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Random visit
a Living Music member site

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The Living Music Foundation, Inc., (LMF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to fostering and promoting the creation, performance, and research of new music by living composers. LMF currently supports its mission by performing, publishing, and releasing, on compact disc, the music and scholarly work of musicians throughout the globe. LMF has a growing membership of composers, performers, educators, and individuals and organizations sympathetic to our tax-exempt purposes. Our diverse membership, from various career levels and backgrounds enables LMF to benefit composers and other members around the world.

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General Offices:

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	Our snail mail addresses are:

                   the Living Music Foundation, inc.
                   Corporate Offices
                   P.O. Box 2264 
                   Birmingham AL 35201-2264 USA	

            or:    LIVING MUSIC journal
                   Editorial Offices
	     	   c/o Carson Cooman
	     	   386 Oakdale Drive
	     	   Rochester, NY 14618-1131

            or:    LIVING ARTIST Recordings
                   Project Coordinator
                   P.O. Box 2264 
                   Birmingham AL 35201-2264 USA	

	    or:    Living Music Foundation Website
		   c/o Dwight Winenger, webmaster
		   P.O. Box 173
		   Desert Hot Springs CA 92240-0173 USA

Membership is only $20.00 per year (USA) and includes our quarterly publication, "LIVING MUSIC" journal and other benefits: Compact Disc label, Living Artist Recordings; Internet publishing; BMI affiliation; and tax-exempt assistance. International membership, $25.00 (US funds by International money order) adds first class airmail for the journal.

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Background music is "Phrygian Etud-ino" from "A Small Suite For Piano"
by Marshall Bialosky © 1998

all rights reserved
MIDI download is FREE; however, we ask you to please inform the composer.
phrygian.MID was orchestrated by Dwight Winenger (BMI)
on Trax for Yamaha CBX-T3 synthesizer.

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