the LA Times writes about
    Rob Voisey and the 60x60 project:


    See also: Fly Global Music Culture Magazine written by Anne Cammon:



    MySpace realm:





    2006 Midwest Minutes includes 60 60-second works by 60 composers:
    Count them...sixty (60) composers

    Aaron Acosta
    Brian Allen
    Dwight Ashley
    Jeremy Baguyos
    Marita Bolles
    Nils Bultman
    Nicolas Buron
    Christopher Cook
    David Cubberly
    Lucio Cuellar
    Brad Decker
    Ian Dicke
    Greg Dixon
    Mark Eden
    Timothy Dwight Edwards
    Ivan Elezovic
    Doug Geers
    Scott Gendel
    Michael P. Geraci
    Michele Gillman

    Monroe Golden
    Arthur Gottschalk
    Richard Hall
    James Hegarty
    Stuart Hinds
    Lynn Job
    Cory Kasprzyk
    Michael Khoury
    Gary Knudson
    HyeKyung Lee
    Patrick Liddell
    Stan Link
    Don Malone
    Charles Norman Mason
    Deborah Monroe
    David Morneau
    Jeff Myers
    David Newby
    Judith Newby
    Lewis Nielson

    Sean O'Neill
    Thomas Park
    Colin Pool
    Carmel Raz
    Steven Ricks
    John Ross
    Stephen Rush
    Bill Ryan
    David Sartor
    Brian Schorn
    Mozhgan Shahidi
    Rachel Slusarczyk
    Alex Templ
    Balie Todd
    Joseph Vogel
    Robert Voisey
    Andrew Walters
    Justin Writer
    Cherilyn Young
    and ~chromatik_d_zabu.tmp (collective)

    The Opening Concert will also feature [un] wired by Jesse Allison, John Fillwalk and Keith Kothman.


    2003 Project premiered:
    New York City Premier
    UNDER St. Marks
    94 Saint Marks Place, between 1st Avenue and Avenue A
    basement space, East Village, Manhattan, New York

Composers and their works:
1. Hiromi Abe Guess 01
2. Aaron Acosta Traffic Under 60
3. Norman Adams Partial precept
4. John Allemeier Skrit
5. Nery Pedro Bauer Junior Machine #01
6. Vladimir Beluntsov A minute weight
7. Charles Berry Passing Gas
8. Scot Brickman Signature: Peace
9. George Brunner Radio Play
10. David Campbell The Sputnik Diary
11. Eliot Carson love hurts
12. David Claman Loomings
13. Andy Cohen rim at x (rat mix)
14. Douglas Cohen Welcome
15. Noah Creshevsky Try
16. Stephen Decesare Moondance
17. Derek Devore System Activated
18. Michael Edgerton A Little Watter, man
19. Daniel Eichenbaum Car Accident
20. Mikado Endo Where am I?
21. Elaine Fine Imagine Happiness
22. Wesley Fuller Aegean blue
23. Matias Giuliani Un Siglo, un minuto
24. Gerado Perez Giusti Mini-A-Tura
25. Gordon Green Birds
26. David Hahn Goo Mee
27. James Hegarty Reset: 59.5
28. Norbert Herber Trak News Agency
29. David Evan Jones Writing Out Loud
30. Michael Kinney One Minute of listening pleasure
31. Mary Jane Leach Dido Remembered
32. Stan Link Cavatina from an Imaginary Opera

33. Tom Lopez Moth
34. Eric Lyon Molten Statues
35. Eugene Marlow 48 Rows in One Minute
36. David Evan Mooney Ducks in Motion
37. Samy Mousa Papa
38. Marco Oppedisano The End is Near
39. Terry Winter Owens Disclavier-Das Klavier
40. Maggi Payne 60 Spin
41. Mark Petering Life Cycle
42. Gene Pritsker Junk Fragment
43. Aaron Rogier Going
44. James Romig Fragment
45. Josh Ronsen brkekexkoaxkoax
46. Marianna Rosett Two-Part Invention
47. Philip Schuellser Peptyde Hallucinatione
48. Coa Schwab Miniature 01
49. Eric Schwartz the electronic music revolution will most certainly
be televised with the five part harmony, full orchestration, and all the phenomena

50. Andrew Shapiro Coda Piece
51. Judith Shatin Glimmerings
52. Juan Solare nice noise
53. Allen Strange shadow boxer
54. Benjamin Thigpen nous n'avons qu'un espair au monde
55. Eldad Tsabary Lost-Salvage-Divined
56. Michael Vernusky The Singularity
57. John Villec Glassbur
58. Robert Voisey ripples in sand
59. Christopher McWard Dance, Truman, Dance.
60. Dwight Winenger rnd.snd.bas


More about H. Leslie Adams
(There may be some repetition from #1 above.)

