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We have put them online so our online visitors will not miss the opportunities these announcements afford:</b> <p></blockquote> <hr> </td></Tr></Table> <! -- begin Late-arriving DATED announcements --> <!-- begin first table/page 3 --> <a name="partIII"></a> <TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0"> <tr> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <td><br><ol start="8"> <li> Friday evening <b>November 7</b>, 2008, 8PM, at the Greenwich House Music School, 46 Barrow Street, Greenwich Village, NYC, New Music Connoisseur (NMC) magazine and the Composers Concordance combine forces to celebrate the <b>25th Anniversary of the Composers Concordance concert series</b> and pay tribute to composer <b>Leo Kraft</b>. Kraft is a Queens College Professor Emeritus, and he has been an advisor and mentor to both organizations since their inceptions. Please join us to celebrate this special Composers Concordance Anniversary and Fundraiser for New Music Connoisseur. <p> In addition to a special award presentation by NMC to Leo Kraft, the Composers Concordance will be featuring the following works: <p><b> Elliott Carter's Esprit Rude/Esprit Doux, in celebration of Carter's 100th birthday year</b>. This challenging piece, written by Carter as a special tribute to Pierre Boulez on his 60th birthday will be performed by new music champions Erin Lesser, flute and Carol McGonnell, clarinet. This piece emphasizes the difference in breathing attacks for the instruments, inspired by Carter's linguistic studies. <p> Leo Kraft's own <b>Five Sonnets of William Shakespeare, performed by Mark Bleekey</b>, tenor with the redoubtable <b>Christopher Oldfather</b> at the piano, shows his most recent compositional style, mixing in tonal elements with chromaticism and calling for exceptional performance skills in the musical interplay. <p> <b>Otto Luening's Second Suite for Solo Flute</b> builds upon Luening's long experience as a flutist and emphasizes the coloristic possibilities as well as the varied articulations of the instrument. Combining dance elements and rubato, Luening creates a masterful and varied work. <b>Erin Lesser</b> will reveal the flute's versatility and mystery here. <p> <b>Joseph Pehrson's Transpian</b> enhances the sonority of the piano with electronics, based upon an unusual 21-note scale that approximates just intonation. As performed by Cesar Vuksic, this work provides dramatic dynamic contrasts, unique textures and variety of sound. <p> <b>Patrick Hardish</b> ends the concert with a bang with a repeat performance of a new work, <b>Solo for Pete</b>. Written for drum set, Hardish's piece reflects his enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, jazz and big band styles. This work showcases the amazing capabilities of percussion virtuoso <b>Peter Jarvis</b>, for whom it was written and who will be performing. <p> A <b>reception with food</b> will follow in the friendly and appealing Greenwich House Music School facility. Tickets are <b>$20 (special fundraiser price)</b>, $10 student discount. Composers Concordance home page <a href="http://www.composersconcordance.org">www.composersconcordance.org</a> <p> <li> The<b> 60x60 Canadian Mix</b> launches this weekend! <br>An alternate 60x60 mix of Canadian composers lead by <b>Eldad Tsabary</b> is debuting this weekend in <b>Toronto and Halifax, Canada</b> <p> "60x60 was initiated in 2003 and his since grown into one of the planet's most coveted contemporary music events.... its success can be explained by the sheer wealth of different approaches on display and its capacity of organically integrating them underneath the roof of "New music". It is important to note that there is not one definitive version of the piece, as different regional mixes cohabitate with the all-encompassing international mix. <p> - <b>60x60: Wellington welcomes New Music's fastest-ticking clock By Tobias Fischer,</b> published 2008-09-01 <p> Saturday <b>October 4th</b> 4:00 AM, <br>Nuit Blanche, Walter Hall, Edward Johnson Building, <br>University of Toronto <br>Toronto, Canada <br><a href="http://www.utoronto.ca/tmu_dpatr/DejaPresqueJamais.pdf">www.utoronto.ca/tmu_dpatr/DejaPresqueJamais.pdf</a> <p> and <p> Sunday <b>October 5th</b> 7:30 PM, <br>Oscillations, <br>Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, <br>Halifax NS <br><a href="http://www.oscillationsfestival.ca/">www.oscillationsfestival.ca</a> <p> Canadian composers included in 60x60 (Canadian mix) <br><b>Asoma, Zorina Bacchus, Adam Basanta, Sandeep Bhagwati, Adrian Borza, Christian Calon, David Campbell, Matt Campbell, Raylene Campbell, CDZabu, Gustav Ciamaga, Patrick Sbastien Coulombe, Ian Crutchley, Dancers, Leslie de Melcher, Debashis Sinha, Richard Dsilets, Francis Dhomont, Nicolas Dion, Patricia L. Dirks, Carey Dodge, The Dry Heeves, Troy Ducharme, Jean-Michel Dumas, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier, Franois Girouard, Philip Gosselin, Martin Gotfrit, Tim Hecker, Bryan Jacobs, Bentley Jarvis, Yota Kobayashi, Shaw-han Liem (I am Robot and Proud), Sylvi macCormac, Florence Masson, David McCallum, Andra McCartney, Diana McIntosh, Dustin Molicki, Steven Naylor, Raphal Nron-Baribeau, David Ogborn, John Oliver, Sean O'Neill, David Parfit, Lia Pas, Sarah Peebles, Scott Peterson, Michael Pinsonneault, Ambrose Pottie, Hlne Prvost, Jean Routhier, Frederick Schipizky, Zuzana Sevcikova, Laurence Stevenson, Nancy Tobin, Roxanne Turcotte, Steve Wadhams, Matthew Wood, Kamen Zenov.</b> <p> ______________________________________________ <br>VoxNovus mailing list <br><a href="mailto:VoxNovus@voxnovus.com">VoxNovus@voxnovus.com</a> <br><a href="http://seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/voxnovus">seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo</a> <p> <li> <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFCC"> <FONT COLOR="#800000"><FONT FACE="Verdana"><H1>Uncommon Voices!