David Ward-Steinman List of Works

The listed works are published or on rental from Theodore Presser/Merion Music or as agent for E.B. Marks Music Corp. unless otherwise indicated.*

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ANTARES (1971)     [Duration 10:00]

3 (pic)-(E.hn.)-3 (bcl)-3 (cbsn); 4-4-3-1; timp, perc (3), pno (cel), hp, Gospel Choir (ad lib), tape or synthesizer; strings.
Commissioned by the Florida Center for the Arts under a grant from the Ford Foundation--MENC Contemporary Music Project. Peremiere Apr. 22, 1971, Florida. Gulf Coast Symnphony, Tampa; Irwin Hoffman, conductor.

ARCTURUS (1972)     [Duration 12:00]

3 (pic)-(E.hn.)-3 (bcl)-3 (cbsn); 4-4-3-1; hp, clave-piano (cel), timp, perc (4), Putney synthesizer or tape; strings.
Commissioned and premiered by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra June 15, 1972, Chicago, with the composer at the synthesizer, Irwin Hoffman, conductor.

CONCERT OVERTURE (1957)     [Duration 7:00]

3 (pic)-2-2-2; 4-3-3-1; timp, perc (2) str.
Sagalyn Prize, Berkshire Music Center, Tanglewood, 1957. Premiere May 6, 1958, Urbana, IL; University 9of Illinois Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the composer.

CONCERTO for Cello and Orchestra (1963-1965)     [Duration 20:00]

3 (pic)-2 (E.hn)-3 (bcl)-2; 4-3-3-1; timp, perc (3), pno (cel), hp, str.
Commissioned by Edgar Lustgarten. Premiere June 13, 1967, Edgar Lustgarten, cello, Japan Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo; Milton Katims, guest conductor. [Ms.]

and Orchestra
(1994-1995)     [Duration 27:00]

2 (pic)-2 (E.hn)-2-2; 4-3-3-1; perc (3), hp, pno (cel), str.
Commissioned by Jeanne Bandes and the International Musicians' Recording Fund for Igor and Vesna Gruppman, violinists. [Ms.]

ELEGY FOR ASTRONAUTS (1986)     [Duration 10:00]

3 (pic)-3 (E.hn)-3 (bcl)-3 (cbsn); 4-3-3-1; perc (4), tape, pno (cel), hp, str.
Premiere Dec. 7, 1986, San Diego State University Symphony, San Diego; Donald Barra, conductor.

FIESTA! -- Millennium Dances Finale (2002)     [Duration 7:00]

Picc.-2 2-E.hn 2-bcl 2-cbsn; 4-4-3-1, harp, pno. (cel., toy pno.), timp, 4 perc. plus percussion soloist on ethnic instruments, str.
Commissioned by the San Diego Symphony and Jung-Ho Pak, Artistic Director. Premiere performance Apr. 27, 2002, San Diego, with Steven Schick, perc. soloist.

MILLENNIUM DANCES (2001)     [Duration 18:00]

3 (pic, Irish tin whistle) 2-E.hn 2-bcl 2-cbsn, 4-3-3-1, harp, pno. (cel., toy pno.), timp, 4 perc. plus percussion soloist on ethnic instruments, str.
Commissioned by the San Diego Symphony and Jung-Ho Pak, Artistic Director. Premiere performances May 25-26-27, 2001, San Diego, with John Flood, perc. soloist.

REVIEW -- Ward-Steinman's "Millennium Dances" was featured in the May 25, 26, and 27, 2001, Connoisseur Series at Copley Symphony Hall by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Jung-Ho Pak. The occasion was reviewed by Valerie Scher of the San Diego Union-Tribune, Monday, May 28, 2001.

Scher commented that the program "featured the pleasing world premiere of San Diego composer David Ward-Steinman's 'Millennium Dances.' ...Those wary of modern music had little to fear from Ward-Steinman's 78-page score. It's the kind of thing that might appeal to conductor Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops, if they were especially interested in music influenced by other cultures.