Opera North, Pennsylvania's only African American Opera Company, cordially invites you to "Blake", the second presentation of An African American Triptych on Saturday, April 12th at 8:00 pm, at the Trinity Center for Urban Life, 2212 Spruce Street in Philadelphia.
"Love Rejoices: Songs of H. Leslie Adams"
[2nd ed.; Darryl Taylor, tenor]
MP3 Download:
"Twelve Etudes"
[Maria Corley, pianist]
MP3 Download:

HOMEPAGE: www.hleslieadams.com


BLAKE was given two notable excerpt performances following its VOX Showcase presentation. On November 7, 2006 THE BLAKE SUITE was featured on the Chamber Music Live Series at Queens College, Flushing New York, and on January 3, 2007 at the Schomburg Center in New York City. The latter presentation, by Avava Artists, was the official opening concert for the 52nd Annual Convention of the National Opera Association Convention.

The opera tells the story of young love, forced separation and the search for true love in the antebellum South prior to the Civil War. It also depicts the quest for freedom during those turbulent times in America. The opera, when performed in its entirety, is in four acts with a running time of about two and a half hours.

Adams' works are increasingly gaining in visibility and audience and critical acclaim. The composer recently did a week-long residency at Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, (February, 2007) which culminated in a concert of his art songs and music from a new drama with music, "Slaves." An all-Adams concert was also presented by the East Cleveland, Ohio Public Library in the Greg Reese Performing Arts Center (January, 2007). ###

On January 7, 2006 the National Opera Association awarded its Lift Every Voice Legacy Award to Composer H. Leslie Adams.

The event took place in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Four Points Hilton Hotel, which hosted NOA's 51st Annual Convention.

Adams was present to receive the award, and earlier in the week participated in a Panel of Composers and Impresarios discussing the "Future of Opera in America."

His song group, "Daybirth, " on texts of Joette McDonald, was the topic of a scholarly paper presented by Gail Robinson, with McDonald also present.

Adams accompanied Robinson on "Lullaby Eternal," a song from "Daybirth" at the paper presentation and again, at the request of the Convention, as a finale to the final session: a banquet which featured winners of the vocal competitions held during the convention.

Adams award reads, "The National Opera Association presents this 'Lift Every Voice Legacy Award' to H. Leslie Adams; January 7, 2006." ###

  • Maestro Aurelio de la Vega presented an illustrated lecture on his music April 19, 2006, at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies of the University of Miami, Florida. The title of the lecture is "A Long Musical Journey." The illustrated lecture was given in connection with an on-going international celebration of his 80th anniversary. For reservations, phone (305) 284-2822.

  • Rodney Oakes In Concert

    I am enclosing the announcement of my solo concert on April 29. Although I have performed off and on over the past few years, I have not presented a solo concert of my original music in about 14 years. I decided it was time to share some of my more recent works in an intimate setting.

    The room at Alvas is quite nice. It is a small venue, seating only 60. I hope I can fill it for this performance!

    I have created what I believe to be some interesting works recently. I am especially excited about the Blue Bridge, a work for MIDI trombone and DVD. The material is the Vincent Thomas Bridge and its recent lights.

    I hope to finish another work for MIDI trombone and DVD, Variations on The Krakow Fanfare. The material dates back to 1241, and am pleased with the progress I am making with this piece.

    Thanks for letting me share with you information about this event.

    Rod Oakes

    Rodney Oakes In Concert

    Original Music for the Trombone and Electronics
    April 29, 2006
    8:00 PM
    Rosalie & Alva's Performance Gallery
    1417 W. 8th Street
    San Pedro, CA 90732
    Ten dollar admission

    Tickets and information available at (800) 403- 3447

  • Irwin Swack's work, "Profiles" for clarinet, violin and cello, was performed at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, Sat., Mar. 4, at 2:00 p.m.


