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Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 5:28 PM
Subject: lemon....?

 I beg to differ that it is the cars'  problem.  
     Before I go on, I have a 1981 malibu station wagon 305cuin with 604,567 mi 
on it with original engine, transmission, rear-end.  Doesn't smoke, leak, passes 
Aircare (Smog test) with flying colors!  And still have the balls to pass some 
yuppie kid in his 5.0l mustang!
     The key to any investment is research.  
 1. Find a shop (competant ASE mechanics) with many recomendations and a 
great customer service record.  Take a look in the shop, talk to mechanics, get 
the general vibe of the place.  You are a paying customer, you have the right!
 2. MAINTAIN your vehicle with schedueled maintenace (oil changes, trans flushes,
 diff oil change, coolant flushes)
 Many people neglect their cars (a licenced mechanic myself) because a simple 
oil change is (in their eyes) not always needed!  ha!


Dear deburne...
    If you read my article carefully you will discover that I fault not only the 
78 Malibu. 
One example, however: when the oil sending unit goes out, it dumps the oil 
wherever you happen to be and you have a very short time to get it fixed before 
you burn up the engine. I consulted the sort of mechanic you suggest, which, 
incidentally, I have used consistently. He says many cars are now designed 
that way.
    My old 64 Rambler is not. When it starts leaking, you have several hundred 
miles to determine the source of the leak before you are out of oil. You can even 
add oil for some time before having the inexpensive repair made. Perhaps I am 
spoiled by American Motors.
    The other source of faults is poor mechanics. Even though the shop is ASE, 
which all of mine have been, there is considerable variation in the skill of the 
various employees. I have not yet found a shop foreman who will let me determine
 which mechanic works on my car, but I am working on it.
    I LOF every 2,000 miles, which is more often than required by many 
manufacturers. I recently rented a Dodge that required an oil change every 
20,000 miles.My 87 Honda suggests 7,000 miles between oil changes. Two 
ASE mechanics, one in California and one in Indiana, have told me the 
manufacturers make those recommendations so you will be able to buy 
a new car more often. I call that a "design feature" of the Owners Manual. 
Whose fault is that one?


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From: scott cook
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2003 6:46 PM
Subject: white lemon

I too have a white 78 malibu its been nothing but trubble in my life also,
 dui and now nickel and dime, i love the looks of the car(hopefuly so will 
the next ower) Ive put a lot of time and money in the thing trying 
to restore it, soon it will be done! AT LAST PEACE! 
I know the feeling. Not too long ago the U joint went out on the Malibu. 
I was driving around 60 MPH at the time, and the drive shaft did a number 
on the underside of the car including causing the governor on the transmission 
to be destroyed so it would not shift out of first. Got that fixed 
and discovered that it also damaged the wire from the gas gauge, which 
runs under the body. The gauge now says full most of the time even when 
it is not full. I just fill up every 50 miles until I find the damaged 
spot in the wire.

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From: Dave Rathburn 
Sent: Monday, April 07, 2003 7:44 PM
Subject: malibu

