Dwight Winenger

"Music and audio files"

Scores are available for these and others of Winenger's works.

These are not "Easy listening" tunes. They may require a measure of intellectual concentration and a limited knowledge of music and theory.

"Modal Disentanglements On Popular Tunes"
(subtitled: "Hello, My Baby, Let's Take a Sentimental Journey By Night Train To Moon River")

   I. "Hello, My Baby" (Ionian modality) 2:47 min. duration [2.59 MB]
          (Baby squeal by Joseph Edge)
 II. "Sentimental Journey" (Lydian modality) 3:05 min. duration
          [2.83 MB]
III. "Night Train" (Sublocrian modality) 2:06 min. duration [1.94 MB]
IV. "Moon River" (Subphrygian modality) 4:11 min. duration [3.78 MB]
      (including applause)
      (You will enjoy the ad lib drum cadenza by an unknown percussionist.)

Performed by The New Orleans Rag-Tag Neo Jazz Band,
April Fool's Day, 1990, H. Quilling conducting

"Recurrent Ordinals" 7:14 min. duration including applause (temperamental alarm set for 6 min.) [6.66 MB]
(subtitle: "Nightmare for 7 Assorted Instruments and Alarm Clock")

Performed by The Palm Springs New Music Society Septet
1982, the composer at the piano, Maestro Arnaldo Trujillo conducting

"Phonistic Numerals"
(String Quartet Number 2 in the Chromatic Key of B) 1997 revision

   I. Not too fast 13:09 min. duration [4.27 MB]
 II. Slow 2:37 min. duration [4.83 MB]
III. Quite fast 4:22 min. duration [2.31 MB]

Performed by the Continental Youth String Quartet, Bucharest, Romania, 12/6/1999

"Second Psalm" for Soprano and Piano (Y2K version)
          8.05 min. duration [7.53 MB]

World Premiere performance by Karen Altabet, soprano
with Eunee Yee, piano
Living Music 2000 Concert at Los Angeles Harbor College, 11/10/2000

MIDI exclusives...

"Extremes for Strings," by Dwight Winenger : 1996
Performed by the Desert Hot Strings with the composer at the sequencer.

3,295 bytes (1:59 min.) Extremes.MID

Extremes.MID was originally improvised by the composer at the Roland Piano Plus keyboard, recorded on a TRAX sequencer for playback on a Yamaha CBX-T3 synthesizer.
Click here to AUDIT the original "Somber Cotillion" for strings 1997

"Somber Cotillion," was conceived as a demonstration of Functional Chromaticism. Income from sales of the prepublication manuscript by the same name is dedicated to the Living Music Foundation to benefit its members. The final publication will include a collection of keyboard etudes by our members. We invite submission. Query first by contacting us.

Background music is "Somber Cotillion for full military band" (Diplomacy of Terror)
by Dwight Winenger 2002

all rights reserved
MIDI download is FREE; however, we ask you to please inform the composer.
somber3.MID was orchestrated by Dwight Winenger (BMI)
on Trax for Yamaha CBX-T3 synthesizer.

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