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Undated announcements - Part II
The following undated announcements/opportunities arrived during the inopportune period between hard-copy issues. We have put them online so our online visitors will not miss the opportunities these announcements afford:


  1. The Rose of Sharon Scholarship Fund, Inc. A nonprofit 501(c)3 organization (EIN: 33-0914451) A place where children will learn to channel their energies into their dreams and talents. Sponsor a child today! Your contribution is fully tax deductible. We are seeking one-time donations of $100 to help build recording studio training centers, but we appreciate gifts in other denominations and donations of office equipment and musical instruments as well. We are registered with Guidestar, members.guidestar.org/news/features/table_arts.stm Contact: Sharon A. Doss, President/CEO Vocal1teacher@aol.com or 25526 Redlands Blvd. #11, Loma Linda, CA, USA ph: 909-799-7067

  2. New American Piano Music Seven of America's best new concert piano works in stunning performances by Teresa McCollough. CD now available in record stores, ph: 888-749-9998, TowerRecords.com, or innovaRecordings.com

  3. Certificate Courses from the University of California, Riverside

         NEW Grants Strategies - Optimizing Opportunities for Success
         Introduction to Grantsmanship
    Marketing Management
         Internet Marketing
    Nonprofit Organization Management
         Financial Aspects of Nonprofit Organization Management
    Public Relations
         Internet Marketing

    If you use Visa or Mastercard, you may complete enrollment by phone or fax.
    For details, Contact:
    909-787-4105 or 800-442-4990
    E-mail: register@ucx.ucr.edu
    Web site: www.UCRExtension.net
    Fax: 909-787-7273

    Mail to: UCR Extension
              1200 University Avenue
              Riverside CA 92507-4596

  4.       Guggenheim M U S E U M
    Hearty Congratulations to the six BMI composers (listed below) who have received Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships for 2001.
    1. Ray Anderson, Composer, Setauket, New York; Member of the Guest Faculty in Music, State University of New York at Stony Brook: Music composition
    2. Gregory D'Alessio, Composer, Cleveland, Ohio; Assistant Professor of Music Composition, Cleveland State University: Music composition.
    3. Daniel S. Godfrey, Composer, Syracuse, New York; Professor of Music, Syracuse University: Music composition
    4. Cindy McTee, Composer, Denton, Texas; Professor of Music Composition, University of North Texas: Music composition.
    5. Kevin Matthew Puts, Composer, Austin, Texas; Assistant Professor of Composition, University of Texas at Austin: Music composition.
    6. Arlene Zallman, Composer, Wellesley, Massachusetts; Professor of Music Composition and Theory, Wellesley College: Music composition.

    For more information on the Guggenheim Foundation, visit their website at: www.gf.org

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