doug i have a 78 malibu and i can tell you being a certified mechanic that
the only problem was that chevy had a rash of bad motors at that time.  
the 78 is the only car my wife and i own out of six that is newer than 
1969  it was my moms and she gave it to me before she passed away.  all 
the runability problems you had were a direct result of chevys installing
camshafts that had soft steel in them. i can you tell you a lot of horror
stories of many people who wound up with these motors in a lot of vehicles
even my own brother has a pickup of that era that had a bad cam.   people
were getting soaked by mechanics who didnt have the experience to tell why
there car ran like shit. they bought tune ups and carbs and distributors 
that were not necessary.  my own mother got soaked .  once the lobes of a 
cam go flat the motor will miss and if it is exhaust lobe and the gasses 
cant get out they back up and and motor will develop overheating missing
backfire and smoking problems.  being a diehard chevy fan i learned that 
a lot of the motors of the late 70s and early 80s sadly were junk.  it 
seemed to me that when chevy started to paint their motors baby blue they 
ran like babys.  i am solving the problem with my car it is now 25 years 
old and in my state it just got collector licence plates and never has to
have emissions test again.. that baby blue that i put a new camshaft in 2
years ago to get it to this point is going to the scrapheap and a 1964 all
steel 283 ci motor that i have rebuilt is going in the car and all the emission 
trash that chevy put on the car to limp it past the feds is 
going with the old motor to the heap with it.   the new motor will burn
cleaner run longer and last at least 12 years or better. the reason i can 
say this is because i rebuild all my own motors and the old ones i use 
from the 60s have all lasted that long and longer. oh and by the way there 
is no way i would paint the 283 motor pussy blue.  it was made at a time 
when chevy had pride and craftsmanship in its self and motors had balls  
you can bet it will be chevrolet orange a sign of power and pride in 
closing let me tell you the next time you have to put a motor in your car
paint it orange and give it something to live up to.  the 1960s were the highest 
point of all cars in style looks and performance.  and by the way
that 78 of yours is the last of  the real rear wheel drive cars that as a
whole with the exception of the bad motors were really a damn good car.  
my wife drives a 64 impala as a work car and has a 69 and a 66 impala as 
toys i drive a 67 gmc truck and the 78 malibu as work cars and have 64 
nova as weekend drag car.  out of the six cars i have the motors and transmission 
will interchange 99% of the parts no other manufacture out 
there can say that for that many cars covering that many years sorry 
about your problems with a bad camshaft and stupid mechanics youd dealt 
with.  i still think your maldito is worth saving. the impalas and malibus 
of today are a disgrace to the name of what was a damn fine car chevy 
should have dropped the name when they dropped the rear end for front 
wheel drive.     dave rathburn   aurora colorado   

--------- reply ----------

You are precisely correct. The cam was soft, but there were other problems 
as well, mostly caused, as my article suggests, by very poor, or reluctant,
mechanics and service managers, insurance companies, and rebuilders.
    In the mid-60s, we lived in New Raymer, Colorado. We have been through 
Aurora many times. We had the valves of our 60 Rambler American ground in 
New Raymer, and they did a good job. Something happened between 1970 and 
1980 or between Colorado and California.


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From: "obinna " 22MUGU@MUGU.COM
Sent: Saturday, March 15, 2003 5:20 AM
Subject: Maldito, consumer complaint

> ========
> thanks you guys keep it up.
> =======
> abeokuta st anifowoshe
> ===================
> lome

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From: "matt griffith"
> waverly ny 14892
Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2003 1:54 PM 
Subject: Rambler 

> i have a 64 sedan with a 287 3spd overdrive which i had rebuilt when i first 
bought it and it fell apart about 2 years later , it sat for 3 years befor i got around 
to fixing it , in the mean time i found out that the powerfull 327 had a rugged 
version of my 3spd , it took some doing to put it in but i think it will pay off . the 
one i have came out of an ambassador but i think the marlin would have the same 

----------------- reply ----------------

Thank you, Matt, for contributing your information to our Rambler site. 
--Dwight Winenger 

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From: "DC"
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 11:02 AM
Subject: Maldito, consumer complaint MAACO

ohhohhbetternotgetmaaco (original link not found)

Maaco message board with stories comments contacts and more. 
Ahh Ohh Better NOT get Maaco


Dear DC

I have used Maaco repeatedly. For the price, not bad; although 
they owe me a dent removal on the Rambler that they missed 
after charging me for it.
    When I pointed it out to them, however, they said I could get it 
fixed any time. I haven't felt like having the car tied up 
for several days for one small dent.
    I have added your message to our Guest Book for the 
information of our visitors...with a link to your site.


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Sent: Monday, December 23, 2002 6:09 PM
Subject: Your Malibu