<BR> </H1></FONT></FONT><FONT FACE="Verdana"><B><I>Music by composers from the Americas and the World<BR> <BR> </I></B>Ten free admission concerts featuring the North/South Chamber Orchestra and distinguished guest artists<BR> <I><BR> &nbsp;at <B>Christ &amp; St Stephen&#8217;s Church</B></I> (120 W 69th St & #8211; New York City)<BR> <BR> <I>29th Season (1980-2009)<BR> </I><BR> <FONT SIZE="2"><a href="http://www.northsouthmusic.org">www.northsouthmusic.org</a><BR> </FONT><BR> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE</b> Inc. is pleased to announce plans for its 2008-09 concert series featuring music by composers from Asia, Europe and the Americas. <BR> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The upcoming season will mark the 29th consecutive year of activities by this non-profit organization devoted to the promotion, performance and recording of music by living composers.<BR> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<b>Ten free-admission events</b> will be presented at the auditorium of Christ and St. Stephen&#8217;s Church (120 West 69th St) in New York City. The &nbsp;concerts will feature the acclaimed North/South Chamber Orchestra and distinguished soloists including <b>Patricia Caicedo and Stela Brandao, sopranos; Mioi Takeda, violin; John Pickford Richards, viola; the Basso Moderno Duo; Munir Beken, Turkish ud; Lisa Hansen, &nbsp;flute; Setsuk o Akizawa, oboe; David Krakauer and Richard Goldsmith, clarinet; Susan Jolle s, harp; Helen Lin, piano; and pianist/conductor Max Lifchitz.</b><BR> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Recent works by three generations of composers representing diverse aesthetic orientations and hailing from throughout the <b>US, Argentina, &nbsp;Brazil, China, Colombia, Greece, Italy, Israel, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and Venezuela</b> will be performed. <BR> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;They include: <b>Ofer Ben-Amots, Brian Banks, Dwight B anks, Elizabeth Bell, Munir Beken, Richard Brooks, Canary Burton, Patrick Ca stillo, Jordi Cervello, Carson Cooman, Stephen Feigenbaum, Bernardo Feldman, Daniel Haldar, Lee Hoiby, Nikolas Allen Jeleniauskas, Dennis Kam, Yoshihiro Kanno, Daniel Kessner, Leo Kraft, Max Lifchitz, Tudor Dominik Maican, Patri cia Morehead, David Patterson, &nbsp;Andrea Reinkemeyer, Ned Rorem, &nbsp;Ma nuel Sosa, &nbsp;Gabriele Vanoni, Rain Worthington, &amp; Stephen Yip.</b><BR> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Many of the featured composers will be present at the concerts to introduce their music and meet with the public. They will wor k closely with the musician members of the North/South Consonance Ensemble to insure befitting performance of their works.<BR> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;NORTH/SOUTH CONSONANCE's 2008-09 season is made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts and the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs. Additional support for these free admission events is being provided the American Federation of Musicians (Local 802); the Alice M. Ditson Fund at Columbia University; and many generous individual donors.<BR> <BR> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;For more information about this exciting concert series please visit <BR> <a href="http://www.northsouthmusic.org">www.northsouthmusic.org</a><BR> <BR></font> <p> <p><hr><p> <li><font face="arial" size="7">60x60</font> Broadcasts: <br>The new double album release of the 60x60 project is being aired regularly on <b>WMUA, WKCR, and WOBC. </b> <p> Our oldest supporter, <b>Max Shea</b> with his radio program, "Martian Gardens" has been playing selections of the 60x60 for the past 4 years. He has been playing one or more selections on his show airing on: <b>WMUA FM 91.1 Amherst, Massachusetts. </b> with web simulcast at: <a href="http://www.wmua.org">/www.wmua.org</a> MARTIAN GARDENS is on <b>Sundays 21:00-24:00 Eastern Standard Time</b> online playlists can be found at: <a href="http://www.masslive.com/weblogs/martian/">weblogs/martian</a> <p> Next is <b>Anne Cammon's "Art Waves,"</b> a literary radio program, featuring poetry, fiction, radio drama, and experimental literature. Miss Cammon uses the 60x60 project as refreshing interludes between the literary works. <p> "Art Waves" airs on <b>Fridays 9:00-10:00 pm Eastern standard time.</b> Tune in at <b>89.9 FM</b> or listen on-line at <a href="http://www.wkcr.org">/www.wkcr.org</a>. Feel free to learn more about WKCR shows at <a href="http://www.wkcr.org/wkcrarts">www.wkcr.org/wkcrarts</a> <p> Anne Cammon's show airs about <b>once a month</b>, including this Friday October 5th which features another exciting literary journey combining music and the spoken word. With sizzling works by Palestinian-American poet <b>Natalie Handal</b>, portraits of Bombay and New York City by poet <b>Jeet Thayil</b>, a novel-excerpt on the life of a junior cartographer by <b>Reif Larson</b>, and text-sound adaptation of poems from Anne's collection India Songs, by composer <b>Robert Voisey</b>. Not including works from the 60x60 (2004-2005) CD. <p> Most recently 60x60 has been airing on <b>Tom Lopez's "Foldover"</b> airing every <b>Monday from 3:00-4:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on WOBC 91.5 FM in Oberlin, Ohio</b> (just outside of Cleveland). The show can also be heard over the Internet at: <a href="http://www.wobc.org">www.wobc.org</a> Last Monday he featured 25 works from the 60x60 project. A web site with information about FOLDOVER can be found at: <a href="http://www.timara.oberlin.edu/~tlopez/foldover/index.html">www.timara.oberlin.edu</a> It includes playlists and information on how to find recordings of the music. <p> I hope you are in the area to tune in to one of these programs or have the time to listen to their simulcast over the World Wide Web. <p>_______________________________________________<br> VoxNovus mailing list: <br><a href="mailto:VoxNovus@voxnovus.com">VoxNovus@voxnovus.com</a> <br><a href="http://seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/voxnovus">listinfo/voxnovus</a> <p> <hr><p> Composers featured