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David Ward-Steinman
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Adjunct Professor of Music
Indiana University - Bloomington

Distinguished Prof. of Music Emeritus
San Diego State University


RECENT PERFORMANCES (original compositions) Feb. 23, 2010: Skyline for jazz piano, Bennett’s Lane Jazz Club, Melbourne, Australia Mar. 15, 2010: Prisms and Reflections for piano; Skyline for jazz piano, Victorian College of the Arts, School of Music, Melbourne, Australia Mar. 19, 2010: Prisms and Reflections for piano; Skyline for jazz piano, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia Apr. 6, 2010: Scorpio for Wind Ensemble, Indiana University Wind Ensemble, Stephen W. Pratt, director. Indiana University, Bloomington. June 12, 2010: Prisms and Reflections for piano; Skyline for jazz piano, Helsinki, Finland; International Society for the Philosophy of Music Education (NB: all piano performances above were by David Ward-Steinman, including improvisations on Notes from the Audience at each concert.) July 17, 2010: Gemini for Two Guitars; Paulo Porto Alegre and Edelton Gloeden, guits.; Caixa Cultural, Sao Paolo, Brazil



I have a concert of my music coming up next month (Nov. 20).




Faculty Composition Recital

David Ward-Steinman, Composer-Pianist

Adam Ewing, voice
Megan Dewald, voice
Kathryn Lukas, flute
James Campbell, clarinet

Ford-Crawford Hall

Friday Nov. 20, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

And Waken Green (1983) .......................................... David Ward-Steinman
(Seven Poems by Douglas Worth)
Adam Ewing, voice
David Ward-Steinman, piano

1. When You Come Into a Room
2. Marriage
3. Muse
4. Poem On My Thirty-third Birthday
5. Affair
6. Divorce
7. Maple


Bright Star (2005; premiere, 2009 revised version) ............ Ward-Steinman
Marietta Simpson, mezzo-soprano
David Ward-Steinman, piano


Fragments from Sappho (1965) ...................................... Ward-Steinman
(Translated by Mary Barnard)
Megan Dewald, voice
Kathryn Lukas, flute; James Campbell, clarinet
David Ward-Steinman, piano
1. Introduction
2. Prayer to My Lady of Paphos
3. It’s No Use
4. Awed By Her Splendor
5. We Drink Your Health
6. Epilog


Free Improv No. 1 ........................ Campbell and Ward-Steinman
James Campbell, clarinet
David Ward-Steinman, piano and piano interior


Jazz Concerto for Two Pianos (2009), Premiere performance ....... David Ward-Steinman
Levi Graft & David Ward-Steinman, pianos
Jeremy Allen, double-bass


Improvisation on Five Notes from the Audience ........ David Ward-Steinman, piano


David Ward-Steinman was in San Diego for four concerts of his music Jan. 23-27:

Friday Jan. 23, 5-6:30 PM at the Mingei International Museum in Balboa Park: SONGS OF THE SEASONS and BRIGHT STAR performed by Laurinda Nikkel, soprano, and DW-S, fortified piano; INCANTATION AND DANCE for Native American flute and Fortified Piano with Timothy Archambault on native American flute, then solo piano pieces by DW-S PRISMS AND REFLECTIONS, THREE ELEGIES AND A LULLABY, ending with a jazz set of originals and improvisations on notes from the audience. [TIX $10]

Saturday Jan. 24, 8:00 PM, San Diego State University, Smith Recital Hall: SUMMER SUITE for Oboe & Piano (Donna Conaty, oboe; DW-S, piano); BRIGHT STAR for high voice and piano (Kellie Evans-O'Connor, sop.; DW-S, piano) Intersections II: BOROBUDUR for Fortified Piano and Percussion (John Flood, perc.; DW-S, fortified pianist), plus solo piano pieces and improvisations as above. [ADMISSION FREE]

Sunday Jan. 25, 4:00 PM, Tifereth Israel Community Orchestra, David Amos, conductor; 1st United Methodist Church of Chula Vista CA (915 Paseo Rancho). Includes premieres of two commissioned works, TAJ MAHAL—Raga for Symphony Orchestra and INCANTATION AND DANCE for Native American Flute and Chamber Orchestra (Timothy Archambault, native Am. flute), plus SEASON'S GREETINGS also by DW-S. In addition DW-S will appear as piano soloist in Brent Heisinger's EKTA concerto for piano, Indian tabla, jazz rhythm section, percussion and strings. [ADMISSION FREE]

Tuesday Jan. 27, 7:30 PM. Same program as above at Tifereth Israel Synagogue, 6660 Cowles Mountain Blvd., San Diego. [TIX $15]


Then on Feb. 8, "Cinnabar" for Viola and Piano was performed by Christine Rutledge, viola, and David Gompper, piano, at the University of Iowa, Iowa City.


Recent publications: "Incantation and Dance" for Native American Flute and Fortified Piano: Merion Music/Theodore Presser Co.
"Incantation and Dance" for Native American Flute and Chamber Orchestra; Merion Music/Theodore Presser Co. (rental)
"Lullaby for Iluka" for cello and piano or solo piano: Merion Music/Theodore Presser Co.

David Ward-Steinman, DMA
Adjunct Visiting Prof. of Music
Indiana University-Bloomington

(Distinguished Professor emeritus, San Diego State University)=

Dale A. Olsen, in "Reflections On American Music, The Twentieth Century and the New Millennium," a collection of essays presented in honor of The College Music Society, co-edited by James R. Heintze and Michael Saffle, published in 2000, looked at the compositional styles of five American composers of art music. David Ward-Steinman was cited by Olsen as one of five representative global, cultural, and/or transcultural American composers for the twenty-first century.

"Ward-Steinman has unique and visionary approaches to scholarship, teaching, and composition, making him a profound communicator interested in bridging cultures." Ward-Steinman has composed a number of works for what he calls "fortified piano," a term distinguishing the style from Cage's "prepared piano." The sounds achieved in such compositions as Sonata for Piano Fortified (1972) and Intersections II: "Borobudur" for Fortified Piano and Percussion (1989-1990) are strongly reminiscent of Balinese and Javanese gamelan orchestras. Night Winds requires five musicians to play many other instruments from non-Western cultures such as bamboo flute, clay ocarina, didjeridu, Aboriginal rhythimic sticks (Cuban claves), and other sound makers and whistles. "The effect of this composition is one of globalization (cultural blending, at the end of the globalization continuum) rather than transculturation because many different sounds from a variety of cultures are blended together to create an atmosphere rather than provide a conduit from one culture to another."

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of Dr. David Ward-Steinman's profusely illustrated treatise "Toward a Comparative Structural Theory of the Arts," drop us a line.

We are currently determining availability and demand.

Dr. Ward-Steinman's COMPARATIVE ANTHOLOGY OF MUSICAL FORMS is available from the Aztec Shops Bookstore.

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