Sounds like you need to start fixing your car yourself and stop going
to crooks. Theres nothing wrong with GM cars. Ive owned a GM car since
I was 16 (which I still own) .Im 35 so thats 19 years. It has 169,000 
miles on it. My other has 209,000. I currently own 5. Ive always fixed 
my cars myself and have never left myself at the mercy of an auto 
mechanic. I havent read everything on your site. For your information, 
when you buy a rebuilt/remanufactured engine, there are many parts the 
mechanic has to re-use off of your old engine. Such things as the 
intake manifold, oil pan, valve covers, carb, distributor, oil sender, 
etc ...just to name a few!  If the intake manifold starts to leak, the 
mechanics is responsible . Not only for using a quality gasket , but 
for sealing it properly. He needs to examine the item to make sure its 
re-useable. The corrosion damage to your intake manifold was not due 
to a poorly made part, but failure on the car owners part to keep up 
with regular antifreeze changes. Antifreeze loses it anti corrosive 
abilities over time. Because all automotive engines have dis-similar 
metals ( brass, copper, lead, aluminum, steel)  they will corrode 
through galvanic action if weak or no antifreeze is present.Especially
aluminum. I have aluminum intake manifolds that are over thirty years 
old and still look new. As I have said, I did'nt read every incident, 
but Im sure that each one could be explained by  poor mechanical 
ability, or failure on the car owners part to keep up with regular
maintenence. Not just you, but the previous owners as well. Almost 
any car can be a good reliable car if kept up with. Your problem is 
not with your car. That Malibu is one of the easiest and cheapest 
cars to repair. I could take that car apart and rebuild it blindfolded. 
You should call your site the lemon mechanic and repair shop site. 
Dont believe everything a repair shop


Good advice.
I do what I can myself, but I have my limitations.
And the newer cars are harder to fix.


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From: "Mark Bauer"
Sent: Monday, December 23, 2002 7:56 PM
Subject: Maldito

 512 ross street

 sioux city ia 51103 usa
 my 79 malibu is a pile of crap but it has a 267 with hedders 4brl 
edelbrock and flowtech turbo mufflers and yes i kill mustangs with 
it i do need a floor pan for the front passenger side and rear bumper


I will post your notice to our Guest Book in case someone has what 
you need.

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From: "melisa marquina"
Sent: Sunday, November 17, 2002 2:16 PM
Subject: Rambler, consumer complaint-read your story

I feel like your my favorite uncle that i've known my whole 
life!! I grew up in whittier,ca, not to far from where you are. 
I just bought us a 1964 rambler american 220. Column shift.....
kinda funny cause i've never driven any kind of shifting car. 
I am happy to hear that there is light at the end of the tunnel...
I may be traveling through it soon. I got the rambler for $300. 
I will be freguenting the local junkyard often, needless to say. 
Well good kuck with the tranny....keep the positive outlook, 
and thanks for the laughter from reading your story!!
> ===================
> fernley,nevada

Dear Melisa...
    Thanks for the generous and cordial note. My first Rambler 
was a 1960 American. We drove it from Indiana to Colorado 
pulling a small trailer. The hitch broke in Des Moines, Iowa, 
but I won't go into detail.
    I am driving the Rambler again. I need to update the web 
site. It took two years, but I got the transmission rebuilt 
in Los Angeles and got it installed here in Desert Hot Springs.
    Sitting for two years did not do it any good. I have had 
to fix a leak in the carburetor and replace some fuel line 
that was leaking. I think there may be a little problem with 
the throw-out bearing, but I am not worrying about it yet.
    I am happy you enjoyed the site. We have had some who 
did not, but I think they realized that my experience did 
not reflect well on some affiliation they may have with GMC 
or an insurance company or their being a mechanic or whatever. 
The complaints have mostly dealt with my Chevy Malibu site. 
The Malibu is also still running.
    In fact, since I got the Rambler running, I have been 
able to loan the Malibu to someone whose car broke down. 
The Malibu still requires considerable maintenance, but 
if someone is willing to do it, it works.


Note to our readers...
	Because of our concern for a code of respectability
regarding items posted on our web site, we have found it necessary
to replace several words in the following message with an expletive
symbol as follows: !!!
	We considered not exposing our readers to the following
message at all, but we are also concerned with fair play and 
felt that the person who obviously took the time to read the 
whole article deserves to be heard... 