"What was most striking about the 21-minute-long work was its blending of exotic and orchestral instruments and its transformation of folk material into mainstream fare.... It was fun even without the dance segment that had to be dropped for logistical reasons.

"The opening movement, 'Ireland: Dublin Down,' was powered by jaunty melodies reminiscent of Riverdance while 'Bali: Pelog-jam' evoked the alluring tone colors of a balinese gamelan ensemble. And 'Africa: Kenya Dance?' included a perky tune for tin whistle and dynamic displays of drumming."

MILLENNIUM FANFARE (2000)     [Duration 4:00]

Picc.-2-2-2-2, 4-3-3-1, timp, perc (3) str.
Commissioned and premiered by the Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra, David Amos, conductor; June 6, 2000, San Diego.

OLYMPICS OVERTURE (1984)     [Duration 6:00]

3 (pic)-2-3 (bcl)-3 (cbsn) 4-3-3-1; timp, perc (3) str.
Commissioned by the San Diego Civic Youth Orchestra under a grant from the Col. Frank C. Wood Memorial Fund of the San Diego Community Foundation. Premiere June 10, 1984, University of California, San Diego, San Diego Civic Youth Orchestra; Arne Christiansen, conductor.

PRELUDE AND TOCCATA (1962)     [Duration 12:00]

3 (pic)-3 (E.hn)-3 (bcl)-2; 4-3-3-1; timp, perc (3), hp, str.
Winner of Albuquerque Civic Symphony national Composition contest.
Premiere Mar. 21, 1963, Albuquerque, NM, Albuquerque Civic Symphony; Maurice Benney, conductor.

THE SONG OF MOSES(1963-64)     [Duration 70:00]

For narrator, STTB soli, double mixed chorus, orchestra: 3 (pic)-3 (E.hn)-3 (bcl)-2, al sax; 5-3-3-1; timp, perc (4), pno (cel), hp, str.
Commissioned by J. Dayton Smith and the Music Dept. of San Diego State College. Premiere May 31, 1964, San Diego, CA. with Gregory Peck, narrator, SDSC Chorus, Concert Choir, and Symphony Orchestra; Paul V. Anderson, conductor.

SYMPHONY (1959)     [Duration 22:00]

3 (pic)-2 (E.hn)-2 -2; 4-3-3-1; timp, perc (3), hp, str.
Joseph H. Bearns Prize, Columbia University; BMI Prize, SCA competition.
Premiere Dec. 4, 1962, San Diego Symphony Orchestra; Paul V. Anderson, conductor.

SEASON'S GREETINGS (1981)     [Duration 2:00]

3 (pic)-3 (E.hn)-3 (bcl)-3 (cbsn); 4-3-3-1; perc (3), cel, hp, str.
Premiere Dec. 15, 1983, San Diego, San Diego Symphony; Matthew Garbutt, conductor.

THESE THREE -- Concert Suite (1968)     [Duration 15:00]

2 (pic)-2 (E.hn)-2 (bcl, al sax)-2 (al sax (b sax); 4-3-3-1; perc (3), pno, str.
Premiere Nov. 9, 1979, Am. Society of University Composers conference, Las Cruces, NM; New Mexico State University Civic Symphony; Marianna Gabbi, conductor. [Premiere originally scheduled Feb. 4, 1970, by the San Diego Symphony under Zoltan Rozsnyai, but parts were lost in mail, necessitating substitution of another work by DW-S].

THREE MINIATURES for School Orchestras (1967)     [Duration 3:00]

2-1-2-1, 2-2-2, perc (2), str. [LRM]

WESTERN ORPHEUS -- Concert Suite (1968)     [Duration 20:00]

2 (pic)-2 (E.hn)-2 (bcl)-2; 2-2-2-0; timp, perc, solo pno/cel (doubling Koto or Cheng ad lib), hp, solo vln, str.
Premiere Mar. 6, 1975, Bloomington, IL, Illinois Wesleyan University Orchestra; Richard Hishman, conductor.

Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Ensemble

CHROMA CONCERTO for Multiple Keyboards,
Percussion and Chamber Orchestra
(1984)     [Duration 19:00]

1-1-1-1, hn, perc (3), pno cel, toy pno (3-8ve), synthesizer, str.
Commissioned by The Nouveau West Chamber Orchestra with grants from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. Premiere May 7, 1985, Scottsdale, AZ, by the composer and Amy Smith-Davie, keyboard soloists with the Nouveau West Chamber Orchestra; Terry Williams, music director.

CINNABAR CONCERTO for Viola and Strings (1991-93)     [Duration 17:00]

Piano, 1 perc, solo viola, strings.
Commissioned by Karen Elaine with a grant from the Natl. Assoc. of Negro Musicians, Premiere April 16, 1994, University of San Diego, CA, Karen Elaine, viola, San Diego Contemporary Music Ensemble; Lily Hood Gunn, director.

and Chamber Orchestra
(1960)     [Duration 17:00]

Combo: alt sax, bar sax, tpt, tbn. 0-0-0-0, al sax (ten sax), ten sax, bar sax, 0-3-3-1, drum set, pf, str. (opt.).
Commissioned by John Garvey for the Modern Jazz Quartet's School of Jazz, Lenox, MA. Premiere Nov. 8, 1964, Carnegie Hall, NY, Orchestra U.S.A.; John Lewis, music director; Harold Farberman, conductor. BMI Prize, SCA competition. [MjQ]

CONCERTO NO. 2 for Chamber Orchestra (1960-62)     [Duration 17:00]

1-1-1-1, 1-1-1-0, timp, perc, str.
Commissioned by the Sherwood Hall Orchestra of La Jolla, CA. Premiere Mar 3, 1963, La Jolla, CA, Sherwood Hall Orchestra; Daniel Lewis, conductor.

ELEGY FOR ASTRONAUTS, for Chamber Orchestra (2006)     [Duration 10:30]

1-1-1-1, 1-1-1-1, timp, perc (2), hp, pno/cel, electronic tape/CD, str.
Premiere Nov. 30, 2006, Indiana Univ. New Music Ensemble; David Dzubay, cond. [Ms.]

PERELANDRA (1998)     [Duration 27:00]

(Chamber version of DOUBLE CONCERTO for two violins and orchestra) 2 solo violins, percussion, piano/celeste.
Commissioned by Jeanne Bandes and the International Musicians' Recording Fund. Premiere May 30, 1998, La Jolla, CA; The Malkin Duo (Anna and Bracha Malkin), John Flood, perc.; Edward Laurel, piano/celeste. [Ms.]

RITUALS for Dancers and Musicians (1971)     [Duration 14:00]

Fl (Indian bamboo fl, sop rec, tamb, fing cym, maraca), perc (2), prepared piano (bamboo fl, rec, koto [or cheng, zither, or autoharp], mbira [or afroharp]).
Commissioned by the Florida Center for the Arts under a grant from the Ford Foundation-MENC Contemporary Music Project. Television premiere Dec. 5, 1971, Channel 13, Tampa, FL. Choreography by William Hug; dancers from the Univ. of South Florida, Tampa.

VOICES FROM THE GALLERY (1990; orch. 2000)     [Duration 40:00]

For soprano, tenor, baritone, chamber orchestra, and optional art projections. 1 (pic, alto fl.)-1 (e.hn)-1 (bcl)-0, 0-0-0-0, perc, hp, pno/cel, string quartet.
Premiere (Chamber Orch. Version) Apr. 2, 2000, San Diego, CA; Ann Chase, John Edward, Philip Larson, voices. [Ms.]

