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A Musical Retelling of
in Modern Times

Washington, D.C. premiere February 2, 2001

This vibrant musical introduces the race-reversed casting of Othello and Desdemona in a modern, political setting, while preserving the core elements of the great classic. Music, lyrics and libretto are by Mirta de la Torre Mulhare. O.T. premiered at the Maguire Theatre of the State University of New York at Old Westbury under the direction of Henry Diers.

"The songs are of many styles, from operatic to lively ensemble numbers to jazzy blues and tangos in a cute cowboy song sung by John. There are lovely love songs with poetic lyrics, and many of the numbers have nicely worked harmonies. In one number, "All About Women" sung by four men, each character sings a different melody line and idea which all fit beautifully together--like the quartets, sextets, etc. in Mozart operas. The ensemble number "Buttons and Banners," about the hectic pace of the campaign, is very snappy and clever. O.T.'s "Jealousy" is a climactic dramatic musical expositon of his inner turmoil.... The plot holds one's interest and moves quickly.... The orchesra, though small, was a pleasant mix of instruments played by skillful musicians....

Mirta de la Torre Mulhare has taken on a very ambitious project and it's off to a great start."

Terri Corcoran - The Review, March 2001

A CD of selections from O.T. was released in January, 2001. It is available through, and will also be on sale at other commercial outlets. Visit the website:

There was a review in The New York Times, The Lively Arts, for O.T.'s premiere at Maguire Theater, "A Scientist Updates 'Othello'.""

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