----- Original Message ----- 
From: jtoka
Sent: Tuesday, May 14, 2002 9:17 PM
Subject: Great "WHITE" Lemon

Hey great "WHITE" lemon, it seems to me that you were taken 
for a ride not once or twice but four times. Well with that 
in mind, I can't help but to realize that your ingnorant !!! 
deserves it. Also, it seems that you mention Fransisco and 
Leo a few times in the wannabe book you wrote. Im curious, 
are they Illegal Aliens of the mexican type? Was the driver 
of the porshe that hit you a JEW? It seems to me that your 
only issue is not with the piece of !!! car you got, but 
I sense some Racism in your demeanor. Were the guys at Macco 
Black or Mexican, the reason I ask is that you also have a 
big gripe about them also. Since you have the authority to 
asume a Mexican with no license is illegal, than let me just 
remind you who the real Aliens are you country stealing !!!! 
Since American indians and Mexican indians lived, roamed and 
ruled the western part of AMERIKKKA. So on that note, I have 
no other choice but to not feel one ounce of pity for your 
sorry ,Indiana, byist and racist !!!. Maybe you should have 
bought a Honda or Toyota, or even a Hyundai.(I forgot that 
those are Japanese and Korean cars and you might not like 
them either). Have a nice day.

Ps. I have owned Chevys all my life and never had aproblem 
like your sorry !!!. Just for the record!!!! 

----------------- Reply ---------------

Dear jtoka...
	We appreciate your opinion. It took a measure of courage 
on your part to comment and include your address. It also appears 
that you may be the one with the racist leanings, considering
your expression: "you country stealing !!!!" Leo is of German 
extraction, not Mexican, and you slipped and misspelled "Francisco."
(Freudian slip?) Of course one could not assume a Freudian origin 
for all the misspellings in your message. But then you made no claim 
to be a writer of any sort. You, however, express disdain for my "book."
	My use of the word "white" in the title had literary 
reference to "The Great White Hope," which I have not read. My 
wife made no mention to me of the race of the driver of the Porshe 
that hit the Malibu, and I did not think to ask. I had not thought
of it before your remark, but I think of Israeli's as light-skinned
rather than dark-skinned, which may be an inaccuracy of concept that
you spotted. You are right. My issue is not with the car but with 
the nature of the "service" provided by some so-called dealers and 
mechanics in our area; although I admit to using the term "design
feature" with a somewhat sarcastic tone.
	As any true racist knows, Native Americans prefer not to 
be called "Indians" or "Mexicans," especially if they live in the
United States. They tend to consider the term "Indian" racist, and
politically incorrect. You used it, not me. 
	I don't know in which part of the United States you live, 
but we have lived in Southern California for several decades. We 
have neighbors and friends of several racial backgrounds. We do, 
after all, live in America where that often happens. I, incidentally, 
took a course at Indiana State University many years ago which 
proved conclusively that there is only ONE race, the HUMAN race. 
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
	We didn't intend that the article inspire pity. We intended 
to remind consumers that they deserve to be treated with respect 
and dignity by dealers and mechanics. From reading your message, 
one might reach the conclusion that you are a dealer or a mechanic 
and are trying to divert our attention away from your own feelings 
of inadequacy and guilt.
	If you had read to the end of the article, you might 
have noticed that we bought a Honda when the Rambler transmission 
went out, and we still drive the Malibu. We found a mechanic who
really tries to do an honest job. True, we have always attempted 
to buy American because we live in America, where humans of several 
"racial" backgrounds may contribute to the assembly of an automobile, 
but the time comes when Consumer Guide must take precedence over 
labor union slogans.
	Your comment about owning Chevy's 'all your life' suggests 
that you may work for General Motors. That might explain your 
vehement disappointment with the record of my experience. As I 
mentioned in the article, I notified GM of the existence of our 
web site. I should not be surprised that they sent someone of your 
ilk to attempt to embar!!! me.
	I, to the contrary, am embar!!!ed by your misspelling the 
word "ignorant."

--Dwight (They call me "Diego" at the local taco place where I am
	considered a friend and not at all racist. I took Spanish 
	in high school and college and taught Spanish several years
	in the public schools so I can communicate with people, not
	make fun of them because of what you call "racism.")

----- Original Message -----
From: "Stephen S."
Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 2:54 PM
Subject: Rambler, follow up . . .

 So what's up with the cars now??  I read the whole ramber page but 
there's no ending . . what happened??


