"Music and audio files"

The following audio excerpts are compressed (8:1) WMA (Windows Media Audio) files.
You may have to adjust your speaker volume for atmospheric "hiss" or "distortion."

Sound Clips

[1] Margaret V. Sandresky: "Gloria" [2:30 min] from L'homme armé Complete Works for Organ published by Wayne Leupold Editions - Volume I

The background music you hear, provided you are running Internet Explorer, is
"Gloria" by Margaret Vardell Sandresky, © 1993, from Gamut CD 539,
Kimberly Marshall at the organ, encoded by D. Winenger, © 2000.
You may download a copy of "mvs.gloria.wma" (duration: 0:58 min)(121 KB)
Download is FREE. But please inform the composer of your interest. Thanx.

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