WINGING IT (1986)     [Duration 13:00]

1-1-1-0, Hn, perc (1), str.
Commissioned by the Las Cruces Symphony Association. Premiere Nov. 22, 1986, Las Cruces, NM, Chamber Players de Las Cruces; Mariana Gabbil conductor.

Solo and Chamber Music

BRANCUSI'S BRASS BEDS--Quintet No. 2 (1976)     [Duration 16:00]

2 tpts, hn, tromb, tuba.
Commissioned by The Bowling Green Brass Quintet, First Prize, University of Kansas Brass Quintet Composition Contest, Premiere Jan. 22, 1978, Bowling Green Brass Quintet, Bowling Green State Univ., KY. [Ms.]

CHILDS PLAY for Bassoon and Piano (1968)     [Duration 10:00]

Commissioned by Barney Childs for Lester Weil. Premiere Apr. 12, 1969, Lester Weil, bassoon, with the composer at the piano; American Society of Univrsity Composers conference, Univ. of Cal., Santa Barbara. [HG]

CINNABAR for Viola and Piano (1991)     [Duration 6:00]

Commissioned and premiered by Karen Elaine Bakunin, viola, with the composer at the piano; June 15, 1991, 19th International Viola Congress, Ithaca, NY.

DUO for Cello and Piano (1964-65)     [Duration 20:00]

Commissioned by Edgar Lustgarten. Premiere Apr. 16, 1970, San Diego State University, CA; Lustgarten, cello, composer at the piano.

ELEGY FOR ASTRONAUTS, Chamber Version (1986)     [Duration 10:00]

2 pf (cel), hp, tape, perc (5)
Premiere Dec. 4, 1986, San Diego State University New Music Ensemble, San Diego, CA; Donald Barra, guest conductor. [Ms.]

EPITHALAMION for Flute and Cello (1981)     [Duration 4:00]

Premiere Nov. 8, 1981, (wedding of Jenny Lee & Ron Migneco), San Diego; Susan Ward-Steinman, flute; Marylou Moore, cello. [MS]

for Solo Clarinet
(1989)     [Duration 4:00]

Premiere Apr. 8, 1990, Linden Gallery, Melbourne, Australia; Brigid Burke, cl. [MCP]

GOLDEN APPLES for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1981)     [Duration 14:00]

Commissioned by James Rötter. Premiere Dec. 4, 1981, James Rötter, sax, and Delores Stevens, pno; San Diego State University, CA. [Ms.]

INTERSECTIONS II: 'Borobudur' for Fortified Piano
and Percussion
(1989)     [Duration 15:00]

Composed under the auspices of the Australian-American Educationl Foundation during a Fulbright Senior Scholar Award to Australia, 1989-90.
Premiere Mar 5, 1990, Canberra Institute of the Arts, Australia; Daryl Pratt, perc., David Ward-Steinman, fortified piano. [MJQ]

INTERSECTIONS III: Dialogues for Piano
and Brass Quintet
(2000)     [Duration 5:00]

Premiere Apr. 4, 2000, San Diego Museum of Art. Westwind Brass with David Ward-Steinman, piano. [Ms.]

LULLABY FOR ILUKA, for Cello and Piano (2006)     [Duration 2:00]

Premiere May 14, 2006, Melbourne, Australia,; Imogen Manins, cello; Tony Gould, piano. [Ms.]

MOIRÉ, for Piano and Chamber Ensemble (1983)     [Duration 6:00]

1-0-1-1, alt sax, 0-1-1-0, perc (1), pno
Commissioned by the University of Redlands (CA) New Music Ensemble.
Premiere Apr. 27, 1984, Clara Yau, piano, with the Univ. of Redlands New Music Ensemble; Barney Childs, Director. [Ms.]

MONTAGE for Woodwind Quintet (1968)     [Duration 6:00]

Commissioned by Young Audiences, Inc., San Diego, CA. Premiere June 6, 1968, San Diego, Firenze Quintet from the San Diego Symphony. [MJQ.]