Hi! Stephen...
    Thanks for inquiring. You have heard of "The Song With No End."
What's-her-name with the little lamb puppet used to sing it.
    I think the Rambler site is up-to-date, but unfinished. I got 
the transmission rebuilt in Torrance by a semi-retired truck mechanic 
and his buddies. I still have to get it installed.
    What's holding me up? Only props. I broke my foot last November, 
got the flu in December, discovered that a cracked tooth had cracked 
clear down to the root and got infected in February, had the tooth 
pulled by an oral surgeon ($450--I won't even mention what the broken 
foot cost, with X-rays before and after and $500 worth of therapy. I 
lost track), and in between all that stuff I have been trying to keep 
up with my web site, my studies, and odds and ends of family matters.
    The short  version is...any day now I will have the Rambler hauled 
to the mechanic and have the rebuilt transmission installed. I can 
only hope that it still runs after nearly two years sitting.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Duane Schurtz"
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 12:46 PM
Subject: Maldito, gotta question

 Hey whats up! I am only 18 and I have had my 77 Mali. sedan for 
about 2 months. All I have done to it is put an Edelbrock Performer 
RPM intake manifold an Edelbrock 4 barrel carb. and an Edelbrock 
14 inch performance filter.  I'm kind of new at this hot rod thing. 
I used to own a riced-out 91 Subaru Legacy LSi but I forgot to put 
oil in it.  I need some pointers on what to do next. I have the 305 
and my tranny is still good I just got it rebuilt.  I need a lot of 
horse power for the cheapest price.  I want to get dual exhaust but 
I also want to gear it at 4-11. My take offs really suck. Which 
would be better. I also plan to put a 420 blower on it. so which 
would be best.  Thanks for your help!

----------- Reply -------------
Thanks, Duane, for writing. 
    I am afraid I won't be much help with hot-rodding. I wasn't a 
hot-rodder when I was 17; although I did some pretty drastic things 
with my father's 3/4 ton pick-up. I nearly hit a herd of dairy cows 
crossing the road during a Hoosier shower. Marriage and children 
and grandchildren has rather mellowed any hot-rodding instinct I 
may have had.
    I will, however, post your message on our guest book with your 
email address, and maybe somebody out there can help.
    My take offs suck too...and smoke a bit besides...I am just 
happy that the Malibu still runs and gets me where I am going...
most of the time.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Gwen Smith"
Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2002 1:05 AM
Subject: Maldito, Me too. ;-)

 2872 Lyon Circle
 Concord, CA, USA
 Just browsing around the Web
 Howdy!  Good to find another person who's restoring a 64 Classic.

------------ Reply ---------------

    Rather than "restoring," the word may be "keep-running"; 
although it has been over a year-and-a-half since the Rambler 
was drivable.
    All I have to do is get the transmission installed, but I 
have two other cars to drive and keep running, so I am not 
highly motivated to spend the money on the Rambler.


From: "Kal clarke"
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 12:03 PM

 I'm looking for a clutch cable for a 1966 Rambler classic 
Six cylinder.   Any help would be appreciated

------------- Reply ----------------

    Not many Ramblers in the junk yards around here. I have 
heard that they still have Rambler parts at a yard in Lemon 
Grove, California. Maybe somebody at a local yard can get 
online and locate it.
    I had to replace my king pins several years ago, and 
Auto Doctor in North Palm Springs found the parts somewhere 
in Oregon. Quite expensive job.
    I had to have a new speedometer cable built several 
years ago. The company in Indio, California, is now out 
of business. It cost $100 for a speedometer cable, but it 
is still working. 
    Ace Alternator in Indio recently told me that they know 
how to get such work done, but they never called me back. 

 --Dwight Winenger

From: "Joseph Schafer"
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2002 10:04 AM
Subject: Maldito, Info needed

Gotta give you props for your site.  Do you know where i could 
find some NOS parts for my 77 malibu.  i just bought it a couple 
of weeks ago and it runs great. It is a sedan classic with the 
orginal 305 but i was thinking of dropping in a 350. would that 
be wise. any information you can provide would be helpful.

 408 Oak Court

----------- Reply -------------

    As you know, I upgraded my 78 305 to 350.
    You get more power at the expense of lower mileage. I needed 
it for the hills around here. 
    I didn't catch your location...except for the zip, but an 83 
zip doesn't sound mountainous.
    As for Malibu parts, our wrecking yards around here still 
have a few. Can't say about where you live.