    February 1, 2006, Verona, New Jersey - Subito Music Corporation has acquired the catalog of Seesaw Music from the family of the late Raoul Ronson. Subito will retain the Seesaw name and imprint on the entire catalog, which consists of over 3600 works by more than 300 composers.

    Seesaw Music Corporation was founded in New York City by Mr. Ronson in 1964 to create a place for the serious music being created at the time. Subito President Stephen Culbertson states: `Seesaw Music was one of the first `print-on-demand` publishers, before that term became current. There are many works with a long performance history, as well as gems that we hope to re-introduce to the concert music community. We are pleased to be able to keep the entire catalog intact and available. We hope to add new works to the catalog as well as modernize the distribution system by using current technology and adding online ordering capabilities.`

    Acquisition of the Seesaw catalog marks a period of unprecedented growth and expansion for Subito Music Corporation, which recently assumed distribution for the Subito print catalog, the CD Sheet Music 2.0 product line, and several other series including Large Print Music and The Digital Editions.

    From its inception in 1980, Subito Music Corporation has been a leader in the concert music publishing industry. Informed by over 125 years of combined experience, SMC is a full-service music publisher, featuring a roster of world-class composers among its list of exclusive artists, and offering typesetting and printing, promotion, rental, sales, distribution and copyright administration services for composers and publishers. In addition, SMC consistently identifies creative and practical uses for digital technology, with initiatives ranging from digital sheet music delivery and short-run print-on-demand capabilities, to its innovative distribution and promotion agency services and e-commerce functionality.


    Subito Music Corporation
    60 Depot Street
    Verona, NJ 07044
    tel: (973) 857-3440
    fax: (973) 857-3442

    Subito contacts

    Stephen Culbertson, President - sc@subitomusic.com

    David Murray, Publishing Manager - dbm@subitomusic.com

    Bill Rhoads, Promotion Director - branda@subitomusic.com

    Patricia Kotsambas, Customer Service Manager - pak@subitomusic.com

  • Dear Maestro WINENGER,

    I have the great pleasure to send You my new composition "Song of Mars", inspired by a very beautiful, a fantastic picture realized by the NASA in this extraordinary American mission to Mars. In fact, the background of this music (the "objective" like organ sounds) is a conversion of the attached "jpg image" to "midi sounds" (with the "MIDImage" software), and the melody is my "subjective" contribution...
    With the best wishes,
    Faithfully Yours,
    Dr. Serban NICHIFOR

    (Click the image to audition.)

    Song of Mars by Dr. Serban Nichifor

    Dear Maestro WINENGER,
    It gives me great pleasure to send You (on MIDI file) also a new wonderful composition of Liana ALEXANDRA : RHYTHMS. I like this music !

    With the best wishes,
    Faithfully Yours,

  • Reviews about NUOVA MUSICA CONSONANTE - LIVING MUSIC FOUNDATION 2003 (Computer Music from U.S.A., Belgium, Italy, England and Romania), for the Bucharest magazines "Actualitatea Muzi," (January 2004) and "Observator Cultural" (January 2004).

    With our highest regards,

    Update: February 1, 2004:

    Dear Maestro WINENGER,
          I have the pleasure of sending you my compendium "INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER MUSIC" - for my course at the National University of Music in Bucharest. In fact, this is an INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC OF THE UNITED STATES because Computer Music - this marvelous genre - is 99 % AMERICAN MUSIC !!!
          The text is in Romanian, but with numerous English Expressions. In Chapter A (Chronology), I have inserted some information about you and the your magnificent LIVING MUSIC FOUNDATION.
    Yours faithfully,
    Serban NICHIFOR

    Note to the reader: email copies of this compendium in Romanian are available from the webmaster

  • Jose' Salazar:

    Jose' Salazar was presented in concert in New York City at the Weill Recital Hall,
    at Carnegie Hall, on March 26, 2006.

  • Here is the new program of the Composers Colloquium I am organizing at our UNI since 1996.
    With my regards.