in 60x60 <b>(2006 / International Mix)</b> include: <br><table><tr><td valign="top"> Aaron Acosta<br>Liana Alexandra<br>John Allemeier<br>Dwight Ashley<br>Marc Barreca<br>Dennis Bathory-Kitsz<br>Gina Biver<br>James Bohn<br>Marita Bolles<br>Ann Cantelow<br> Nicolas Chausseau<br> Andrew Cole<br> Christopher Cook<br> Cindy Cox<br> Antonino Cuscina<br> Robert Dick<br> Ian Dicke<br> Greg Dixon<br>Aaron Drake<br> Ivan Elezovic</td> <td valign="top"> David Fenech<br> Monroe Golden<br> David Gunn<br>David Hahn<br> Erdem Helvacioglu<br> Tony Higgins<br> Stuart Hinds<br> Lynn Job<br> Julian Jonker<br> Yasushi Kamata<br> Nicole Kim<br> Joan La Barbara<br> Stan Link<br> Don Malone<br> Dylan Mattingly<br> Maurilio Cacciatore<br> Andra McCartney<br> Anastasio Mitropoulos<br>Annele Nederberg<br>David Newby</td> <td valign="top"> Serban Nichifor<br> Rodney Oakes<br> Ronald Parks<br>Maggi Payne<br> Samuel Pluta<br> David Shannon<br> Alan Shockley<br> Scott Smallwood<br> Laurie Spiegel<br> Asha Srinivasan<br> Alex Temple<br> Balie Todd<br> Eldad Tsabary<br> Kubilay Uner<br> Mark Vernon<br> Katrina Wreede<br> Xiting Yang<br> Ivan Zavada<br> Oded Zehavi<br> and ~chromatik_d_zabu.tmp (collective) <p></td></tr></table> <br> Composers featured in 60x60 <b>(2007 / International Mix)</b> include: <br><table><tr><td valign="top"> Henri Algadafe <br> John Allemeier <br> Thomas Bailey <br> Joel-Aime Beauchamp <br> Benjamin Boone <br> Monique Buzzarte <br> Adam Caird <br> Gregory Chatonsky <br> Jesse Clark <br> Cindy Cox <br> Noah Creshevsky <br> David Cutler <br> Tilman Dehnhard <br> Robert Dick <br> Andrew Eckel <br> Iris Garrelfs <br> Thierry Gauthier <br> Marcel Gehrman <br> Thomas Gerwin <br>Tomer Harari </td> <td valign="top"> Risto Holopainen <br> Alphons Izzo <br> Michiko Kawagoe <br> Joelle Khoury <br> Panayiotis Kokoras <br> Gintas Kraptavicius <br> Sophie Lacaze <br> Micky Landau <br> Tuan Hung Le <br> Graziano Lella <br> Meng-chia Lin <br> Drake Mabry <br> Chris Mann <br> Al Margolis <br> John Maters <br> Christian McCleer <br> David McIntire <br> David Morneau <br> Jeff Morris <br> Tim Mukherjee </td> <td valign="top"> Alex Nadjarov <br> Helen Nattras <br> Serban Nichifor <br> Blas Payri <br> John Pitts <br> Gene Pritsker <br> Tim Reed <br> Stephen B. Rothman <br> Anne van Schotholst <br> Laurie Spiegel <br> Ken Steen <br> Oliver Tache <br> Eldad Tsabary <br> Andrea Vigani <br> Daniel Visconti <br> Jane Wang <br> Rodney Waschka II <br> Simon Whetham <br> Sabrina Pena Young <br> and Cynthia Zaven </td></tr></table> <p>_______________________________________________<p> VoxNovus mailing list <br><a href="mailto:VoxNovus@voxnovus.com">VoxNovus@voxnovus.com</a> <br><a href="http://seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/voxnovus">listinfo/voxnovus</a> <p> <hr> <table><tr><td colspan="5"> <b>Composers included in 60x60 (2006) International Mix:</b></td></tr> <tr><td valign="top"> Aaron Acosta<br>Liana Alexandra<br>John Allemeier<br>Dwight Ashley<br> Marc Barreca<br> Dennis Bathory-Ktitsz<br>Gina Biver<br>James Bohn<br>Marita Bolles<br> Ann Cantelow<br> Nicolas Chausseau<br>Andrew Cole<br>Christopher Cook<br> Cindy Cox<br> Antonino Cuscina<br>Robert Dick<br>Ian Dicke<br>Greg Dixon<br> Aaron Drake<br>Ivan Elezovic,</td><td width="20">&nbsp;</td><td> David Fenech<br>Monroe Golden<br>David Gunn<br> David Hahn<br> Erdem Helvacioglu<br> Tony Higgins<br>Stuart Hinds<br>Lynn Job<br>Julian Jonker<br>Yasushi Kamata<br>Nicole Kim<br>Joan La Barbara<br>Stan Link<br>Don Malone<br>Dylan Mattingly<br>Maurilio Cacciatore<br>Andra McCartney<br>Anatasio Mitropoulos<br>Annele Nederberg<br>David Newby<br>Serban Nichifor</td><td width="20">&nbsp;</td><td valign="top"> Rodney Oakes<br>Ronald Parks<br>Maggi Payne<br>Samuel Pluta<br>David Shannon<br>Alan Shockley<br>Scott Smallwood<br>Laurie Spiegel<br>Asha Srinivasan<br>Alex Temple<br>Balie Todd<br>Eldad Tsabary<br>Kubilay Uner<br>Mark Vernon<br>Katrina Wreede<br>Xiting Yang<br>Ivan Zavada<br>Oded Zehavi<br>and ~chromatik_d_zabu.tmp (collective) </td></tr></table> <p> <table><tr><td colspan="4"> <b>Composers included in 60x60 (2006) New York Minutes Mix:</b></td></tr> <tr><td> Sara Ayers<br>Kenneth Babb<br>Ernst Bacon<br>Eve Beglarian<br>Benjamin Bierman<br> Benjamin Bierman<br>Jeremiah Bornfield<br>George Brunner<br>Monique Buzzarte<br>Doug Cohen<br>Noah Creshevsky<br>Douglas DaSilva<br>John de Clef Pineiro<br>Robert Dick<br>Robert Fanelli<br>Mary Feinsinger<br>Roger Fife<br>Roger Fife<br>Jason Freeman<br>Evan Gallagher<br>David Gamper<br>Bob Gluck</td><td width="20">&nbsp;</td><td valign="top"> Daniel Goode<br>Seth Gordon<br>Andy Graydon<br>Gordon Green<br>Melissa Grey<br>Jennifer Griffith<br>Franz Hackl<br>Jeffrey Harrington<br>Noah Haverkamp<br>Emiko Hayashi<br>Ray Levitt<br>Peter Heller<br>Sean Hickey<br>Brian & Eugene Kim House<br>Daniel Iglesia<br>Travis Johns<br>Richard Kostelanetz<br>Briggan Krauss<br>Joan La Barbara<br>Mary Jane Leach<br>John Link</td><td width="20">&nbsp;</td><td valign="top"> Annea Lockwood<br>Glenn Marsala<br>Paula Matthusen<br>Kevin McCoy<br>Jordan McLean<br>Jake Merkin<br>Christopher North<br>Frank J. Oteri<br>Jonathan Pieslak<br>Timothy Polashek<br>Gene Pritsker<br>Martin Simon<br>David Snow<br>Laurie Spiegel<br>Patrick Stacey<br>Hans Tammen<br>Francisco Toro<br>Samuel Tymorek<br>Robert Voisey<br>Charles Waters<br>David Wolfson </td></tr></table> <p> <table><tr><td colspan="4"> <b>Composers in the 60x60 (2004-2005) CD Release:</b></td></tr> <tr><td valign="top"> Riad Abdel-Gawad<br>Aaron Acosta<br>Liana Alexandra<br>John Allemeier<br>Lydia Ayers<br>Kenneth Babb<br>Jethro Bagust<br>Christopher Bailey<br>Christian Banasik<br>Greg Bartholomew<br>Dennis Bthory-Kitsz<br>J.C. Batzner<br>Eve Beglarian<br>Stephen Betts<br>Sandeep Bhagwati<br>Benjamin Bierman<br>John G. Bilotta<br>Jason Bolte<br>Benjamin Boone<br>Justin Breame<br>George Brunner<br>Benedikt Brydern<br>Paul Burnell<br>Julian Cartwright<br>Elvio Cipollone<br>David Claman<br>Paul Clouvel<br>Douglas Cohen<br>Ray Cole<br>Andrew Cormier<br>Noah Creshevsky<br>Lucio