-------------- Reply to reply ------------

From: "Joseph schafer"
Sent: Monday, February 25, 2002 12:20 PM
 408 Oak Court
 Mountain Home Idaho 83647

 Well it is pretty hilly here and i already checked all of our 
junkyards here couldnt find any thanks for the info though

From: "scott jensen"
Sent: Monday, February 18, 2002 6:32 PM
Subject: Rambler, my own problem

 I have a 64 ambassador 990 2dr 327 automatic having problems 
with tranny. but do not know what transmission I have do you 
know of any links,with this info??

 405 cleveland st

-------------- Reply --------------

    You are where I was a couple years ago. I have done a lot of 
research on the matter...most of which is documented on my web site. 
    You are fortunate to have an automatic. It is easier to find 
someone to fix it. Go back to

and read down the page looking for names, phone numbers, and 
addresses. I originally approached a mechanic in Ohio, which 
is much closer to Kentucky than to California. He was recommended 
by a Rambler Club. He had done a good job repairing an automatic.
The link to the club is also on my web site as well as the name, 
address, and phone number of the shop.
    I would rather you look for it than I do it for you. I did the
original research...the hard way.
I hope you don't mind. If you can't find it, let me know. The page 
got so long that I removed part of it. I don't think I would remove 
the part you want however. 
    There is also a section from off the web listing many Rambler 
trannies and how to identify them. The easiest way is to crawl under 
the car and get the ID off the body of the tranny.

--Dwight Winenger

From: "Raul X. Garcia"
11351 Fairview St.
El Monte, CA 91732
Sent: Tuesday, January 22, 2002 5:06 PM

I just had the original Borg Warner T5 rebuilt on my 1984 Mustang 
SVO, after a junkyard trans went out after about 10,000 miles. 
They installed a master kit, 5 new syncros, 3 new shifting forks, 
some dogs and wires, and a new input shaft. 12 days later the 
drive gear on the new input shaft took a dive, wiping out my 
cluster gear. I'm hearing insinuations of my "power shifting", 
funny I find it difficult to power shift into 1st gear.

I laid $879, plus $30 for Redline ATF, I have a funny felling I'm 
going to be billed for a new cluster gear and input shaft. I could 
of bought a guaranteed rebuilt for $675, and had it installed for 

------------ reply ------------

    Living in the L.A. area, you should know about somebody who 
really knows what they are doing. I know it is a little hard to 
find on my site, but there are some names and numbers of people 
who know what they are doing.
    If you would like to send me the name of the shop that botched 
your tran, I will be happy to put it online to protect other 
unsuspecting "power shifters."
    Martin (310-679-5697) specializes in automatic transmissions 
including Rambler and Borg Warner, but he directed me to Ed Schwan,
who seems to know what he is doing, and Martin also knows who 
specialized in what in the L.A. area.

----- Reply to our reply -----
From: "Raul X. Garcia"
Sent: Wednesday, January 23, 2002 8:04 PM


Well, I was able to use the premise, the facts the 2 original input
shafts are still in good shape, and that I drove my SVO the way I 
always drive it, to get them to listen to me. The manager became a 
bit upset and told me, he would eat the costs of the input shaft and 
cluster gear, but not warrant the work. Not much of a compromise. 
I've known this guy for awhile, there M&M Auto Repair, on Tyler ave., 
in El Monte. So I made a counter offer, since the damage to the junk 
yard trans is minimal, and it's a world class, I suggested that they 
use as many of the new parts from the rebuilt in the WC trans. The 
original trans is specific to my 84' and it's 3.45 rear end, and it 
has lower gears, where as the 87 GT world class has taller gears. 
I lose a little in acceleration, but the engine has plenty of power 
to pull the taller gear.

I had Blair in Covina build me a short block last spring (the 
original block had a pin hole in cylinder #1), and prior to that 
I had Esslinger build a big valve head for me. This is a turbo 2.3, 
with the ranger roller cam. The funny thing is the mechanics that 
did the r&r work, installed the oil pan, water pump, and valve 
cover, had a hard time sealing the oil cooler to the block, they 
had to order the factory seal, and the car always leaked oil under 
a heavy load. They never did fix the leak. They even accused me 
of putting dye in the oil. Their name is Best Auto Care, in El 
Monte. I laid out $1000 for diagnosis and the engine and transmission 
r&r, and they look at me like I'm crazy, because I feel the engine 
shouldn't have any leaks at all. I was even burned by there head 
man, he said the head was warp twisted, and he wouldn't resurface 
it unless he did a $60 valve job, and head that had less than 
10,000 miles on it. Prior to that Esslinger tore down the head, 
checked it for cracks, and couldn't find anything wrong with it. 
Esslinger didn't charge me.