NIGHT WINDS, for Woodwind Quintet No. 2 (1993)     [Duration 17:00]

Commissioned by San Diego State University for the Arioso Wind Quintet.
Premiere Nov. 4, 1993, Arioso Wind Quintet; Festival of New American Music, California State University, Sacramento. [MER]

PUTNEY THREE, for Woodwind Quintet, Prepared Piano,
and Putney Synthesizer or Tape
(1970)     [Duration 13:00]

Commissioned by the Florida State Music Teachers' Association. Premiere Nov. 9, 1971, Ars Nova Quintet (Univ. of South Fla.) with the com0poser at the piano and synth esizer; FSMTA Convention, Tallahassee. [Ms.]

QUIET DANCE, for Flute, Clarinet, Guitar and Cello (1958)     [Duration 4:00]

Premiere performance Mar. 21, 1958, Univ. of Ill., Urbana. Joanna Zubty, choreography; Susan Ward-Steinman, fl; Alice Robertson, cl; Thomas Binkley, guit; Peter Farrell, vc. [Ms.]

QUINTET FOR BRASS, No. 1 for 2 Trumpets, Horn,
Trombone and Tuba
(1958)     [Duration 13:00]

Premiere Apr. 5, 1960; Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, Brass Quintet -- William Geis, Richard Vandament, Richard Ely, Liborio Arcuri, and Ronald Bishop. 1st prize, Natl. Fed. of Music Clubs national contest.

SUMMER SUITE for Oboe and Piano (1987)     [Duration 7:00]

Commissioned by the Tom Peyton Memorial Arts Festival of the First United Methodist Church of Alexandria, LA, in memory of Dr. M. Lee Jarrell.
Premiere Apr. 27, 1985, Stephen F. Caplan, oboe, composer at the piano. [TRI]

THREE SONGS for Clarinet and Piano (1957)     [Duration 9:00]

1st Prize, Phi Mu Alpha national composition contest. Premiere May 21, 1958, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana. John Winking, cl; David Ward-Steinman, piano. [TRI]

THE TRACKER, from a Poem by Barney Childs for Clarinet,
Fortified Piano, and Tape (stereo or quad)
(1976)     [Duration 11:00]

Commissioned by Barney Childs and Philip Rehfeldt for "Clarinet and Friend." Premiere Nov. 13, 1976, Phillip Rehfeldt, clarinet, Barney Childs, fortified piano and tape; Am. Soc. of Univ. Composers conference, Cal. State Univerity, Fullerton. [ASUC Journal of Scores]

TOCCATA for Synthesizer and Slide Projectors (1978)     [Duration 8:00]

Premiere Nov. 2, 1978, David Ward-Steinman, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. [Ms.]

WINDOWS, for Brass Quintet (2006)     [Duration 6:00]

Premiere May 1, 2006, Westwind Brass, Neurosciences Institute, La Jolla, CA. [Ms.]

Vocal/Choral Music

AND IN THESE TIMES, Christmas Cantata (1979-81)     [Duration 55:00]

Libretto by Douglas Worth
For narrator, soloists, chorus, cello, wind ensemble: 3 (pic, alto fl)-3 (e.hn)-6 (alto/bs/cbs)-2; 2 sax (alto, ten); 3-4-3-1; perc (5), kybds. (pno/cel/elec.pno), hp, cello obbligato, double-bass.
Premiere Dec. 12, 1982, San Diego State University, CA, Palomar Chorale and the San Diego State University Wind Ensemble; Joe Stanford, conductor

...AND WAKEN GREEN (1983)     [Duration 12:00]

Seven Poems by Douglas Worth
Medium voice or voices (male/female) & piano.
Premiere Oct. 19, 1983, Carlsbad City Library, CA. Joe Stanford and Ellen Lawson, composer at the piano. [LEY]

BRIGHT STAR (1976, rev. 2005)     [Duration 5:00]

Song for Mediukm High Voice and Piano
Poem by Bill Adams (from the Ward-Steinman/Adams opera TAMAR).
Premiere Apr. 4, 2005, San Diego; Kellie Evans-O'Connor, soprano; David Ward-Steinman, piano. [Ms.]

