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The following audio excerpts are compressed (8:1) WMA (Windows Media Audio) files.

[1-7] Mickie Willis:
The Continents, electro-acoustic suite (compact disc), 1987
[1] "S. America" [0:30 min.] from The Continent Suite
[2] "Africa" [0:44 min.] from The Continent Suite
[3] "Asia," [0:50 min.] from The Continent Suite

[4] "String Quartet No. 4," 1997 [1:00 min.]

[5] "Ornamentia," for woodwind trio, 1999 [0:42 min.]

[6] "Divertimento Sinfonietta," for string orchestra, 1993 (published) [0:55 min.]

[7] "Mosaic," for chamber orchestra, 1991 (published) [1:00 min.]

These audio files are being made available for download, free of charge, for personal, nonprofit use; any public, profit-making, or other commercial uses of these files are subject to all applicable copyright and royalty restrictions with regard to compensation and crediting.

CDs in jewel case packaging with recording details and complete liner notes, are available for $10 US (shipping included). To order, contact Mickie Willis at mickiedwillis@hotmail.com

The following 14 audio files may be obtained from their copyright owner by contacting him at mickiedwillis@hotmail.com or at 7454 MC 8001, Yellville, AR 72687:

1. Corpora Nebulae, 2.Der Grosse Waldenfel..., 3. Divertimento Sinfoniet..., 4. Five Bagatelles, 5. In the City, 6. Lost Variations, 7. Mosaic, 8. Ornamentia, 9. Piano Variations,

10. Shards of Memory, 11. String Quartet No. 4, 12. The Beach, 13. The Continents, 14. Toccata Diabolique

The background music you hear, provided you are running Internet Explorer, is
"Africa" from The Continent Suite by Mickie Willis, encoded by D. Winenger, © 2002.
You may download a copy of "africa.wma" (duration: 0:44 min.)(116 KB)
Download is FREE. But please inform the composer of your interest. Thanx.

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