Cuellar<br>Aaron Drake<br>Moritz Eggert<br>Ivan Elezovic<br>Travis Ellrot<br> Karlheinz Essl<br>Carlo Forlivesi<br>Justin Freeman<br>Larry Gaab<br>David Gamper </td><td width="20">&nbsp;</td><td valign="top"> J.Ryan Garber<br>Douglas Geers<br>Peter Gilbert<br>Robert Gluck<br>Daniel Goode<br>Ramn Gorigoitia<br>David Gunn<br>Mike Hallenbeck<br>David Hamill<br>Pat Hanchet<br>David Handford<br>Marihiko Hara<br>Jason Heald<br>James Hegarty<br>Erdem Helvacioglu<br>Mark Henry<br>Dorothy Hindman<br>Bernard Hughes<br>David Jaggard<br>Lynn Job<br>Solange Kershaw<br>Killick Merivon<br>KleinSmid<br>Gary Knudson<br>Igor Korneitchouk<br>Myroslava Lashkevych<br>John Link<br>Stan Link<br>Tom Lopez<br>Don Malone<br>Charles Norman Mason<br>Mike McFerron<br>David McIntire<br>James McWilliam<br>Leslie Melcher<br>James Miley<br>Polly Moller<br>David Mooney<br>Serban Nichifor<br>Julia Norton<br>Rodney Oakes</td><td width="20">&nbsp;</td><td valign="top"> Richard O'Donnell<br>Cezary Ostrowski<br>Ronald Parks<br>Maggi Payne<br>Alexis Perepelcia<br>Mark Petering<br>Samuel Pluta<br>Kevin Ponto<br>Giuseppe Rapisarda<br>Malcom Rector<br>Steven Ricks<br>Mark Rose<br>Robert Sazdov<br>John Schappert<br>Heike Schmidt<br>Jacky Schreiber<br>Alex Shapiro<br>Martin Simon<br>Adam Sovkoplas<br>Kenneth Steen<br>Paul Steenhuisen<br>Jonathan Stone<br>Allen Strange<br>Dirk Johan Stromberg<br>Thomas Sutter<br>Peter Swanzy<br>Peter Swendsen<br>Mike Swinchoski<br>Piotr Szewczyk<br>Norman Teale<br>Robert Scott Thompson<br>Vladimir Toaic<br>Eldad Tsabary<br>Mike Vernusky<br>Rene Veron<br>Joseph Vogel<br>Robert Voisey<br>Chris Ward<br>Straiph Wilson<br>Katrina Wreede</td></tr></table> <p> <a name="60x60"></a> <li><br> <table width="95%" border="0"> <tr> <td valign="top"><img src="images/60x60.jpg" width="300" height="450"></td></tr> <td valign="top"><table border="0"><tr> <tr> <td valign="top"><font size="6"><b>Vox Novus</b></td> <td width="10">&nbsp;</td> <td><font size="8"> &amp; </font> <IMG src="images/lmf2.gif" width="75"></td></tr></table><font face="arial" size="4"> <p> <p> "60x60 showcases a wealth of brief, contemporary compositions. There are no live performances, so you can't really call it a concert. Maybe it would better be described as a listening party. ... It's like a Whitman's sampler of the contemporary new music scene. " - Sound Sampler Greg Haymes, Times Union, Albany New York February 9, 2006 <p> "60x60 features 60 back-to-back pieces that are each under 60 seconds long, each by a different modern composer. ... It's like channel surfing through experimental music." Geeta Dayal, Village Voice, New York, New York March 16-22, 2005 Vol. NO. 11 <p> "... The idea of commissioning sixty pieces each a minute long has elements of both ingenuity combined with madness: ... A minute can be ample time to express a whole gamut of imaginative sounds, or it can be a constraint which forces an artist to isolate what is the most important element of a work. The point of the project is that it enables an audience to take in and enjoy a cross section of different approaches to new music within a reasonable duration. And the purpose of Robert Voisey is to promote new music ..." - Ingenuity and madness? Malcolm Miller, Music & Vision, London UK December 24, 2005 <p> 60 Composers in this year's <b>Pacific Rim Mix</b> include: <p> <table><tr><td><b> <img src="images/bullet.gif">Nicholas Baldwin<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Marc Barreca<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Lembit Beecher<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> John Biggs<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Betty Breath<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Darren Buhr<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Brigid Burke<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Rosalinda Carlson<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Sharon Cheslow<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Lut Yun (Lucinda) Chiu<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Foster Clark<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Jared Commerer<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Cindy Cox<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Michael Dawson<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> A.L. Dentel<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Aaron Drake<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Alex Eddington<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Jessica Gardiner<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Kara Gibbs<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> David Hahn</b></td><td width="10">&nbsp;</td> <td><img src="images/bullet.gif"><b> Yuko Hamura<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Jason Heald<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Sungji Hong<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Jeffrey Hunkin<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Celeste Hutchins<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> David Evan Jones<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Yasushi Kamata<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Koji Kawai<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Donald Kepple<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Anton Killin<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Nicole Kim<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Tuan Hung Le<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Cheryl Leonard<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> James Mason<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Beryl Matete<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Deeann Mathews<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Dylan Mattingly<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Polly Moller<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Julia Norton<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Rodney Oakes</b></td><td width="10">&nbsp;</td> <td><img