CHILDREN'S CORNER REVISITED (1985)     [Duration 7:00]

For Medium Voice and Piano
Premiere performance Oct. 21, 1984, San Diego State University, CA. Ellen Lawson, soprano; David Ward-Steinman, piano. [LEY]

FRAGMENTS FROM SAPPHO (1965)     [Duration 15:00]

For Soprano, Flute, Cello and Piano
Premiere Apr. 29, 1966, Sherwood Hall, La Jolla, CA; Emma Small (sop), Fredrick Baker (fl), Dan Magnusson (cl), David Ward-Steinman (piano); Louis Campiglia, conductor.

GOD'S ROCK (1974)     [Duration 4:00]

For Mixed Chorus, Piano or Organ and optional Percussion
Premiere Jan. 20, 1974, Fletcher Hills Presbyterian Church, El Cajon, CA. Chancel Choir, Wes Woodson, director. [HP/ECS]

GRANT PARK for Baritone and Chamber Ensemble (1969)     [Duration 9:00]

Three poems by Emmett Jarrett from Suite for an Afternoon Walk in Grant Park (Chicago)
baritone voice, 0-1-1-0, 0-2-2-0, perc (2), pno.
Commissioned by Phi Mu Alpha, Beta Nu Chapter, University of Northern Iowa, Premiere Mar. 16, 2970, Univ. of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls; Fritz Moses, bar., Jack Graham, conductor. [Ms.]

I AM THE WIND (Songs of the Emerald Isle) (2002)     [Duration 9:00]

For High Voice (dblg. hand perc.), Flute (alto fl), Cello and Harp
Commissioned by Ann Chase and the Cararada Chamber Music Ensemble.
Premiere May 19, 2002, Timken Museum, San Diego, Ann Chase, sop.; Beth Ross-Buckley, fl and alto fl; Steve Garrett, cello; Elena Mashkovtseva, harp. [MS.]

LES ODES DE JEUNESSE (1956, rev. 1982)     [Duration 6:00]

--Two Poems of Ronsard
Premiere Jan. 1956, Fla. State Univ., Tallahassee; Ellen Snow (sop.), David Ward-Steinman (pno). [LEY]

OF WIND AND WATER (Choral Suite) (1982)     [Duration 13:00]

For Mixed Chorus, Piano, and 2 Percussion
Commissioned and premiered by the Coillegiate Choir and Chamber Singers of Illinois Wesleyan University; David Nott, conductor, Mar. 4, 1982, Bloomington, IL. [Ms.]

PSALMS OF REJOICING, for Mixed Chorus (1960)     [Duration 4:00]

SSAATTBB a cappella
Premiere Apr. 23, 1961, Kansas City; NFMC Biennial, Mississippi State University Meistersingers; H. C. Collings, director. 1st Prize, National Federation of Music Clubs composition contest. [MERC/TP]

SEASONS FANTASTIC for Mixed Chorus and Harp (1992)     [Duration 13:00]

Four poems by Robert Lee
Commissioned by the American Harp Society, San Diego Chapter. Premiere June 25, 1992, Am. Harp Soc. Nat'l. Convention, Univ. of San Diego, Marian Rian Hays, harp; San Diego Choral Artists, Ron Gillis, conductor. [Ms.]

THE TALE OF ISSOUMBOCHI (1968)     [Duration 20:00]

For Narrator, Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Cello, Percussion and Piano/Celeste
Libretto by Susan Lucas, from a Japanese fairy tale.
Commissioned by the Association for Childhood Education International.
Premiere Apr. 18, 1968, San Diego, ACEI Convention; Emma Small, sop., S. Sanford Engel, nar.; conducted by the composer.

