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The Living Music Foundation, Inc., (LMF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to fostering and promoting the creation, performance, and research of new music by living composers. LMF currently supports its mission by performing, publishing, and releasing, on compact disc, the music and scholarly work of musicians throughout the globe. LMF has a growing membership of composers, performers, educators, and individuals and organizations sympathetic to our tax-exempt purposes. Our diverse membership, from various career levels and backgrounds enables LMF to benefit composers and other members around the world.

The Living Music Foundation was founded in 1981 under the name Minuscule University Press, Inc., which sought to further the interests of new music and contemporary composers. LMF Started by publishing two internationally distributed books on music, "Music For Dummies" and "Functional Chromaticism For the Keyboard". LMF has published some sixteen volumes of its quarterly publication, "Living Music Journal", which has helped its members gain insight into job opportunities, competitions, new articles, reviews, and interviews relating to contemporary music. In an effort to publicize the music of its membership, LMF has produced and distributed four volumes of chamber works on its CD label, Living Artist Recordings, featuring composers from the United States and Europe.

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The Living Music Foundation, Inc.'s Form 990-EZ is available for public inspection as required by section 6104.

Board of Directors...

  1. Charles Norman Mason, Executive Director
  2. Rob Voisey, Vice-President
  3. George Crumb
  4. Greg D'Alessio
  5. David Del Tredici
  6. Orlando J. Garcia
  7. Dorothy Hindman
  8. Craig Hultgren
  9. Dennis Kam
  10. Ladislav Kubik
  11. Hye Kyung Lee

  1. David Liptak
  2. Tom Lopez
  3. Pauline Oliveros
  4. Bruce Reiprich
  5. Andrew Rindfleisch
  6. Gregg Smith
  7. Augusta Reed Thomas
  8. David Vayo
  9. Olly Wilson

Honorary Directors...
  1. Mary Jeanne van Appledorn
  2. Marshall Bialosky
  3. Aurelio de la Vega
  4. Grant Fletcher
  5. Lukas Foss
  6. Nicolas Slonimsky (posthumous)
  7. Dwight Winenger Founder and webmaster

  1. Aaron Rabushka, Festival Coordinator
  2. Carson Cooman, Journal Editor
  3. Abby Ratliff, Art Director
  4. Dwight Winenger, webmaster

  1. Charles Argersinger, Northwest regional representative
  2. Dinos Constantinides
  3. Craig Hultgren
  4. Richard Jordan Smoot, Central regional representative

latest Annual Report and Minutes.
Legal History...

  1. Minuscule University Press was first organized early in 1981 to publish a book by Dwight Winenger entitled "Music For Dummies," now in the process of a revised second edition called "Functional Chromaticism." (ISBN: 0-931805-00-7 and ISBN: 0-931805-01-5)

  2. The first issue of "Living Music," a quarterly periodical designed for composers and performers of new music, was published Vol. 1, No. 1, fall, 1983. (ISSN: 8775-092X) We have consistently complied with the Library of Congress, Register of Copyrights' mandadory deposit of two copies each issue since December 1, 1983.

  3. Minuscule University Press became California corporation No. 1250273 on June 25, 1984.

  4. The Internal Revenue Service approved our operation as a not-for-profit foundation for an advance ruling period beginning with the date of our inception and ending on September 07, 1984. Our Employer Identification Number: 33-0049520

  5. February 27, 1987, the Internal Revenue Service modified the former letter concerning our advance ruling period, indicating that our "exempt status as a...publicly supported organization...under section 501 (c)(3) of the code is still in effect."

    "Grantors and contributors may rely on this determination until the Internal Revenue Service publishes a notice to the contrary."
    (No notice to the contrary has been published to date.)

  6. October 17, 1995, Certificate of Amendment No. A467618 was endorsed filed in the office of the Secretary of State of the State of California, changing the name of the corporation to THE LIVING MUSIC FOUNDATION, INC.

  7. July 11, 1996, the CEO inquired of the New York Department of State, Division of Corporations, concerning the possible existence of another Living Music Foundation because our inquiry at an address on Amsterdam Avenue in New York City, found in an old catalog, was returned "addressee unknown."

  8. July 30, 1996, LIVING MUSIC Foundation received a reply from the New York Department of State to the effect that they "have no record of an active corporation with the name LIVING MUSIC...." and that our name would be "distinguishable" from that of Living Music Records "as each name contains different wording."

  9. In response to a February 7, 1997, letter from our attorneys, Foley, Hoag & Eliot contacted Brown Martin Haller & McClain of San Diego to arrive at a verbal agreement accepting the offer that Living Music Foundation rename its recording division Living Artist Recordings. We further agree not to challenge their use of the name Living Music in connection with phono recordings, and they agree not to challenge our use of the name Living Music with goods and services not related to phono recordings. Having received no response to a letter of confirmation to be signed by a representative of LMR, we assume the legal principle, "Silence gives consent."

the most recent listing of our members.

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Anyone wishing to contribute to the activities of
the LIVING MUSIC Foundation, inc.
may direct tax-exempt funding through Central Accounting at the Corporate Offices address:
    e-mail us at ...
    or overland...
Our snail mail address is:
                   the Living Music Foundation, inc.
                   Corporate Offices
                   P.O. Box 2264 
                   Birmingham AL 35201-2264 USA

            or:    LIVING MUSIC journal
                   Editorial Offices
                   P.O. Box 2264 
                   Birmingham AL 35201-2264 USA	  

            or:    LIVING ARTIST Recordings
                   Project Coordinator
                   P.O. Box 2264 
                   Birmingham AL 35201-2264 USA	

	    or:	   Living Music Foundation Web Site
		   c/o Dwight Winenger, webmaster
		   P.O. Box 173
		   Desert Hot Springs  CA 92240-0173 USA

Membership is only $20.00 per year (USA) and includes our quarterly publication, "LIVING MUSIC" journal and other benefits, including Compact Disc recording and Internet publishing, BMI affiliation, and tax-exempt assistance. International membership, $25.00 (US funds by International money order), includes first class postage for our quarterly journal.

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