src="images/bullet.gif"><b> Robert Parker<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Maggi Payne<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Peggy Polias<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Carlos Rafael Rivera<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Stephen C Ruppenthal<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Simon Munro Rycroft<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Margaret Schedel<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Jacky Schreiber<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Alex Shapiro<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Frank Sprague<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Phillip Stearns<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Sarah Taylor<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Kubilay Uner<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> John Villec<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Robert Voisey<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Shane Watters<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Katrina Wreede<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Hajime Yabe<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Carolyn Yarnell<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> and Ivan Zavada </b></td></tr></table> <p> The concert program can be found at the following link: <a href="http://www.voxnovus.com/60x60/2006_Pacific_Rim_Concert_Program.htm">www.voxnovus.com/60x60/2006_Pacific_Rim_Concert_Program.htm</a> <p> "60x60 is a one hour listening experience containing 60 works, each 60 seconds or less. Most likely you have never heard music like this before, or at the very least you haven't heard in a format like this: 60 works varying in style and aesthetic from today's composers living all around the world. You will love at least one piece. You will probably hate one piece. But whether you love or hate what you are listening to, within 60 seconds you will be listening to something different." - Robert Voisey <p> Robert Voisey is a composer and impresario of new works; he seeks innovative and creative approaches to promote the music of today's composers. Voisey is the Artistic Director of the 60x60 project, the Composer's Voice concert series, Vice-President of Programs for the Living Music Foundation and Founder and Director of Vox Novus. 60x60 Project - California Premier of the 60x60 Pacific Rim Mix <p> Thursday Night Special @ Mills College 8pm. Ensemble Room, Mills College 5000 Mac Arthur Boulevard Oakland, California < a href="http://www.voxnovus.com/60x60.htm">www.voxnovus.com/60x60.htm</a> <a href="http://www.mills.edu/maps/campus_map.pdf">www.mills.edu/maps/campus_map.pdf</a> <p> Robert Voisey <br><a href="mailto:RobVoisey@VoxNovus.com">RobVoisey@VoxNovus.com</a> <br>Artistic Director of the 60x60 project <br>Vice-President of Programs, Living Music Foundation <br>Founder of Vox Novus <br><a href="http://www.VoxNovus.com">www.VoxNovus.com</a> <p> ______________________________________________ <br>VoxNovus mailing list <br><a href="mailto:VoxNovus@voxnovus.com">:VoxNovus@voxnovus.com</a> <br><a href="http://seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/voxnovus">seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/voxnovus</a> <p><hr><p> Live internet broadcasts are available. Go to this URL: <br><a href="http://www.wobc.org">www.wobc.org</a> <p> There is a web site with information about FOLDOVER <br><a href="http://www.timara.oberlin.edu/~tlopez/foldover/index.html">www.timara.oberlin.edu</a>); it includes playlists and information on how to find recordings of the music. <p> FOLDOVER is organized by - <b>Tom Lopez</b> <br>Oberlin Conservatory of Music, Oberlin, Ohio 44074 USA <p> "60x60 showcases a wealth of brief, contemporary compositions ... It's like a Whitman's sampler of the contemporary new music scene. <br>- Sound Sampler <b>Greg Haymes</b> Times Union February 9, 2006 <p><hr><p> FOLDOVER is on WOBC 91.5 FM in Oberlin, Ohio (just outside of Cleveland). <p> Live internet broadcasts are available. Go to this URL: <p> <a href="http://www.wobc.org">www.wobc.org</a> <p> There is a web site with information about FOLDOVER <br><a href="http://www.timara.oberlin.edu/~tlopez/foldover/index.html">www.timara.oberlin.edu</a> <p> Robert Voisey <br><a href="mailto:RobVoisey@VoxNovus.com">RobVoisey@VoxNovus.com</a> <br>Artistic Director of the 60x60 project <br>Vice-President of Programs, Living Music Foundation <br>Founder of Vox Novus <br><a href="http://www.VoxNovus.com">www.VoxNovus.com</a> <p><hr><p> COME LISTEN TO 60X60, a circle of sound, a slice of the scene, one hour of new music. <p> "60x60 features 60 back to back pieces that are 60 seconds long, each by a different modern composer...it's like channel-surfing through experimental music!" -Village Voice <p> "Andy Warhol gave us 15 minutes to bask in glory, but Rob Voisey has cut to the chase; state your case in 60 seconds or less." -Noah Creshevsky <p> "Not since John Cage's "Indeterminacy" has the flow of time from one minute to the next been so significant." -Doug Cohen <p> "[Vox Novus offers] the presentation of serious works by established and emerging composers. Those voices should be heard, and can even be reheard on the Vox Novus website (www.voxnovus.com). -New Music Connoisseur <p> <p><hr><p> </ol></font></td></tr></table> <p> Updated information will be posted at: <a href="http://www.voxnovus.com/60x60/Concerts.htm">www.voxnovus.com/60x60/Concerts.htm</a> </font></blockquote> <p> <font face="arial" size="4">Vox Novus</font> <br>========================<blockquote> The 60x60 project is designed for flexibility for growing and expanding. One of the missions is to perform as many works possible. <p> This year we are doing something new. We are picking the participants for our regional selection of the 60x60 project before the main selection. This year we received a tremendous number of submissions from the <b>Midwest and immediate central regions of the United States</b>. We have endeavored