The bottom line good mechanics are hard to find, and there 
outrageously expensive, and when things go wrong, they always 
seem to have their hands out.

I'll keep you posted about the trans. If you want to publish the 
oil leak fiasco, please do. That was a joke.

The sad thing is I seem to make more enemy than friends with this 
car. All I want is the job done right without being had.


Raul X. Garcia
Wk. (626) 287-8520
Hm. (626) 442-6521
Emr (626) 278-4479

--------- reply -------------

    I think that what you want is what we all want, a job done 
right for the money paid. The problem seems to be that some 
people want the money without doing the job.
    I received a magazine called Smart Business, January, 2000. 
The lead article was "New Business Ethics For the New 
Millennium: 'Lie, Cheat, and Steal.'" I thought they were 
being cynical, but they may have been right.


From: Luis Rosa
      Modesto CA
      Just browsing around the Web
Sent: Monday, January 07, 2002 8:02 PM

Hi,  I also have a 64 rambler 660 clasic but mine is a 4 door 
sedan.  It is fun looking for parts but I found that my parents 
next door neighbor has a 59 rambler station wagon and knows a guy 
in Sacramento California who has a field full of rambler parts 
cars.  I just put in my order with my parents neighbor and he picks 
up my parts along with his parts.  Good luck with your car.  

--------- reply -------------

Please, Luis....
	You didn't leave your email address. I would love to have 
the name of the guy in Sacramento with the field full of Rambler 
parts cars.
	If you happen by here again and see this note, leave me a 
way to get in touch. I guess I could look you up in the Modesto 
phone book. How many Luis Rosa's could there be in Modesto?


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From: "kate rowe"
Sent: Monday, December 31, 2001 12:46 AM
Subject: Rambler, 1964 sed. 660.built in Aust

trying to restore one with a 327V8. no one can tell me much about the
spec's on an origanal. wanting to know as much as posable about the car from
bumper to bumper. any help would be good. Thankyou.

> =======
> 125 mcally st
> P.O.Box
> =======
> 1176
> ===================
> Deniliquin/NSW/?/Australia

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As you read on my web site, I have owned a 64 Rambler since 68 and know
quite a bit about it.
Most of what I know is on the web site.
    There are a couple Rambler clubs on the internet with links on my site
as well.
    You will have to be more specific as to what you want to know. I would
not undertake to write out everything I know about my Rambler.


From: "John T. Blair" 
Sent: Tuesday, December 11, 2001 4:25 PM
Subject: Re: Rambler, question

 At 09:34 AM 12/11/01 -0800, you wrote:
    I don't know anybody in transmissions in Virginia, but you 
might phone the following in Los Angeles area. I got these off 
my web site toward the bottom.

Martin (310-679-5697) specializes in automatic transmissions 
Rambler and Borg Warner.....
   Thanks so much for the info...
 John T. Blair  WA4OHZ          email:
 Va. Beach, Va                  Phone:  (757) 495-8229
 48 TR1800    48 #4 Midget  65 Morgan 4/4 Series V
      75 Bricklin SV1   77 Spitfire     71 Saab Sonett III
         65 Rambler Classic

From: "Frank Swygert"
Sent: Monday, December 03, 2001 9:19 PM
Subject: Rambler, Rambler!

Check out my AMC/Rambler website:
 I print an AMC/Rambler magazine, and the next 
issue will have an article on overdrives. I was 
searching for overdrive parts using WebFerrett 
when I found your site.
 My personal car is a 63 Classic wagon that is 
now equipped with a Jeep 4.0L EFI engine (stroked 
to 4.6L) and AW-4 automatic OD trans. I ran the 
original T-96 OD behind the 4.0 (before stroking) 
for a while, but it wasn't up to the job and had 
to be replaced by someting more capable. couldn't 
find a T-86 or T-89 OD trans within reasonable 
distance of Mississippi. I would have had to 
have the torque tube and rear axle also, or would 
have had one shipped. I'd prefer the stick shift, 
but had to settle for the auto. 

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