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  1. John Garcia... E-MAIL J. Garcia from here. (Web Site member)
  2. Orlando Garcia... E-MAIL O. Garcia from here. Composer Demo on audio cassette
  3. Eugene Gardner
  4. Pierre Garriguenc
  5. Lynn Glassock E-MAIL Lynn Glassock from here!
  6. Monroe Golden     You can E-MAIL Monroe Golden from here!
  7. Emily Good (BMI) E-MAIL Emily Good from here!
  8. Luis Jorge Gonzalez
  10. Andree Grenier... E-MAIL Andree Grenier from here. (Web Site member)
  11. Raj Gupta PhD     NEW member. You can E-MAIL Raj Gupta PhD from here!


  12. David W. Hainsworth
    You may not be able to email David W. Hainsworth from here.
  13. William Hellerman
  14. Harry Hewitt ...represented in AMC's score library
  15. Dorothy Hindman Visit her suite of pages on another server.
    E-MAIL Dorothy Hindman from here! Composer Demo on audio cassette
  16. Michael J. Hiscocks E-MAIL Michael J. Hiscocks from here!
  17. Stan Hoffman EMAIL Stan Hoffman from here!
  18. Jeffrey Hoover
    E-MAIL Jeffrey Hoover from here! ...represented in AMC's score library
    Composer Demo on audio cassette
  19. John A. Hughes, III... NEW web site member! E-MAIL John A. Hughes, III from here.
  20. Craig Hultgren (Consultant) E-MAIL Craig Hultgren from here.
  21. Karel Husa ...represented in AMC's score library



  22. James A. Jensen   e-mail James A. Jensen from here.
  23. John Jones... New web site member. You can E-MAIL him from here.
  24. Kari Juusela  e-mail Kari Juusela from here.


  25. Dennis Kam ...represented in AMC's score library
  26. Deborah Kavasch ...represented in AMC's score library
  27. Jukka Pekka Kervinen ...New web site member. (Finland)
  28. Frederick Koch ...represented in AMC's score library
  29. Steve Kornicki EMAIL Steve Kornicki now.
  30. Kenneth Kuhn this new member in Birmingham, AL USA.

  31. Anna Larson ...represented in AMC's score library
    Composer Demo on audio cassette E-MAIL Anna B. Larson from here!
  32. John A. Lennon ...E-MAIL John A. Lennon from here!
  33. Max Lifchitz Visit the North/South Consonance site. ...represented in AMC's score library
    Composer Demo on audio cassette EMAIL Max Lifchitz from here.
  34. Cort Lippe ...represented in AMC's score library
  35. Andrew List
  36. Tom Lopez EMAIL Tom Lopez from here.
  37. Kenneth E. Lubel
  38. William G. Ludtke EMAIL William G. Ludtke from here.


  39. Sharon Mabry
  40. Sam Magrill
  41. David Manson
  42. Charles Mason Executive Director of The Living Music Foundation
    Visit his home page on another server.
    ...represented in AMC's score library     Composer Demo on audio cassette
  43. Andrew Massey
  44. Mike McFerron     NEW member.
  45. David McGuire     NEW member.
  46. Music Library, University of Michigan
  47. Julia Miller
  48. Margaret A. Mills ...Margaret A. Mills' EMAIL address has changed.
    Our address book is not up-to-date.
  49. Mills College
  50. Iman Mirzaei     NEW Web site member in Iran. You can E-MAIL him from here.
  51. Ernest Molner
  52. Keith Moore
  53. Mountain Home Symphony Orchestra     NEW member.
  54. Mirta Mulhare Visit her Professional Career Site ...represented in AMC's score library
    You can EMAIL Dr. Mirta Mulhare from here.


  55. Joel Naumann     NEW member. You can E-MAIL him from here.
  56. Jon Nelson
  57. New York Public Library
  58. Serban Nichifor       EMAIL Serban Nichifor from here!       Romanian Who's Who
  59. Carol A. Nicholeris       EMAIL Carol A. Nicholeris from here!       NEW member
  60. North Texas State University
  61. Northwestern University
  62. Richard Nunemaker And a member of the Houston Composers Alliance.
    EMAIL Richard Nunemaker from here!


  63. Rodney Oakes ...represented in AMC's score library.
    EMAIL Rodney Oakes from here! Composer Demo on audio cassette
  64. Allan J. Ontko ...EMAIL Allan J. Ontko from here!
  65. William Ortiz ...represented in AMC's score library
  66. Eurydice Osterman ... EMAIL Eurydice Osterman from here!
  67. Fernando Otero ...Fernando Otero's EMAIL address has changed.
    Our address book is not up-to-date.


  68. Dr. John Palmer (Great Britain) EMAIL Dr. John Palmer from here.
  69. Nicholas Papador EMAIL Nicholas Papador from here.
  70. Joseph Pehrson   Click his name to visit his home page on CompuServe.
    EMAIL Joseph Pehrson from here.
  71. Dr. Barbara Petersen (BMI) EMAIL Barbara Petersen from here.


  72. Howard Quilling ...represented in AMC's score library

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Background music is "Somber Cotillion" by Dwight Winenger © 1997
all rights reserved

somber.MID was improvised and orchestrated by Dwight Winenger (BMI)
on Roland Piano Plus and Trax for Yamaha CBX-T3 synthesizer.

MIDI download is FREE; however, we ask you to please inform the composer.

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