to produce a <b>regional concert</b> for this region in the past and this year we will be able to accomplish this goal. <p> Following are the participants in the <b>American Heartland</b> who have been included in the concert: <table> <tr> <td valign="top"><br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Greg Allen,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> J. Anthony Allen,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Christopher Bailey,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Stacey Barelos, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">J.C. Batzner,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Robert Berg , <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Michael Berkowski, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Kari Besharse,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Timothy Brace, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Pui-Shan Cheung, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Greg Chmura, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Daniel Clem, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">John Consiglio, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Zachary Crockett, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Lucio Cuellar, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Matthew Davidson, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">John Dribus, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Ivan Elezovic,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Travis Ellrott, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Andrew Estel, </td> <td width="10">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="top"><br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> Timothy Flood, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Ryan Garber, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Doug Geers,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif"> John Gibson,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Jacob Gotlib, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Jason Gresl, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Mike Hallenbeck, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">James Hegarty, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Norbert Herber, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">David Heuser, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Dorothy Hindman, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Gregory Hoepfner, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Craig Hultgren, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Lynn Job, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Kanniks Kannikeswaran, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Noah Keesecker,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Gary Knudson, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Sabin Levi, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Stan Link, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Tom Lopez, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Don Malone, </td> <td width="10">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="top"><br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Mike McFerron, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">David McIntre,<br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Michael John Mollo, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Laurie Lee Moses, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Michael Murphy, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Curt Nordgaard, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Richard O'Donnell, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Sean O'Neill, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Samuel Pluta, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Steve Ricks, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">James Romig, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Phillip Schroeder, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Mozhgan Shahidi, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Adam Sovkoplas, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Thomas Sutter, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Michael Taylor, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Fred Tompkins, <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Mike Vernusky and <br><img src="images/bullet.gif">Joseph Vogel </td></tr></table> <p> Click the following link for the concert program: <a href="http://voxnovus.com/60x60/2005/Concert_Program_Midwest.htm">Concert_Program_Midwest.htm</a> <p> (Selections for the <b>International 60x60</b> coming soon) <br> _______________________________________________ <br>VoxNovus mailing list: <br><a href="mailto:VoxNovus@voxnovus.com">VoxNovus@voxnovus.com</a> <br><a href="http://seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/voxnovus">seven.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/voxnovus</a></blockquote> <p> Robert Voisey <br><a href="mailto:RobVoisey@VoxNovus.com">RobVoisey@VoxNovus.com</a> <br><a href="http://www.VoxNovus.com">www.VoxNovus.com</a> <p> <li><br><table bgcolor="#a0e7f3" cellpadding="20"> <tr> <td><FONT face="TimesEuropa Roman" size="5"><STRONG>LETTER FROM MOZART</font> <p></strong> by Michael Colgrass <p> <font size="2">2006 marks the 250th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Pulitzer Prize winning composer, Michael Colgrass' orchestral homage to the great master, LETTER FROM MOZART is a light, colorful piece, popular with audiences, and a unique and entertaining contribution to the repertoire, based on a fictional letter to the composer from Wolfgang himself. <p> Mozart's letter, complete program notes, and selected reviews are below. For perusal scores, recordings, and more information about Michael Colgrass and LETTER FROM MOZART, please visit <a href="http://www.brhoadsandassociates.com">www.brhoadsandassociates.com</a> or <a href="http://www.michaelcolgrass.com">www.michaelcolgrass.com</a>. <p> LETTER