    Violeta Dinescu
    Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
    Fakultät III

    Kammermusiksaal (A-11)
    Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118

    Komponisten Colloquium
    SS 2003
    Musik unserer Zeit

    - 18.00 Uhr -

    Gertrud Meyer-Denkmann (Oldenburg)
    Zur Gleichzeitigkeit verschiedener Musikkulturen
    .00 Uhr -

    Peter Machajdík (Bratislava/Berlin)

    - 18.00 Uhr -

    Juliane Klein (Berlin)
    - in Kooperation mit Oh-Ton Oldenburg -
    - 18.00 Uhr -

    Daniel Rothman (LA/USA)
    Gast: David Smeyers (Klarinette)
    - in Kooperation mit Radio Bremen -
    - 18.00 Uhr -

    Lars Graugaard (Kopenhagen/Dänemark)

    - 18.00 Uhr -

    Peter Schleuning (Oldenburg)
    Schleunings Flötenzirkus.
    Fünf Flöten bilden eine Faust: Musikwissenschaft am Limit
    - 18.00 Uhr -

    Insa Oertel: Der Komponist Gustavo Becerra-Schmidt
    - Vortrag in Anwesenheit des Komponisten -
    Gast: Ljuba Markova (Klavier)
    - 18.00 Uhr -

    Mihaela Vosganian (Bukarest/Rumänien)
    -20.00 Uhr -

    Diana Simon und Rucsandra Popescu (Bukarest)

  • Dear Dwight,

    I am very happy to send you information about my new opera premiere in Oldenburg and also the program of the composer colloquium I am organizing at the UNI since 1996.

    With my regards,

    Info Eréndira
    Oldenburgisches Staatstheater, Kleines Haus
    Kammeroper von Violeta Dinescu nach Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    Musikalische Leitung: Eric Solén
    Regie: Mascha Pörzgen
    Ausstattung: Cordelia Matthes

    Eréndira: Anja Metzger
    Grossmutter: Christina Ascher
    Ulysses: Paul Brady
    (sowie Marit Risnes, Ute Biniass, Alwin Kölblinger, Brian Joyce, Toshihiko Matsui, Anthony Gardner)

    Tel.: 0441 / 2225 111
    Fax: 0441 / 2225 221

    Sa., 16.11.2002, 20:00 Premiere
    Do., 21.11.2002, 20:00
    Mi., 04.12.2002, 20:00
    Mi., 11.12.2002, 20:00
    Sa., 21.12.2002, 20:00
    So., 12.01.2003, 20:00
    Sa., 18.01.2003, 20:00
    Do., 23.01.2003, 20:00

    Am Sonntag, 3. November um 17 Uhr findet die Einführung in das Stück und die Inszenierung statt.
    weitere Information unter www.oldenburg.staatstheater.de

    Wüstenwind, Orangenduft und Grünes Blut ERENDIRA – Oper von Violeta Dinescu nach einer Novelle von Gabriel G. Marquez

    Eine phantastische Novelle voller poetischer Bilder und magischer Anspielungen bildet die Vorlage für eine Oper mit einer zwischen Realität und Traumwelt oszillierenden Handlung. Magische Räume aus südamerikanischen Bilderwelten werden beschworen. Die Musik des Kammerorchesters bildet eine eigene Welt. Sie bebildert die Handlung nicht, sondern spinnt selber verschiedene Handlungsstränge fort. Sie symbolisiert das »Unterwegs-Sein« von Eréndira, ihr Suchen und die Offenheit des Endes. »Der Klangraum meiner Musik verändert sich ständig – wie Treibsand. Man kann in ihm versinken, wenn man selbst nicht schnell genug ist.« (Violeta Dinescu) Eine Musik, die nicht der Untermalung dient, sondern die der Magie der Geschichte eine eigene, poetische Ebene hinzufügt.

    20.00 Uhr
    Kleines Haus

  • David Manson's Indie label isospin labs has released two CDs that you may be interested in if you like innovative and adventurous music.

