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The Living Music Foundation, Inc.
is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization for the promotion of new music with an international membership of composers and performers of new music working with other individuals and organizations interested in supporting the creation and performance of relevant contemporary music.

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We don't take ourselves too seriously. Check out our 20th Anniversary trivia Quiz
    for example.

Our membership is international, not limited to a small territory with provincial interests.
    (Click the floating "Mission" link at the left.)

Our members are among the best-known "emerging" and "accomplished" composers and
    musicians in the world. They are willing and able to help you reach your goals, not step
    over you as some have been known to do. (Click the floating "Membership" link at the left.)

Our online Journal is frequented by musicians and musical performance organizations
    around the world (Click the floating Journal link at the left.) We also have a hard-copy
    quarterly Journal which is found in many university and music libraries.

Our Compact Disc label is known internationally. Members can be included on LAR discs
    distributed widely on the internet and in record stores. (Click "Living Artist Recordings" to
    the left.) More discs are in the works as you read this page. You could be on one of them.

Living Music continues presenting concerts of the music of its members world-wide.
    (Click the "Concerts" link at the left.)

The Living Music Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization through which those with
    interests in contemporary culture may donate tax-exempt funds for specific causes and
    projects. (Click the "Donations/Sponsorship" link at the left to discover some of the several
    ways this may be done.) The "Legal" link provides answers to questions about IRS

You may "Search our Site" for the pages containing information about artists, composers,
    organizations, individuals, or concepts discussed herein.

You may "Volunteer," member or not, to quickly become better known as an individual
    interested in helping others toward career satisfaction. This altruistic action, in itself, will
    work to advance your career as you meet and work with professionals in the field of music.

Living Music is affiliated with Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) as a publisher of contemporary
    music and materials concerning contemporary music and musicians. We can represent you
    in regards to licensing the performances of your work as a member of Living Music.

Living Music, in order to promote our members world-wide, provides free mini-sites to full
    members. Non-members are also invited to apply for a free six-months on our Contest Suite,
    five-pages of internationally accessible information potentially about you and your music.
    You can be an Instant Winner!

If you desire, we will periodically inform you of new features and benefits to our members as
    they develop.

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