FROM MOZART <p> Dear Michael: <p> I would like to be your inspiration for a piece of music. I have been watching the development of music since my time and am especially interested to see how an idea of mine would come out when filtered through the mind of a twentieth-century composer. Let me give you a typical Austrian-type folk melody (I'll think up an original one), and you apply to it techniques of contemporary music in any way you like. <p> Now, you may wonder why I chose you for this task. First, I know I'm your favorite composer and that counts a great deal with me. Second, you are a percussionist, and one of my secret dreams has always been to write something for percussion, but in my day it wasn't dignified. But perhaps my primary reason for choosing you is that your name would have been Migele Colagrossi, had you been born in Italy like your father. I loved Italy more than any other country. <p> Getting back to this new piece, may I suggest that it be a work of light quality, not superficial, Mozartian! Many artists today seem to feel their work must express the age they live in, and cite war, corruption and crime as reason for creating bitter and angry work. My God, if only you could have experienced some of the miseries of the age I lived in, disease, oppression, poverty! And corruption! Life wasn't all bad, of course, and there was much beauty in my age, but so there is in yours, and why not try to capture that spirit, too? <p> One last word: don't quote any of my existing music, just use this melody I send you (Goodness, I've written so many pieces I hope I didn't use this tune and forget having done so!). <p> Good luck to you, and I hope you have fun with it. <p> Your friend, <p> Mozart <p> PROGRAM NOTES <p> As the music begins, the "Mozart" tune is played on a piano or a toy piano. The contemporary techniques that are applied to it in the course of the work are many and varied, but the attentive listener will hear older, familiar ones too, as the composer meditates and muses on his subject and sometimes transforms it beyond recognition. <p> From time to time, small groups of musicians play music of their own in separate ensembles that are independent of the others. At a particularly complex moment just before the work comes to an end, there are six separate groups. The score is organized so that two conductors lead all the players through their parts. <p> PRESS <p> "The work is as fanciful as the title, which refers to a fictional letter the composer claims to have received from the Viennese master, exhorting Colgrass to write a work using a Mozart-like theme. Musically, Colgrass creates a kaleidoscope effect by embedding a straightforward eight-bar theme on a constantly shifting aural background. The theme passes from piano to viola to woodwind, but never in its entirety, and always mocked by the orchestra with frigid sustained chords in the strings, or the virulent sound of an oompah band, or a sudden explosion of accordion. <p> "The effect is like watching a Federico Fellini movie set in a freak carnival, faces leering in and out of focus in the camera, the feral sound of a calliope and human screeches penetrating your ears. Colgrass deliberately creates an unstable listening experience... A delightful contemporary work." <p> Willa J. Conrad, Toledo Blade <p> Bill Rhoads & Associates <br>60 Depot Street <br>Verona, NJ 07044 <p> t: 973-857-3440 <br>f: 973-857-3442 <br>e: <a href="mailto:branda@subitomusic.com">branda@subitomusic.com</a> </td></tr></table> <p> <li><br> <table align="center" width="90%" border="0"> <tr> <td width="50%"><a href="http://www.jacarandamusic.org/" target="new"><img src="images/jacaranda.jpg" border="0"></a></td> <td align="left"><font face="arial" size="5">Click for<br>Upcoming<br>Concerts</td></tr></table> <p> <li><br><table bgColor=#e8e0d8 cellpadding="20"> <tr> <td><B><FONT face=Albertus size=5> <P>RON FEIN</P></B></FONT><B><FONT face=Haettenschweiler size=6 color="purple"> <P>20 BOOMBOX TOUR</P></FONT><FONT size=3> <P>Join internationally acclaimed composer, and Pioneertown area resident, Ron Fein, for the first stop on the West Coast Tour, of his sound installation works for 20 boomboxes!</P></FONT><FONT size=6 color="purple"> <P> <font size="3">These concerts will benefit <U>Dreams for Kids</U>, through a sub-committee of the Basin Wide Foundation. Your donation will admit you to the event.</P> <P>For more information contact Max Thomas at 760.369.YOGA <br>Or <a href="http://www.ronfeinmusic.com" target="new">www.ronfeinmusic.com</a> </P></B></FONT> </td></tr></table> <p> <li><br>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="http://www.fordamphitheatre.org/en/performance/index.asp"><img src="images/ford1.jpg" border="0" width="426" height="88" alt="Click for Performance Calendars"></a> <p> <li><br> <table align="center" width="90%" border="0"> <tr> <td width="50%"><a href="http://www.prismquartet.com/concerts.html" target="new"><img src="images/prism1.jpg" border="0"></a></td> <td align="left"><font face="arial" size="5">...and others</td></tr></table> <p> <li><br> <table border="0" width="80%"> <tr> <td><table border="0"> <tr> <td><table align="right"> <tr> <td><font face="arial" size="5">works</font></td></tr></table> <table align="right"> <tr> <td><font color="#cdcdcd" size="9">&</font></td></tr></table> <br> <table align="right"> <tr> <td width="5%">&nbsp;</td> <td><font face="arial" size="5">process</font> </td></tr></table> </td></tr></table></td> <td><table align="center" bgcolor="black" cellpadding="10"> <tr> <td align="center"> &nbsp; <a href="http://www.worksandprocess.com"><font face="arial" color="white"><b>Guggenheim</b></font> <font face="arial" size="2" color="#cdcdcd"><b>M U S E U M</b></font></a></td></tr></table></tr> <td width="25%">Click the <b>logo</b> for<br>schedule of <b>events</b></td></tr></table> <p> <b>The Juilliard Theater - 155 West 65th St - New York City - USA</b> <p> <small>$20, $10 for students and seniors <br>Free for Guggenheim members and Juilliard, Mannes College <br>and Manhattan School of Music students. Call for details.