    Fluid Motion is a jazz quintet featuring saxophonist Sam Rivers, a true legend in the jazz realm. The recording is a balance between structure and freedom. CD Baby has some excerpts in mp3. www.cdbaby.com/fluidmotion

    Visions is a compilation of performances from the EMIT series. The music ranges from free jazz to electronic and experimental. It is "music for the strong of ear" featuring Peter Kowald, Evan Parker, Sam Rivers, Amy Denio, Day & Taxi, Eugene Chadbourne, Davey Williams, Pamela Z, Daniel Carter and other artists. www.cdbaby.com/cd/emit

    The recordings are available via CD Baby, NorthCountry and Wayside.

    Thanks for your support of creative music!

    David Manson

  • Vivian Adelberg Rudow's full orchestra music SPIRIT OF AMERICA was premiered on Friday, July 12, 2002, 7:00 PM performed by the Chesapeake Orchestra, Jeffrey Silberschlag conductor, during a FREE River Concert Series at St. Mary's College, St. Mary's City, Maryland.
          Adelberg Rudow and friends conducted in the audience during audience participation sections of SPIRIT OF AMERICA.
          The River Concert Series, a set of festive high quality outdoor concerts, draws approximately 4,000 people per concert. The variety of styles of music professionally performed, good food, the beautiful waterfront setting, create a unique music experience.
          For more information about the River Concert Festival and directions, see the web site: www.smcm.edu/rcs
          For more information from the composer: phone 410-889-3939, E-mail: VivianAR@jhu.edu

  • Liana Alexandra's paper on the Living Music Foundation, presented on Friday, 5 April 2002, at the National University of Music of Bucharest on the occasion of their annual festival of the faculty of Composition, Musicology, and Pedagogie was well-received and will be published in a cultural review to be reproduced in part here.

  • Sent: Friday, May 03, 2002 1:46 PM
    Subject: "Living Music" by Liana Alexandra

    Dear Sir,

    I have the honour to present my article intitled "Living Music" published at the review OBSERVATOR CULTURAL this week (nr.114). You can see this article on www.observatorcultural.ro

    Sincerely yours,
    Liana Alexandra lianaalexandra@pcnet.ro

  • Member News - Joseph Pehrson - 4/01/08

    The Composers Concordance would like to announce a new video on YouTube by our co-director, Joseph Pehrson.


    It's a piece called "Spinner" and it is here shown at the Moscow Composers' Union. The piece is for clarinet, bassoon, viola and cello (2007) and it was also performed in Moscow as part of the "Jurgenson Salon" on March 22, 2008.

    Performers are Alexander Filatov, clarinet, Sergei Grashchenkov, bassoon, Anastasia Ponochevnaya, viola and Lydia Zinchenko, cello...

    Joseph Pehrson recently had two performances of his Spectral Harmony for saxophone and French horn by Jean Luc Darbellay's group, the "Spectral Ensemble" in Bern Switzerland and Mulhouse, France March 15 and March 17, 2002.

    In addition, his work Three Pianopieces will be performed by pianist Jeffrey Jacob, of George Crumb notoreity at New York University on April 29, 2002 at Loewe Theatre. Mr. Jacob will also be recording the piece commercially this Summer.

    Two additional pieces by Pehrson will be featured this Spring which use electronics and which are in unusual tuning systems. On Saturday, May 25th, 2002 Pehrson's Blackjack for trombone and electronics in the just intonation "Blackjack" scale will be played by Chris Washburne, trombone on Johnny Reinhard's American Festival of Microtonal Music at the Roulette performance space in New York.

    The Composers Concordance will be presenting another unusual work in an alternate tuning for viola and electronics on Thursday, May 30, 2002 with Olivia Koppell, viola.

    In addition to these concert works, the Pulse Ensemble Theatre is presenting Shakespeare's The Tempest using Pehrson's music, and his arrangements of Renaissance "standards" in a run from April 17, 2002 through May 12, 2002. This is the second time this theatre company has presented The Tempest with Pehrson's music.

  • Serban Nichifor presented a recital of Solo Cello music during the International Festival NEW MUSIC WEEK in Bucharest, Romania, held in May 2002.

    - Interferente Romano-Americane -
    (Serban NICHIFOR - cello)

    The program consisted exclusively of music by American and Romanian members
    of The Living Music Foundation:
    Dwight WINENGER (USA): "Structural Variations on Two Obscure Themes"
          pentru violoncel solo (p.a.)
    Liana ALEXANDRA: "Incantatii III" pentru violoncel si banda magnetica (p.a.a.)
    Charles Norman MASON (USA): "The Artist and His Model"
          pentru violoncel si banda magnetica (p.a.)
    Serban NICHIFOR: "Isihia II" pentru violoncel si banda magnetica (p.a.a.)
    Rodney OAKES (USA): "Fantasy for Cello & Electronics" (p.a.)

