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The Living Music Foundation, Inc., (LMF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to fostering and promoting the creation, performance, and research of new music by living composers. LMF currently supports its mission by performing, publishing, and releasing, on compact disc, the music and scholarly work of musicians throughout the globe. LMF has a growing membership of composers, performers, educators, and individuals and organizations sympathetic to our tax-exempt purposes. Our diverse membership, from various career levels and backgrounds enables LMF to benefit composers and other members around the world.

The Living Music Foundation was founded in 1981 under the name Minuscule University Press, Inc., which sought to further the interests of new music and contemporary composers. LMF Started by publishing two internationally distributed books on music, MUSIC FOR DUMMIES and FUNCTIONAL CHROMATICISM FOR THE KEYBOARD. LMF has published some sixteen volumes of its quarterly publication, LIVING MUSIC JOURNAL, which has helped its members gain insight into job opportunities, competitions, new articles, reviews, and interviews relating to contemporary music. In an effort to publicize the music of its membership, LMF has produced and distributed four volumes of chamber works on its CD label, Living Artist Recordings, featuring composers from the United States and Europe.

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to Help active artists NOW.

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A relatively small, tax-exempt contribution will provide you with either a Logo Link to your site or to an Ad or Banner on our site. Some of our Sponsors are provided with Reciprocal Links in exchange for services rendered. (Exemption allowed if the contribution constitutes a gift of greater fair market value than the goods provided or the services rendered. IRS rules.)

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The Living Music Foundation works for the benefit of all contemporary musicians and their audiences by affordably promoting and disseminating positive new music. We make the impossible plausible by providing means by which tax-exempt funds can be directed to the publishing of work that, otherwise, might not be heard or appreciated.
Your membership contribution brings important benefits to you and to others as well. You receive our quarterly journal, LIVING MUSIC, and benefits such as BMI affiliation, our Compact Disc recording label, Living Artist Recordings, and much more. We put your tax-exempt contribution to effective and efficient use because most of our workers volunteer to help themselves by helping you. Few not-for-profits provide so many services with so little administrative expense. Compare:
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*based on 1997 funding levels

Your tax-exempt GIFT of $250.00. Click the PayPal logo below.

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  Spend your own tax dollars
to Help active artists NOW.

      Our MISSION includes obtaining continuing financial aid in order to assist independent composers and musicians in their efforts to reach the public, our moral owners, in an educational and edifying response.
      Your donations to The Living Music Foundation, Inc., in excess of the fair market value of any goods or services provided, are eligible as tax-deductible public support of an educationally and culturally worthy cause under the terms of Section 501 (c)(3) of the tax code.

Confidential information:

The IRS requires that non-profit organizations provide donors with a receipt documenting the amount of tax exemption for any gift of $250 (US) or more in any given year.

Any amount in excess of the fair market value of goods provided or services rendered is tax-exempt and deductible with written proof as described above when you itemize your deductions.

Save your receipts.
Be sure to provide us with a valid name and address to which we may mail your receipt.

Thank you for your interest in Music by Living Artists

Spend your United Way Gift yourself.
How Estate planning pays dividends now.

Your United Way gift

If your employer encourages you to contribute to your local United Way fund, you may not be aware that you are not restricted to the local charities listed. You may specify other recipients, such as The Living Music Foundation.
For most efficient handling, specify:

Living Music
P.O. Box 173
Desert Hot Springs CA 92240

If you provide your name as donor and your address or phone number, we will send you a thank you letter and inquire if you prefer that your gift go to a particular fund. To facilitate your tax exemption, we are required by law to provide an IRS receipt to anyone giving a one-time gift of $250.00 or more. We cannot do this, however, unless we have your name and address.

You may also , phone, or write us concerning your gift and which fund you would prefer to support. Our phone number is (760) 329-8463. We will apply your gift according to your specifications as soon as we receive the check from your local United Way.

We have several restricted funds to which you may direct your gift:

  1. Living Music Romanian/American New Music Festival
  2. Living Artist Recordings
  3. LIVING MUSIC journal
  4. Living Music Membership Concert Series
  5. Irving Steinberg Memorial Music Scholarship Fund
  6. Arnaldo Trujillo Memorial Concert Fund
  7. The Living Music Foundation Public Benefit Fund
  8. Living Music Corporate Commissions
  9. Living Music Individual Assistance Fund
  10. Copying Services Restricted Fund
  11. Rehearsal Expenses Restricted Fund
  12. Orchestra and Conductor Fees Restricted Fund
  13. Venue Rental Restricted Fund
  14. Recording Engineering and Production Restricted Fund
  15. Custom funds can be created to fit the needs of donors

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Composer assistance
In addition to providing our own projects to promote the music of our members, we provide a conduit for tax-exempt funds to other music organizations such as performing groups, recording studios, and professional organizations. We also accept donations for our own programs in which you, as a member, may be a participant.

We have several restricted funds from which you may benefit:

At present most of our tax-exempt contributions are received from the activities of composers who raise funds for the performance, recording, and distribution of their own work. The ability to give funds for tax-exemption is important to contributors of larger amounts if they pay US taxes, and they can give it to help friends and causes which they wish to support.