</small> <p> Ticket Central 212 279 4200 - 1-8 pm &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="http://www.ticketcentral.org" target="new">www.ticketcentral.org</a> <p> <b>e-mail:</b> <a href="mailto:boxoffice@guggenheim.org">boxoffice@guggenheim.org</a><br> <b>internet:</b> <a href="http://www.worksandprocess.com">www.worksandprocess.com</a></font> <p> <li> <br><table bgcolor="sienna" cellpadding="10" width="60%"> <tr> <td><a href="http://music.ucdavis.edu/events/" target="new"><FONT color="gold" size="6">UC</font><font face="arial" size="6" color="gold"><b>Davis</b></font></a> &nbsp; &nbsp; <font face="english" color="white" size="8">Events.....</font></td></tr></table> <p> <li> <br><table align="center" width="90%" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="darkorchid"><tr><td> <A href="http://orpheus.ucsd.edu/dept.music/musicdept/Music_Events.html"><img src="images/ucsd.gif" border="0"></A></td><td><font face="english" color="powderblue" size="6">Calendar of Events</font> </td></tr></table> <p> <li> <font face="arial" size="6">NEW MILLENNIUM CONCERT SERIES- SPRING 2006</font> <table align="center" bgcolor="palegoldenrod" width="90%"> <tr> <td><a href="http://www.csus.edu/music/calendar.html" target="new"><img src="images/csus.jpg" border="0"></a> <br><font face="arial" size="2">Department of Music<br>School of the Arts <br>California State University, Sacramento</td> <td><font face="english" size="8">Calendar of Events</font> <br><center><small>Click the CSUS logo for more data</small></center> </td></tr></table> <p> <li> <table align="center" width="90%" border="0"> <tr> <td width="60%"><a href="www.pianospheres.org/season.html"target="new"><img src="images/pianospheres.gif" border="0"></a></td> <td valign="bottom">Click the logo for more data </td></tr></table> <p><br> <li> <br><table align="center" width="70%" cellpadding="10" bgcolor="#fff799" border="0"> <tr> <td width="60%"><FONT face="Arial" size="5">New Music <font face="Times New Roman" color="red" size="9">L.A.</font> <br><font size="3">american composers forum<br>los angeles</font></td> <td><FONT size="1"><A href="http://www.composers.la/events.asp#top"><font face="english" size="8" color="powderblue">Events</font></A> </td></tr></table> <p> <br> <center><a href="journalxc.htm#PartIV"><font face="arial" size="3"><b>Continue</a> browsing.</b></font></center> <p> <hr width="80%"> </ol> </td></tr></table> <br clear="all"> <!-- end second table/page 1 --> <! -- begin Index --> <p><br> <TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0"> <tr> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <td> <table align="center" width="60%" bgcolor="#efefef" cellpadding="10"><tr><td>Index to <b>Quick-reference links</b> for: <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="journalx3.htm">Feature articles</a> <p> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="journalx1.htm"><font face="arial" size="5" color="magenta">Member news</font></a> <p>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; <a href="journalx2.htm">Undated announcements</td></tr></table> <p> <hr width=80% size=5> <center> <small>Background music is "Phonistic Numerals" (Second Movement) by Dwight Winenger (BMI) &copy; 1997 <br>all rights reserved <p> MIDI download is <a href="audio/strqu2_1.MID">FREE</a>, but please <a href="nopage.htm#Request"> inform the composer</a>. <br><a href="audio/strqu2_1.MID">StrQu2_1.MID</a> was orchestrated by Dwight Winenger (BMI) on Trax for Yamaha CBX-T3 synthesizer.</small></center> <hr width=80% size=5> </td></tr></table> <br clear="all"> <!-- ********** Closing Menu Bar ********** --> <!-- begin footer floating menu code --> <noscript><TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0"> <tr> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <TD align="center">[<A HREF='index.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Home</b></font></A>] [<A HREF='mission.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Mission</font></b></A>] [<A HREF='roster.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Membership</b></font></A>] [<A HREF='journalx.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Living Music Journal</b></font></a>] [<A HREF='discpage.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Living Artist Recordings</b></font></a>] [<A HREF='concerts.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Concerts</b></font></A>] <br> [<A HREF='linxpage.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Donations/Sponsorship</b></font></a>] [<A HREF='fun.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Promotions</b></font></A>] [<A HREF='stats.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Legal</b></font></A>] [<A HREF='nopage.htm#Request' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Contact us</b></font></A>] [<A HREF='search.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Search site</b></font></A>] [<A HREF='volunteer.htm' TARGET='_top'><font size="2" color='plum'><b>Volunteer!</b></font></A>] </TD></TR></TABLE></noscript> <p> <TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0"> <tr> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <TD><center> <font size="4">Thanx for visiting!</font> <p> This page last <img src="images/updated.gif" alt="updated" align="middle"> 09/24/08</center> <p> <!-- counters --> <p><center> <FONT FACE="Arial, Helvetica" SIZE="-1"> <B><I>Visitors</I></B> to this page <b><script language=javascript> var rndURL = (1000*Math.random()); document.write("<scr"+"ipt language=javascr"+"ipt src='http://dwightwinenger.net/cgi-scr"+"ipt/csCounter/csCounter.cgi?id=7&js=1'></scr"+"ipt>"); </script></b> since <b>December 15, 1998</b>. </TD></TR></TABLE> <!-- end bottom non-javaScript backup menu --> <!-- Footer/Copyright --> <TABLE WIDTH="100%" BORDER="0"> <tr> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <td><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="scripts/footer.js"></script> </td></tr></table> <!-- end footer floating menu code --> </body></html>