THE SONG OF MOSES     [see under Orchestra heading]

VOICES FROM THE GALLERY (1989-90)     [Duration 40:00]

For Soprano, Tenor, Baritone and Piano
[also available for chamber orchestra above]
Composed under the auspices of the Australian-American Educational Foundation during a Fulbright Senior Scholar Award to Australia, 1989-90.
Premiere Feb. 13, 1994, San Diego State University, CA; Ann Chase, Martin Chambers, Philip Larson, voices; Bob Willey, slide projector, composer at the piano. [Ms.]

Band or Wind Ensemble

AND IN THESE TIMES [see under Vocal music]

BISHOP'S GAMBIT for Symphonic Wind Ensemble (1979)     [Duration 8:00]

Commissioned by the Bishop Ireton-St. Mary's Symphonic Wind Ensemble.
Premiere Mar. 22, 1980, Bishop Ireton-St. Mary's Symphonic Wind Ensemble, Garwood Whaley, conductor; Alexandria, VA. [Ms.]

GASPARILLA DAY (1970)     [Duration 3:00]

Commissioned by the Tampa Bay area Composer-in-Residence Project under a grant from the Ford Foundation-MENC Contemporary Music Project. Premiere Feb., 1971, King High School Band, Tampa, FL; Tom Luter, director. [KAL]

JAZZ TANGENTS (1967)     [Duration 13:00]

Commissioned by the Univ. of North Dakota Wind Ensemble, Michael Polovitz, director, and premiered by them Apr. 23, 1967 with Johnny Smith as guitar soloist. [MJQ]

QUINTESSENCE for Wind Quintet, Brass Quintet,
and Percussion
(1985)     [Duration 13:00]

Commissioned by the National Assoc. of College Wind & Percussion Instructors. Premiere Apr. 11, 1986, NACWPI convention, Anaheim, CA, Arizona Wind Quintet, Univ. of New Mexico Brass Quintet, David Steinquest, perc.; Gary Cook, conductor. [Ms.]

RAGA FOR WINDS (1972)     [Duration 10:00]

Commissioned by the Tampa Bay area Composer-in-Residence Project under a grant from the Ford Foundation-MENC Contemporary Music Project. Premiere Mar. 10, 1972, MENC natl. convention, Atlanta; Univ. of South Fla. Concert Band Ensemble; Gale Sperry, conductor. [MJQ]

SCORPIO (1976)     [Duration 7:00]

Commissioned by the College Band Directors' National Association, Western Division. Premiere Apr. 10, 1976, CBDNA Convention, Tucson, AZ, SAn Diego State University Wind Ensemble, Charles D. Yates, conductor. [Ms.]


RITUALS for Dancers and Musicians

[see under Chamber ensembles]     [Duration 14:00]

TAMAR, Music-Drama in Three Acts (1970-77)     [Duration 2:20]

6 voices, dancers & orchestra; libretto by William J. Adams, from the Tamar of Robinson Jeffers. [Ms.]

THESE THREE -- Ballet (1966)     [Duration 28:00]

Choreography by Eugene Loring. 2 (pic)-2 (e.hn)-2 (bcl, al sax)-2, al sax (b sax); 4-3-3-1; perc (3), pf, str.
Commissioned by Ballet America Foundation for the Joffrey Balley Company.
Premiere Sept 13, 1966, City Center Theater, NYC; Seymour Lipkin, conductor.

WESTERN ORPHEUS -- Ballet (1964)     [Duration 30:00]

Choreography by Richard Carter. 2 (pic)-2 (e.hn)-2 (bcl)-2; 2-2-2-0; timp, perc, solo pf/cel (doubling Koto or Cheng ad lib), hp, solo vln, str.
Commissioned by the San Diego Ballet Company for the opening of the San Diego Civic Theatre. Premiere Feb. 26, 1965, San Diego Civic Theatre; San Diego Ballet Company, San Diego Symphony; Earl Bernard Murray, conductor.