  • Cellist Craig Hultgren performed a solo program of seven world premieres on a Nov. 18th, 2001 program for Artburst at the Unitarian Church of Birmingham, Alabama.

    This contemporary performance featured both acoustic and electronic works created for him. The works cover a broad panorama of visions and voices from the last three years surrounding the change of the century.

          H·yx’a for cello, speaking cellist & tape by Sherban Nichifor (Roumania)
          Only Four for solo cello by Charles Knox (Atlanta)
          After Hours for violoncello & tape by Kurt Carpenter (Sterritt, AL)
          Structural Variations on Two Obscure Themes for solo cello by Dwight Winenger (California)
          The Ninth Wave for cello & computer generated tape by Robert Scott Thompson (Atlanta)
          Lavender Slumber for solo cello by Andy Delikat (Birmingham)
          Waltzes for Capone for cello & digital electronics by Matthew Marth (Olympia, WA)

    The concert was an enormous success as testified to by the following review:

    Birmingham News/Today
    Entertainment News

    Hultgren uses novel cello to set surrealistic tone


    News staff writer

    Artburst's challenging season of cutting-edge music, dance and theater continued Sunday night at the Unitarian Universalist Church. Cellist Craig Hultgren, Birmingham's leading cultivator of new music, provided the acoustic and electronic instruments. Seven composers furnished the compositions, most of which were world premieres.

    Hultgren has networked widely in his quest for innovative music, and for this concert he came up with some gems. Starting off with Robert Scott Thompson's "The Ninth Wave," Hultgren unveiled his new electronic cello a bodyless stick figure of an instrument that he used to great effect accompanying a bed of ghostly sound masses from the two speakers flanking him. Distant voices and seascapes echoed through the hall in a vaguely melodic, thoroughly engaging framework.

    Romanian composer Serban Nichifor's "Hyxía" is steeped in ritual, the cello and vocals (the cellist is required to sing in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English), successfully bridging Eastern orthodoxy and Western Christianity through an evocative array of pre-recorded sounds and cello harmonics. For "After Hours," Kurt Carpenter resurrected an analog tape piece from the days when Moog, Arp and Buchla synthesizers ruled the avant-garde, and wrote a cello part for it.

    The juxtaposition of the live instrument with the synthesized whistles, bird calls and random bloops and bleeps worked surprisingly well. Hultgren mimicked, cajoled and otherwise provided a spirited accompaniment.

    Matthew Marth's provocative "Waltzes for Capone," for cello and digital electronics, was the evening's most tantalizing and technically advanced composition. Crystalline bell tones and quotes from Strauss waltzes set the taped background for the work, which explored the warped psyche of the notorious gangster. The result was a surrealistic, sometimes naive and bizarre dialogue with the live instrument.

    Of the three pieces for solo acoustic cello, two lacked the flare of the electronic works. The exception came from Dwight Winenger, whose Structural Variations on Two Obscure Themes delighted with its inventive and playful reminiscences on the Pink Panther theme and the hymn "Red and Yellow, Black and White."

  • The Calendar for New Music, published monthy by The SoundArt Foundation, Inc.
    William Hellerman, Editor
    P.O. Box 900
    Philmont, NY 12565 USA
    The latest information on concerts, CDs, competitions in the New York City area.
    Subscribe for $15. Visit their website @ soundart.org

  • PLEASE NOTE: We now have a web site for "O.T, a Musical Retelling of Othello in Modern Times": http://otmusical.com. And we have just released a CD of selections, on sale at Amazon.com, our site, and regular outlets. There was also a Washington, D.C. premiere of O.T. in February, 2001.
    Mirta Mulhare
    Member, Living Music


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    Performed by the Desert Hot Strings with the composer at the sequencer.
    3,295 bytes (1:59 min.) Extremes.MID was orchestrated by D. Winenger
    on Trax for Yamaha CBX-T3 synthesizer

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