The composer may plan the project and send direct mail pieces to individuals they know who might like to help out with a tax-exempt gift. The individual donors send the money directly to us, and we send them a receipt (required by the IRS for any single donation over $250). We retain 5% for handling, record-keeping, and expenses, and send the rest on to the organization which is producing the work or to our coordinator for the project in which you are participating. Individuals who wish to donate stock and other possessions my also donate them through their broker, who will liquidate the stock and pass the funds along to us for distribution as desired by the donor in order to redirect capital gains taxation.

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Estate Strategies

Let us help you and your family get more use of your assets.

Tax savings resulting from charitable giving can be used to buy life insurance with family members as beneficiary. The proceeds from the policy replaces most of the value of assets given to a tax-exempt recipient such as Living Music during your lifetime, and the proceeds are not subject to estate tax.

Opportunities for Personal Estate Strategic Gifts exist in many areas. You may transfer assets so their value is preserved to benefit individuals and institutions you care about rather than being unnecessarily consumed by taxes and probate expenses. Each individual, under current law, is allowed a tax credit of $192,800 on the transfer of $600,000 worth of taxable assets during their lifetime to avoid gift and estate taxes. Successive gifts spread out over a lifetime are subject to much lower tax rates.

Outright gifts to Living Music result in the same gift- and estate-tax savings as gifts to family members. Plus...they also generate current income-tax deductions this year.

If you give an asset that is producing little or no income--growth stock or undeveloped real estate--the result is a reduction in your taxes for this year equal to the deduction for the full market value of the asset. You also avoid the recognition of capital gains.

If one has no heirs to whom they wish to give their residence, they may consider a charitable gift with retained life estate. The title passes to Living Music and you live in the home as long as you wish. You pay no gift or estate taxes and no tax on potential capital gains, as you would if you were to sell your home. You also receive a significant income-tax deduction. You save taxes during your lifetime without altering your lifestyle.

You may give assets you do not yet have! If you name Living Music as owner of a life insurance policy, you receive an income-tax deduction for the cash value of the policy and for any premiums you subsequently pay.

Let us help you and your family get more use of your assets.

Spend your own tax dollars
to Help active artists NOW.

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Information about the Living Music Foundation...

LIVING MUSIC journal is published by The Living Music Foundation, Inc.
...formerly Minuscule University Press, Inc.

...with General Offices in Birmingham, Alabama USA

We're a tax-exempt, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization for the promotion of new music
...with an international membership of composers and performers of new music and other individuals and organizations interested in supporting relevant contemporary music.

We provide the opportunity to make tax-exempt gifts to benefit the music of living composers and its supporters during the period of its most critical relevance.

(Before history makes its importance obvious to everyone,
and it is, sadly, too late to encourage actual creation.)
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Click-through either the Logo or the Banner for instructions.

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Sponsorship Instructions:
With your proposed Banner or Logo, include your name and contact information; your URL, if any, for click-through; keywords desired which will describe the interests of your prospective audience; 42-word description of your site or work; prepayment in US funds (check or cash) to the Living Music Foundation inc. Basic monthly sponsorship for a Constant Impression Logo Ad is $5.00 per month. The Banner is $10.00 per month. An entire web page with your unique hosted address can be as low as $10.00 per month.
(for a short time...our promotional rate: LOGO...ONLY $5.00 for three (3) months)
...and it can be tax-exempt!
Monthly rates for Rotating Ads are based on onsite traffic. As traffic increases, cost per impression will decline. We reserve the right to change rates at any time. Sponsors will be notified in advance. Living Music also reserves the right to approve applications and content and to refuse specific sponsorship, including the right to cancel sponsorship at any time.

For more information on general pricing and for additional ways to
support Living Music's tax-exempt purposes and goals...            Click here.

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Contact us...

  • e-mail us at ...
  • or overland...
	Our snail mail address is:

                   Living Music Foundation
                   Corporate Offices
                   P.O. Box 2264
                   Birmingham  AL  35201-2264 USA

            or:    LIVING MUSIC journal
                   Editorial Offices
                   P.O. Box 2264
                   Birmingham  AL  35201-2264 USA

	    or:    Living Artist Recordings
                   Project Offices
                   P.O. Box 2264
                   Birmingham  AL  35201-2264 USA

	    or:    Living Music Foundation Web Site
		   c/o Dwight Winenger, founder/webmaster
		   P.O. Box 173
		   Desert Hot Springs CA 92240-0173 USA

Membership is only $20.00 per year (USA) and includes our quarterly publication, LIVING MUSIC journal and other benefits: Compact Disc label, Living Artist Recordings; Internet publishing; BMI affiliation; and tax-exempt assistance. International membership for non-US residents is $25.00 (US funds)and includes first class postage for the journal. Please use International money order or a check on a US bank.
Before you leave...
Spend your own tax dollars
to Help active artists NOW.

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Background music is "Somber Cotillion" by Dwight Winenger[BMI] © 1998
all rights reserved

MIDI download is FREE; however, we ask you to please inform the composer.
somber.MID was orchestrated by Dwight Winenger (BMI) on Trax for Yamaha CBX-T3 synthesizer.

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