WESTERN ORPHEUS -- Ballet; revised version (1987)     [Duration 37:00]

New choreogtraphy by Maxine Mahon (instrumentation same as above)
Commissioned by the California Ballet Company.Premiere Apr. 17, 1987, East County Performing Arts Center, El Cajon, CA; Nicholas Grant, vln. solo; Composer, piano; Calif. Ballet Company Orchestra recording conducted by Donald Barra.


Antigone (Reader's Theatre, San Diego), The Oresteia of Aeschylus (San Diego Greek Theatre Festival), The Puppet Prince (Asolo State Theatre of Fla., Sarasota), 12th Night (Univ. of Ill.) Bring Wine for the Widow (Old Globe Theatre, San Diego), Joe Egg (Asolo State Theatre, Sarasota), ghost cues for Barnaby Jones TV series.

Piano Solo


INSIDE OUT -- Three Pieces for Piano Interior,
from Prisms and Reflections
(1996)     [Duration 5:00]

Premiere by David Burge, Jan. 19, 1996, San Diego, CA [MJQ]

LATTER-DAY LULLABIES (1961-66) [EBM]     [Duration 7:00]

LULLABY FOR ILUKA (2006)     [Duration 2:00]

Premiere Apr. 3, 2006, Ind. State Univ., Terre Haute; D. Ward-Steinman, pno. [Ms.]

PRISMS AND REFLECTIONS (1996)     [Duration 17:00]

Commissioned by the California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT), affiliated with MTNA. Premiere by David Burge, Jan. 19, 1996, San Diego, CA [MJQ]

SONATA FOR PIANO (1956-57)     [Duration 12:00]

Premiere by Lowell Roddenberry, spring, 1957, Fla. State Univ., Tallahassee. [Ms.]

SONATA FOR PIANO FORTIFIED (1972)     [Duration 12:00]

Commissioned by the Florida Center for the Arts under a grant from the Ford Foundation--MENC Contemporary Music Project. Premiere June 23, 1972, University of South Florida, Tampa; Gary Wolf. [Ms.]

THIRD PIANO SONATA (1996)     [Duration 13:00]

Premiere by Delores Stevens, Nov. 17, 1996, Palomar College, San Marcos, CA [MJQ]

(1996)     [Duration 4:00]

Premiere performance June 11, 1960, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana; David Ward-Steinman. Winner, Sigma Alpha Iota Inter-AMerican Music Award composition contest. [ES]

THREE LYRIC PRELUDES (1964-66) [HG]     [Duration 6:00]

THREE MINIATURES (1964) [LRM]     [Duration 3:00]

--In Memoriam Edward Kilenyi
(2000)     [Duration 5:00]

Premiere Jan. 14, 2001, Florida State Univ.; David Ward-Steinman. [Ms.]

WHAT'S LEFT, for the Left Hand Alone (1987)     [Duration 4:00]

Premiere Feb. 29, 1988, San Diego State University, CA; Conrad Bruderer [Ms.]


DUBLIN DAWN (2001)     [Duration 7:00]

Premiere July 7, 2001, Limerick, Ireland (College Music Society International Conference); Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman and David Ward-Steinman, pianos. [Ms.]

FLIGHT! (2002)     [Duration 13:00]

Commissioned by the Louisiana Music Teachers Association 2002 Convention.
Premiere Oct. 11, 2002, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge; Patrice Madura Ward-Steinman and David Ward-Steinman, pianos [Ms.]

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David Ward-Steinman
Contact Information

Home address:
1159 E. Winners Circle
Bloomington, IN 47401-8351 USA

phone:(812) 824-3505

Email: dwardste@mail.sdsu.edu

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Dr. David Ward-Steinman's profusely illustrated treatise "Toward a Comparative Structural Theory of the Arts," drop us a line.

We are currently determining availability and demand.

Dr. Ward-Steinman's COMPARATIVE ANTHOLOGY OF MUSICAL FORMS is available from the Aztec Shops Bookstore.

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